Biden On Cuomo Sexual Harassment Report: ‘I Think He Should Resign’ 1

Biden On Cuomo Sexual Harassment Report: ‘I Think He Should Resign’


President Biden is asked by a White House reporter whether New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo should resign following the stat attorney general’s findings in a sexual harassment investigation.
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    1. @Mari Oka……One thing at a time is apparently all we’re capable of.

      One thing at a time.

    2. He doesn’t get to resign …. he should be fired. The nys legislature should have gotten off their summer vacation boats and called a special session and voted him out last night. We have a constitution for a reason. Unreal. Resign with all the benefits..I don’t think so.. fired and charged. Today!

  1. President Biden is going to let the Investigation on Andrew Cuomo go forward. We actually got a Direct Answer from a Direct Question. “Should Andrew Cuomo Resign??”. Answer “Yes”.

    1. @TONY Bl LOL What like supporting Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell ? Are you for real? Or just very forgetful?

    2. @Biblical Storm You can’t make this up, cultist, maga deluded and conspiracy theory victim. You need three vaccines!

    3. @AbbersJ ohhhhhh. You got me there you Loony Lefty. Aren’t you supposed to be out protesting about how life is so unfair in America?

    4. @AbbersJ good lord! This is about CUOMO. 9 comments in a row. What did you just come out of your snowflake world? LMFAO.

  2. Lets all take a minute for a story no one will touch. How about the 4 month strike for Alabama coal workers, after the company did not follow through on their promises

    1. @chibearsfan313 tell it to criminal island. The aussies mine more coal in one year than America will in several.

    2. @chibearsfan313 i just love the empathy , they’re only dirty, evil coal workers who are out of worker here. So if they lost their jobs and struggling (and are trump supporters probably) who the eff cares?

    3. @Slayer 399 They were warned that coal is going away. They didn’t adapt. Sorry, I can’t hold everyone’s hand.

  3. He should resign, be investigated, arrested. Then investigate him and the others for killing the elderly in nursing homes!

    1. @Justin case Lies such as…. Give some examples.
      There was actual evidence that the Russian officials contacted the Trump campaign along with several of confessions.

    2. @John Gailey you do realize Epstein tried to sue Trump right? Like there is videos of them both at public gathering but still no evidence of Trump being ON his island. Unlike like the multiple visits the Clintons alone did

    3. You can run that lip now what about 600 000 dieing in the past when the pandemic began, shut up your chit box

    1. @1 cleanshot I’ve actually read emails from friends of mine that are coming from the source you get evidently get your news from. It’s all lies and bogus info. ALOT of lies about the vaccine. Blows my mind. I know people that have died from COVID-19. My family members have had it and liked to die. This virus is real! Better get your vaccine before you end up on a ventilator. And while I don’t wish that on you or anyone like you, I’d feel 0 sympathy due to your ignorance

    2. @Elvis Presley nope. If you knew anything about q , you would know that they specifically told us not to hang on dates.. anything or anyone with a date, Is false information,, they never mentioned Jan 6 or a March date in their comms. Feel free to go back and research that. And research is the one thing they (q) told us to do.. you are a spreader of false information ..a troll, I think is the word you kids use now days

    3. Quit bickering like children and not looking at both sides if we cannot get common ground we will never be a whole country. Lrt the investigation play out and stop going after each other God bless USA

  4. Regardless of political affiliation, anyone who we vote into office that violates these types of laws must GO! The American people must take back the power we’ve been giving to government for decades.

    1. @J Cockrell Actually, over 95% of the entire US media is owned by the far right, Comcast, SONY, Fox, Disney …all far right wing companies.

    2. @J Cockrell Then you don’t know who you work for. Which of those companies I mentioned are NOT right wing? NONE.

    3. @kensolar69 I work for Disney. It’s definitely NOT far right. It’s a leftist company and has been for the past 20 years. News Corp leans right but they play further to the left whenever the opportunity is available.

    4. @J Cockrell Or more realistically, you’re so far right wing that the entire world looks like the far left to you. Sad. News Corp is far the right of Barry Goldwater who in the 1960’s was the extreme far right. In fact, every single republican in Washington today and 10-15% of the democratic party is to the right of Goldwater who today would just be another blue-dog democrat. That’s why half the the entire republican establishment has either left the GOP or joined the Lincoln Project, Midas Touch or any of another half dozen ‘Bring back the republican party’ groups.

    1. That’s really what he should be removed for. Not him acting like a guy out of good fellows. But I guess it’s the end result that matters.

    1. @mike naples
      Hold your horses now. The orange groper has 26 woman who’ve accused him. I agree, Cuomo should resign. I’m asking you to keep that same energy.

      Edit: SN, I agree with you, he is the devil.

    1. @hoaxone 845 Let me teach YOU something in law.

      First of all, since when did an “Allegation” have any weight in punishment? Let me know which New York State Statue state that a person is liable for any type of punishment from just a allegation, no matter how much it could be true?

      Second of all, while it is untested, state governor could theoretically have immunity from state prosecution, as much as President immune from Federal Prosecution, a state governor could theoretically pardon himself/herself over state crime, even before said crime goes to trial. So, the only way to remove a governor is to impeach him. And that have nothing to do with law, that have everything to do with State Legislature. And State Legislature mentioned only after an impeachable crime is committed, said government official can only then be impeached. I do not know being accused an alleged crime is the same as a crime being committed.

