Federal government provides fiscal update and economic outlook 1

Federal government provides fiscal update and economic outlook


Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland has tabled an 'Omicron-centric' fiscal update that pledges billions in support.

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    1. That is the problem, we are normal and not fking sociopaths so we think they should feel something and can’t relate. They should be called what they are and treated as such.

      The whole cast of this clown show should never be anywhere near power of any kind again.

  1. Actually, the feds did not put in ANY plans in place with regards to lockdowns. What they did do was tell the provinces they could do what they wanted, so that they could wash their hands of any repercussions.

    1. Actually they did worse, they said they would provide funding to provinces who enforced lockdown, mandates and passports – oops, I mean for safety measures which the government has been pushing. And by them showing they don’t respect any of our rights, they gave the okay to the provinces to do the same. All roads lead back to Trudeau and the Liberals, they may not have enforced something but they put everything in place for it to happen.

  2. No Canada didn’t need to be put in lockdown, that was incredibly pointless and stupid; and even if it was necessary why did the government give itself not one but TWO raises during the pandemic?

  3. How does someone with a background in Russian/Bolshevik studies, and a career in journalism become our finance minister?
    You are Canada’s Kamala Harris

    1. @hodokwaja that drama teacher liked his students too much, had a rose croix daddy and has a (lodge) prosti, junked out mommy.

    2. With her qualifications
      She can’t even work in the bank of canada, but she can be the finance minister 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  4. Spent most of the fiscal update talking about the virus and self aggrandizing the actions that have been taken in regards to the virus.

    Can we please get a finance minister that actually knows about our financial system and a government that doesn’t wield the same virus tool in every conversation to detract or avoid the real questions we care about.

  5. The best quote, it’s Justinflation. She is taking Canada down the same road as Greece. She needs Magic Money, Bitcoin

  6. We are so flicking vulnerable to rising interest rates! The spending must stop ! Quit printing money ! Live within our means!

  7. I look forward to pay carbon tax to save the world and also look forward to receive a suit in return from marvel studios.

  8. I am really sure the government as well is willing to help with climate concerning it’s all of our responsibility .You guys as flying jets is a issue so I know you will show your part being a leader of the country

  9. Next month we’ll have the Trudeau/Freeland variant. Super scary, causes gullibility and Liberal believability.

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