Federal Government Derelict In Nursing Home Coronavirus Response | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. I worked in Nursing homes. The Nurse to patient ratio has not been changed sine the 1980s, By law One Nurse for 60 patients is allowed on 3-11 shift One to 30 on day shift and One Nurse for 99 patients on Night shift. with 2 CNAs on Nights. The industry cares only about filling beds and making money. Patients have bad food and get force fed. Lay in excrement all night. On day shift they have more Nurses aides to clean it all up before visitors arrive. Patients get a bath twice a week. Most patients sign DNR orders Do not resuscitate.The infection control is a Joke. The States do inspections and fine them. They rarely get shut down. I had to quit it was overwhelming.

    1. What… I don’t know that. But an alarming amount of democrats are pedos, actually. One data point is, how democrats are sexually aroused by Desmond is amazing.

    2. That is why I care for my elderly Mom with Alzheimer’s. I don’t trust Day Cares or Nursing Homes.

    1. @Alex Learns everybody failed with the nursing home issue. Hard to fix when nursing home employees are underpaid and over worked, no ppe. We buried alot of nursing home employees.

    2. @Jeffrey Dahmer The media are certainly giving Cuomo a pass on his utter incompetence. How many people had to die before Cuomo stopped sending Covid patience back to the nursing homes.

    3. @Alex Learns thats right it is on him, buck stops with the top person….no leader wants to make a decision that is going to cost lives…well the tyrants do. Our nursing home employees are frontline workers and they were forgotten about. I believe the state is trying to fix it. I find it a head scratcher when every state dropped the ball with the nursing homes but only Cuomo is the bad guy. It was his only misstep in all of this.

  2. From here in New Zealand we know that in the nursing home the care givers are a group who are under paid and under trained. They are the one who take a lot of risk. Please note that this means that they are underpaid women who take care of the most vulnerable to corona virus while having family s and children to care for. Always the same.

  3. There is a danger that, in reality, when families park their elderly relatives in nursing homes they care far less about their well being, and will treat the inevitable outcome as “well, it was going to happen sooner or later”. That will be unconscionable to many, if not the actual majority of American people. But I fear that when the GOP glibly said that many old people may have to die for the good of the country, there appeared to be little to no push-back from their base. The fact that this also impacts the healthcare workers – the majority of whom are immigrants or from minorities – will similarly have little to no social or moral impact on core Republican supporters.

    America’s social support system is, and has been broken for decades. Somehow, I don’t think that even this pandemic will be enough to change that in any significant way.

    1. @Smileyrie James I’m not saying all people, but I’ve seen evidence enough to know it’s not a small minority.
      I nursed my father after he had a fall this year, fracturing his thigh and having an operationtopin it. 24/7 care. . .

      . . . After 6 years of living with and looking after him and my Mum (made possible by my then wife when she divorced me when I lost my job) when first my Mum and then my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. . .
      . . . She died last year after the tumour tore a hole in her bowel. He died from pneumonia after getting Covid-19 in hospital, but came home for rehab when he had no further symptoms. He infected me, so I nursed him when I was fighting a Covid infection and working from home 10hr days in project support.
      I admit, many people probably wish they could give their parents the support I was able to give. But just as honestly, there are people out there who don’t give a sh!t…

    2. @Smileyrie James taking about families there no fathers in the home the way the radical marxist dictators on the left like it

    3. 7000 blacks shot by blacks you think in radical marxist dictators on the left in sanctuary cities and districts care about the elderly

    4. The radical marxist dictators on the left in Seattle tell you about the black party and festival with peace loving thugs and criminals than think Americans of color are stupid

    5. How many elderly in seattle will die because of bad policies and no leadership like what happened in democratic sanctuary cities and districts as illegals get free health careeducation free housing

  4. Don’t you all get it? It’s part of the grand plan to “thin out” the vulnerable and, let’s face it, the drain on resources (SS, Medicare etc). If they can’t cut SS itself, then reduce the demand for it at the other end. Call me cynical. It’s disgusting!

    1. I.m no conspiracy guy but this virus is looking more & more like a population control horror measure 🤔

    1. @Dave Schultz Nursing homes in the main in UK are privately run nothing to do with NHS Learn your facts

    2. @Prof Fzzix , Its not FREE???!!!!! Oh noooooooo.. Utopia has fallen, Plato was right all along. 😢

    3. @William Beaton One thing I’ve noticed about Trump Cult Members is this hostile anger and paranoia. What a way to live your life.

  5. Now everyone should be very grateful for the sleeves we put on the garbage bags. Smile and say thank you.

  6. I thought we would have PPEs in nursing homes by now. No civilized nation sacrifices the elderly for money except us.

    1. no the demotarts in charge still can’t find them in their stock room. They are there, have been for months but they are just too stupid to find them, UNLESS they are full of it, like the trash bag lady, what a LOSER! Everyone knows the trash bag lady, stupidest of all people on earth!

  7. The republicans shouldn’t hold any rallies. Those are dangerous. They should just have riots like the democrats. Those are safe.

    1. lol The Republicans are the ones who incite hatred and violence. Directly from their Dear Leader usually.

    2. @Jonny Sevent lol..that’s why Democrats did so much during the reign of the first black president and multiple black AGs to correct decades of racial injustice in decaying and ignored democrat run cities. Take a seat Sparky…adults are in charge now.

    3. @Biden is NOT the candidate The Obama Administration had only two AG’s; Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. The Obama Administration did do a lot to reform policing throughout America. It was AG Lynch’s successor who exclaimed the feds wouldn’t be going after local police departments anymore. That certainly hasn’t worked out too well now has it?

    1. I don’t think Trump ever got started. Coming in at noon and taking off for beer hall rallies and extended stays at his own golf resorts leaves the real work to be done by his underlings, who are all culls.

  8. By the way. The Confederacy was an “Autonomous Zone”. They had their own flag and everything.

    1. The Democratic Party itself formed out of the ex-Confederacy. The “Democratic” refers to “voting for slavery.”
      The Democratic Party built the Confederate War Memorials after the Civil War.

  9. Cuomo had them sent back to the nursing homes. Later Cuomo said something to the effect of no one should be sued over nursing home covid deaths.

  10. The way elderly are being treated nationally is a crime and it’s the federal governments fault for the bad state of health care in general

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