1. 5:35 wind and solar are cheaper once they are built but the construction and end of life disposal costs are conveniently not mentioned.

    1. As well, the orange lapel pin……pointless considering his boss decided to skip out on the day to go surfing. His virtue signal is now moot.

    2. No one even talks about the concrete required for wind. Concrete industry is the third largest emitter of GHG globally.

  2. What we need is not to have a fool running the country. If the east persists in this then Alberta needs to seperate. Alberta has the most restrictive flaring lawes in the world and companies can be shut in for flaring. No where else in the world. Canada is broke without oil and gas and will freeze in the dark.

    1. I might have agreed with you were it not for the pathetic leadership Kenney has provided Alberta. Your home-grown politicians are no better than those found elsewhere.

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