      Thirdly. Whether or not to impeach Cuomo have nothing to do with Biden, that is up to State Legislature, and as I said before, President is the representation of Federal Government, and if a President say, on public channel, that state should impeach someone, that is along the line as Federal Government interfere with State Affair. Which is a big no to the constitution.

      So if your question is “Should Cuomo be impeached if he had not resigned?” The answer is unequivocally YES. But that is not the question you raised, that question is should the President said yes to impeach Cuomo in front of public television, the answer is unequivocally NO, because as the Head of Federal Government. The President should not be making public comment like that. I will say otherwise if the reporter ask him privately with camera turned off like you and me having a beer at lunch, but publicly, it’s stupid to answer question you are not allow to answer publicly on official record.

      Even with Cosby, you still don’t know how important does public record serve, you make a declaration on TV and that is enforceable even if you does not have it on writing.

    2. @Running Production libby, you over reacted to one sentence. A investigation was done, again, a investigation was done by a AG. She hired 2 independent companies that found evidence in email to the harassment.
      The sad thing here libby, is if you was groped or fondled, your own brain would say don’t believe them because you don’t have physical proof. And if 10 other women said the same thing as your own experience, your brain would call them liars as well.
      All sensible logical thinking people understand if he don’t resign, impeachment is next. If you don’t like your presidents keeping it real, you must’ve been a walking crybaby for the last 12 years.

    3. @Running Production but to answer your question on when does a allegation have any weight on a punishment, here goes.
      There are these people in a court room, called a judge and jury. These people have a brain and feelings. Everything is a allegation in a court until someone reads a verdict. They call this a trial throughout the world libby.
      Or even better, a judge alone in a city or civil court, who has the final say in your punishment. He or she can be swayyed by just the past cases on that day, let alone allegations on your case, to make a bad decision on your behalf. Your obviously not from that side of the street to understand this process, but a little thing can make a judge go evil for a day.
      So to say I’m charged with hitting a liberal upside their head on video, and there is allegations of me doing it to others that same day with no proof. That 5 year maximum sentence that would’ve been a 2 year bid, will turn into the max if the judge feels like it.
      That’s actually how law works in a courtroom more than people know.
      I personally served a max sentence for allegations of the size of the crime I committed.
      Welcome to reality.

    4. @hoaxone 845 nothing you’ve ever said on YouTube has had any credibility or worth, you spew bs everytime you seek a counter arguer sorry, “Libby’. And the conversation ends up the same way. Sadly this attitude translates to your real life perception and festers ignorance, that is why America is clearly falling apart. Well lots of other things, and you’d never see it cause you’re part of the destruction.

    1. @hunter blane
      That’s because it’s GQP story. It’s no real. They make up stories in there world so they can worship Donald. He’s there god. They love him. They are going make mar a lago there holy place.

    2. @EchoFoxtrot94 if Biden is pedophile, there must be police reports, victims, incidents? where is all of that? Some of those kids were his grandkids. I guess most grandparents need to be arrested then, right? Kissing their heads and hugging them.

    1. @James Webb
      Do support your argument with legitimate court filings like:
      Katie Johnson vs Donald Trump & Jeffrey Epstein.
      Copies available at your NY state court house.

    2. Then why was tRump not in jail.?He said from his own lips what he could do and get away with. America heard his bragging rights.

    1. @Thomas Raywood Exactly ,funny how everyone forgot about the women that accused biden of sexual assault, guess you staying safe ?

  5. “To all survivors of sexual assault, we believe you and we will fight for you.” –Gov. Andrew Cuomo 2018

    “They’re all liars.” –Gov. Andrew Cuomo 2021

    1. “Sexual assault” has become a meaningless term. Now it means going after your enemies with false accusations. Gov. Cuomo didn’t realize it until they alfrankened him.

    2. Half of these sexual assault claims these days seem to be nothing but unsuccessful pick-up attempts. Where’s the “assault” part?
      “He put his hand on my back and asked if I liked older guys” -> CAREER OVER!

  6. Everyone always talking about arresting politicians… how many of them have actually went to jail? Asking for a friend.

    1. @TheZombiesAreComing they let each other out. In Illinois Blagojevich (Democrat) went to prison. Trump (Republican) pardoned and freed him. That’s why I chuckle at the whole Democrats vs Republicans fight. They’re all in it together.

    2. @Charlie Foxtrot He did not skate he didn’t do anything! FACT! Most of these women just want money from these rich men!

    1. He should be impeached after the next election for governor. Especially if he loses said election. Actually, they should impeach him in 10 years, just in case he decides to apply for a job at walmart.. just so he has an impeachment on his resumé

    1. Thanks goodness The University of Delaware is breaking the law and won’t release Biden’s senate records through FOIA so we can see the documentation on the Tara Reade accusations against Uncle Joey. UD says they’ll release when Uncle Joe gives the OK, but he won’t do it. I wonder why?

    2. @J Cockrell That’s how they play it. Joe is calling for Cuomo’s resignation based on the report. He won’t resign because there isn’t any report about him. There is no report because there was no investigation. There was no investigation because the media and establishment decided “women should be believed” as long as they accuse the right persons.

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