Federal Police Officer Killed In Attack At Transit Station Near Pentagon 1

Federal Police Officer Killed In Attack At Transit Station Near Pentagon


NBC News’ Courtney Kube reports on the latest information at the Pentagon, where shots were fired at a nearby Metro station.
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    1. Are you talking about the trump evil clown I think it was it the movie or was it John Wayne Cassey there were so many lost count I wish would end with trump but to many bad republicans I know I was married to one I guess they say that the republicans do stick together and all because of MONEY and POWER

    2. @hangender No, this is what happens when you defund EDUCATION. Not the police. Ignorant posts like yours pop up.

  1. The shooter who shot the policeman was shot several times and he has now died it has been confirmed.

    1. Another one bites the dust ! ! BIDEN/HARRIS 2024 Democrats vote blue in 2022 !!! Rethuglicon trolls LOSE AGAIN !!

  2. This explains all the police I saw on the Metro earlier today. I was not in the vicinity of the shooting but I was in the system.

    1. @Jeffery Mead Nope. Not a troll. A comedian? At times. You failed to see the humor, that’s your problem not mine.

    2. @bombastic attitude You troll again! Your Coumo “popcorn Nom Nom Nom” bs got deleted so here my answer: Fk Fox news!

  3. RUSSIAN BOTS Running on empty

    Where everybody knows your name.
    Richard MacLean
    Richard MacLean
    Richard MacLean

    1. FF, a video dropped, there is a wistleblower regarding the machines. Who has possession of the passwords in AZ? Wendy Rogers & Sonny Borelli have filed a report to the Arizona AG for violating the Senate Subpoenas.

  4. Seems like the crazies think that they have a right to just go around killing people on a daily basis. SMH

    1. BOOYASHAKA , The Mercenary starring a former French Foreign Legion 2 REP Sniper head crushing blood spraying Martial Arts action now on Amazon prime

  5. One of the few most secure properties in America, how and why did this happen.
    If this is political it will be a nightmare.

    1. The area where the actual shooting occurred is one of several bus transit locations for commuters and available to the public.

    1. Lord Jesus please get rid of all the idiotic religitards who think their words reach sky daddy and achieves something. amen

  6. So it’s not even safe near the Pentagon, supposedly the most secure building in the country. Wow.

  7. What the heck is wrong with you people clicking the “Dislike” button?
    One would draw the conclusion that you have absolutely no real interest in being informed and you are just going from channel to channel that you don’t like and just clicking and moving on.
    Another police officer was killed.
    Have you no shame?

  8. * sigh * Here we go again. Another senseless shooting in the United States. My condolences to the victim’s family and may he/she rest in peace.

    1. Yeah; conflicting reports are not stopping media from calling this a ‘shooting’.
      Some reports are the officer was stabbed by the assailant.
      And other officers responded with gunfire.
      That is NOT an exchange of gunfire.
      This will most likely come down to the officers opening fire hitting the stabbed officer, the attacker and possibly others.
      That does not take any responsibility from the assailant.

  9. The family needs everyone’s prayers. A less lawless city would also be helpful. Hopefully everyone sees the light and does the right thing. My opinion

  10. “Courtney, do we know anything about the identity of the shooter?”

    Courtney doesn’t know f— all.

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