Harry Reid: GOP Is Party Of Goofballs Under Trump’s Influence | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Harry Reid: GOP Is Party Of Goofballs Under Trump’s Influence | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Fmr. Democratic Senator and Majority Leader Harry Reid joins MSNBC's Brian Williams and discusses the fight within the Republican party over Liz Cheney's refusal to support Trump's false claim that he won the 2020 election.
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    1. @Pasiempre oh yea because Democrats are loving caring people. They started the kkk and the Democratic Party pushed for the Jim Crow laws republicans helped MLK fight for rights of blacks if left up to Democrats hatred the blacks would still be in chains so you maybe be fooled at a young age but real life will teach you who really cares about Americans families. Sad what oBiden administration has done to them kids at the border. Who packs that many kid into a small space without any concern for Covid. OBiden is sending Covid positive people around the country without ID anywhere they want to go without tests for Covid. I’m guessing that you missed the reports on kids being sexually abused at these holding pens called summer camps. Just like the Democrats approved take over an area of an American city by Antifa and BLM both Terrorist group. There was rapes and murders in this area that was taken over including a police station that was burned and looted. I’m hoping you are old enough to make a honest decision about these actions and call them what they were pure hatred of America

    1. Snowflake, Mr. Reid was NV’s beloved senator for three decades. I love it when facts make personal opinions from the deplorables obsolete

    2. Curtis doesn’t know proper English. It’s accept, not except.

      I will accept the outcome

      You can have everything except a brain.

    1. @Bernard Powell I know you didn’t read, let alone comprehend, the Mueller report either. Mostly because you don’t have the ability to type out a coherent thought. How did that report turn out by the way? We spent millions of dollars on an impeachment based on conspiracy theories but you’re ok with it because Orange Man Bad.
      Nice principles

    2. @J- Rukkus
      Five people were arrested and found guilty for lying under oath about there involvement with Russian officials.

      Both George Papadopoulos and Roger Stone were both pardoned by Trump. After being tried and convicted for lying about meeting with Russian officials before joining the Trump campaign.

      So yes. It very obvious to me that you did not read the reports.

    3. @Bernard Powell when you rewrite your comment into understandable english, I’ll respond. Until then, I cannot interpret your gibberish.

  1. So, the ‘Searchlight Strangler’ comes up for air after climbing out of the kids pool, ain’t that just special.

  2. Unity is hard to reach if you constantly insult people with a different perspective. Like the truth.

    1. @Matt P. as long as they put party before people and country they have to be shown how to be decent ,civil,make people’s need priority& the party whos much more rational

    2. @Jake Sargeras what you e failed to realize is when dems speak unity its fir the betterment of all .if the right can show some rational and a willingness to unite it would be a great America for all americans can’t that be seen

    1. @Bernard Powell Its like you keep ignoring what I keep saying. The police was cracking down on protesters for being up past their bedtime in specific areas because of the looting. Are you that determined to act like looting didn’t happen? If you’re so supportive of small businesses, why are you justifying looting?

      Also, I never said trickle down economies work. There are better policies that could be done, but spending a hefty sum on a bill that could produce 2 million jobs is nothing. There are better ways to spend OR NOT SPEND that money.

    2. @Bernard Powell How are the police causing the riots. The police have nothing to do with them. Its Antifa and BLM. They are just theives.

    3. @Bernard Powell No protesters attacking property and burning and looting. Police try to stop them and they get attacked with projectiles conveniently left by others in trailers. They are planned.

    1. @Gonzo McGee aren’t you aptly named. And just for gags since I was 12 I used to get a kick out of the voting results every election year when the dead Democrats got resurrected and voted in mass especially in Obama’s home town of Chicago to maintain the Daly Dynasty. I’m now over 70 and you have the nuts to say there was no fraud this past Nov? Only liars and thieves think that way so what are you? After every national election there are many convictions for voting fraud nation wide with the vast majority, sometimes the only party, being Democrat operatives and precinct workers. But then the truth has never mattered to democrat voters. So the party of slavery, founders of the KKK, originators of segregationist laws which was copied by Hitlers Nazi Part in 1935, the party of using blacks for “scientific research” on the level of the Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele which caused unconscionably horrid deaths, yes that party of death for babies within and outside of the womb. And let’s not forget about the “Butcher of Albany” Andrew Cuomo and his over 16,000 nursing home COVID deaths because the hospital bills were getting to high. Go right ahead and keep up the advance of the party of death and destruction as more cities are razed in the name of equity. RIP.

  3. “Democrat media personality and guest makes fun of Republicans and trump.”
    (There I fixed the title for you)

  4. Goofballs has he watched Commandant Lassard aka Biden when he’s speaking he can’t even complete a sentence without drooling

    1. OKAY


      SHOW US
      A VIDEO

  5. Mr. Obsolete, that’s really rich…..coming from a you, a man who sported a black eye when your gym equipment attacked you.

    1. We really only need a one party system, led by the democrats. We really need to look at expelling every single elected republican from office and implement a reeducation system for them and their voters. Racism Violence and Treason is the only thing republicans know.

    2. @M VB Can’t tell if you’re joking, but I sincerely hope that this is the platform the Democrats run on in ’22. Lol

  6. Harry Reid’s best know for trying to change the age of consent to 12 years old, this man is sick

    1. Sicker than Trump?
      Nah, the failed wannabe dictator is definitely the sickest. And his poison continues to spread across this nation

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