Federal Judge Calls Out Bill Barr For Lying | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Federal Judge Calls Out Bill Barr For Lying | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at former Attorney General Bill Barr's record of lying about the Mueller report, and outlines a federal judge's finding that Barr lied again about how the decision was made not to charge Donald Trump with obstruction of justice, ordering the release of never-before-seen material on that subject unless Attorney General Merrick Garland appeals that decision.
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  1. No surprises really, most people figured that out at the time. More criminal behaviour by the most corrupt whitehouse of all time

    1. @dls951 You really need to learn to read better I said Trump committed obstruction of justice during his campaign in 2016 and from this segment yes Bill Barr did cover for Trump he flat-out lied and now it’s all coming out and I really hope Bill gets disbarred and a little FYI Russia did interfere in the election in 2016

    2. @JNGLST: the420er If I stop allowing myself to be surprised at his continued depravity, then I am lulled into a sense of complacency and acceptance. Like Heather Hire said, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”

    3. @Tammy Brothers Russia did interfere in the election in 2016?
      Post one link to anyone on earth that was charged to prove your media fed Parrot statement. I’ll wait.

    1. @Rolf Lanzinger well it’s true he is watching and he has already said this would happen in his word. It’s ok if you do not believe i feel sorry for you bc of what your willing to loose if your wrong. Those who believe and if we are wrong we dnt loose anything if we are RIGHT we gain everything he promises. So yes God is watching.

    2. @Ian Oller yep. He got away with it under the liar Reagan so he figures he can do it anytime he wants. I hope his criminal behavior catches up with him now.

  2. Lying to congress under oath…..time for DOJ to bring Barr in and start the criminal process!!

    1. @Debra Johnson indulge me Debra. I’m not keeping track on Joe because Joe only speaks when there’s something to say, unlike Trump who has to be the center of attention all the time. The press will keep track of how many lies our public officials tell. No one has come close to Trump. That’s one reason his lying butt was banned from social media

    2. @Lo Bo True, but Cohen earned himself that hard road with his earlier life choices. Redemption takes time and effort. Cohen is still earning his way back.

    1. @Franky Rozzello deny deny deny and believe in the orange duffus. your training is complete.

    2. @Franky Rozzello Trump Lost sweetie. It is so funny that we Still have to educate people! What part of”trump Lost,”, don’t you understand?

  3. Everyone understood that this was the case.
    We also knew it would eventually come out and be dealt with by a REAL DOJ.

    1. I wish I had your confidence that was true. If not for the last election it might have been 4 more years before the truth could have come out. Maybe longer !

    2. So a real one who is going after individuals for political revenge while ignoring the corruption of their Boss isn’t that how you describe Barr

    3. @Lance Thumel correctly, the real Attorney General, who by the way is the People’s Attorney NOT the president’s, has not done anything yet.
      The Congress is who Barr Lied to.

  4. AAUURRGGHH !!! If a common person lie in court they would be SLAMMED WITH CHARGES

    1. Hey libby, she is completely full of . This is hyperbole and conjecture. Your party made up the whole Russian Collusion story from scratch, and now you want to prosecute people for trying to deal with that? That’s like prosecuting the person receiving a text from a driver who just killed someone in a texting and driving accident.

    2. @Todd S. Thanks Todd for taking time out of your busy schedule to have a discussion over the Barr redacted memo asking not to charge the former President with obstruction you’ve completely changed my mind on the subject and there will be no need for further correspondence thanks again.

    1. @Luke yznaga: I hear you…my mother mentions that there was a movie back in the day (1970’s) called “The China Syndrome “…I guess it was about a real live woman who did good when all around her were liars. I’m going to Google it.
      Duckworth is a strong woman. The kind that trump fears most.

  5. Arguing with a guy yesterday and he mentioned the “Fake Russia Investigation” as if Barr was completely independent on his “findings”. But we all knew better, that’s why we tossed out the lot of them last November.

  6. Can we put all these criminals in prison already. I’m so tired of hearing their names. We know their guilty.

    1. No, send them to Russia! Why should The American People keep feeding their fat backsides!

    2. @VONN BLACKER I wouldn’t send someone with all of that knowledge of America’s top secrets to Russia, a hole in the ground would be better

  7. I have been screaming about Bill Barr sliding under the radar and walking away unscathed. It’s time he’s investigated fully.

    1. @Craig Crawford Please do not spread lies. Bill Barr did NOT cover up the Iran-Contra scandal. Mr. Barr is a very honest and honorable man who deserves our respect and support.

    2. @Cornelius Gal he is actually the most dishonest and politically swayed attorney general in America’s history. Everyone knows this including you. Denial won’t save his skin. He is going down hard.

    3. @Mark Honea You wrote that Bill Barr “is actually the most dishonest and politically swayed attorney general in America’s history.” Do you have evidence to support your wild claims? No? I thought not. Why? Because Bill Barr is a very honest and honorable man who did nothing illegal. Under American law Mr. Barr must be presume innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. That will never happen.

    4. @Mark Honea Please do not spread lies about Bill Barr. He has never been convicted of any crime because he did nothing illegal. Please apologize to Mr. Barr and beg him not to sue you.

  8. Whoa…
    Barely over 3 months into this new administration, a whole lot is happening to hold those accountable for the last 4 years.
    They are going after everything!

    1. @Stephen Stephe Obviously you are a Dirty Dem that makes wild assumptions and allegations without having a shred of evidence to support them.

    2. @David Miller Obviously you don’t know that, under American law, a person is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. President Trump had no need to take the stand because the Dirty Dems had failed to prove his guilt because he had done nothing illegal. Besides, he had more important things to do, like running our country and making America great again.

    3. @Cornelius Gal
      That’s a double standard. You see, Trump says, “only a guilty person will predict the 5th” and He refused to give any testimony. So, on Trump’s own accord, he is guilty. That’s Trump’s words, not mine.

    4. @David Miller You wrote that “Trump says, ‘only a guilty person will predict the 5th””. President Trump never said that. Do you know the meaning of the word “predict?” Check you dictionary. Donald Trump, our best president ever, must be presumed to be INNOCENT because he has never been convicted in a court of law because he did nothing illegal.

  9. “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing.” – Albert Einstein

    1. The Republicans still trying to carry Trump’s big lime because Trump has something on each and every one of those that still trying to carry on the big lie and they scared that trumpet expose them either he doesn’t bought them some kind of way they owe him some kind of way better so they sold to Trump they weak and they don’t need to be in those positions we need people more like Cheney is being a Republican Sandy would bring real Republicans back because she’s a strong woman .

  10. I think we all know that Bar pulled this advice out of his azz… And he also should go to jail for obstruction of justice.

  11. We same folk knew this. This is why we voted that administration out!!! Thanks for the update Rachel!!

  12. After all is said and done, what is the punishment for Barr and those who were part of this cover-up?!

    I’m surprised it took so long to be exposed

  14. These people have to be held accountable for their lying in a court. Why do they get away with this? Why? Why? Its so sickening!!!

    1. @Larry Tierce you can not even argue a point on merits clearly because you have no answer, so you can only resort to deflection.. hilarious

    2. Lol you want a man to be charged for obstruction of Russian interference via Hillary Clinton which was all lies and was then used by the cabal to overthrow our government

    3. @Lance Thumel hi q-tip. Feeling abandoned and ignored lately? A little desperate?
      I can hardly wait to see how this all unfolds.

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