1. @ET Himself George is spot on ! It is not difficult to know if you can open your eyes and see by the illusions you have been fed for years

  1. I don’t think the governor of the bank of Canada is separate from the government. Maybe that’s what used to be or suppose to be, but now……..think again…

  2. It’s not under control now so.. plus he’s done multiple interviews in the past 7 or 8 wks. Pick a lane my mans..

  3. Ask this pseudo banker if inflation is a boon to the Central Bank strategy, no doubt he will deflect the question as inflation guarantees the continuity of the 1%.

  4. Our housing expectations are too high? He’s passing the blame onto the public for wanting too much….. When a town house 1 hr outside a city center is higher than the borrowing power of the median wage? 🤣😂🤣

  5. how about the bank of canada does something to cause deflation so we can make things affordable for once instead of lining its pockets as well as the pockets of the other banks and when they raise the interest rates if you bought a house or a car now your interest rates will be going up.

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