Feds investigating obstruction as part of Gaetz probe, sources say

The Justice Department is investigating potential obstruction of justice connected to the ongoing probe of Rep. Matt Gaetz and his alleged sexual relationship with a minor.
According to two people familiar with the matter, federal investigators' concerns over efforts to obstruct the probe date back to at least last fall, when the examination of the Florida Republican was not yet public knowledge.
One of the people said investigators have been told about Gaetz and an associate discussing a plan to talk with Gaetz's ex-girlfriend in October 2020 about the ongoing sex crimes investigation. Investigators have also been provided material about the alleged discussion, the person said.
Politico first reported the obstruction investigation on Wednesday night with additional details about what is being scrutinized. According to the outlet, investigators are also looking specifically at a phone call that Gaetz had with a witness in the sex crimes investigation. The phone call had originated between the witness and Gaetz's ex-girlfriend, and at some point during the conversation, the ex-girlfriend patched Gaetz into the call, the outlet reported.
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    1. @Thomas Dugel, sure you crazy cultist. And Trump is Jesus Christ, right? (Because the part about Dems being pedos has Trump being a Savior sent by God himself. That’s straight up Cult talk.)

      You cultists are super obvious and no one is buying your crap that isn’t part of Jones Town already. Go peddle your crap somewhere where they care.

      (For the record the crazier you talk the more you drive Independents away from the Republican Party… so I guess keep up your BS???🤔)

  1. Can they also arrest whatever stylist put that greasy wanna-be pompadour on top of what I assume is his head?

    1. @Barbara Mitchell No, Barbara. His hair is really tragic. All that money and he looks like Butthead, if Butthead was a used car salesman who molested children. As far as I know, Butthead never molested children. So my apologies to Butthead.

    1. @Shellshock29 no….tell me about it. Ever heard of realism???? And I’m talking fact, not the simple thoughts that you may have running through your head.

    2. @R W Bruh. You didn’t say anything of substance, which is typical of conservatives. You just randomly brought up Biden. You’re just engaging in what is called “Whataboutism,” which is when you bring up something irrelevant in order to deflect criticism from something else. Basically, you’re deflecting. I’ll give you a example:

      Some guy: Matt Gaetz could have trafficked a minor.
      You: Oh yeah?! Well what about Biden?!

    1. Has it dawned on the morons Biden’s DOJ yet that they still don’t have any accusers in their clown car investigation?

  2. *Matty has obviously never learned any self-control, has he?* 🙄

    *No one is surprised…* 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. It is striking how many personality traits Gaetz shares with his “Fearful Leader” Trump. The inability to keep their mouths shut may cost both their freedom.

    2. right, as if you never cheated on your partner binging on coke with hookers in a motel on tax payer dollars. hmm

    1. @danny nolte really? You are obviously someone who received his education from Dollar General! I bet you also were at the QAnon rally over the weekend! You go off and continue to be grifted by the “Conprentice” and his criminal associates as you sit in your corner magically thinking like Trump & Powell that he will miraculously be reinstated come August!

    2. @danny nolte I f****** hate when people say that. I literally want to burn holes through the fabric of the universe with lasers when people say that. shut up.

  3. I don’t care. I will care when they can actually charge him with something. Right now, it’s just talk. Justice needs to move faster.

    1. @Chadillac still waiting for explanation as to why your timeline is far off. How dense are you? You understand that the events you’re citing are out of chronological order right 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. @Matt O Gaetz has strong conservative opinions & is outspoken which the SWAMP don’t like & why they’re trying to smear him so they got the DOJ involved who is part of the SWAMP too to falsely accuse Gaetz. All the DOJ has are false allegations, alleged this, alleged that, they have no evidence because Gaetz did nothing wrong. The DOJ is corrupt, they go after the innocent & protect the criminals (Hunter). The DOJ had plenty of evidence on Hunter’s laptop to issue an arrest warrant but they did nothing. It should be called the Department of Injustice.

    3. @Robert Emery You eat up the MSM propaganda like it’s candy. The DOJ has only had false allegations for months, alleged this, alleged that, they have no evidence because he did nothing wrong. The DOJ is corrupt. They go after the innocent & protect the criminals (Hunter) The DOJ had plenty of evidence on Hunter’s laptop to issue an arrest warrant but they did nothing. It should be called the Department of Injustice.

    4. @Maureen it doesn’t matter how conservative he is for many reasons.
      Liz Cheney is more conservative, yet libs support her.
      He doesn’t legislate, all he does is talk. All talk no work.
      He’s just one person, and one with little influence in the republican party.
      He’s just a nobody that runs his mouth until it gets him in trouble.

  4. Okay, this is taking too long… can we just arrest him already…. if he stole an apple from a store he’d already be doing time. 🍎

    1. @greyhamlet. It appears to be more a right thinking mind expressing what it thinks a left thinking mind thinks like. The difference is self evident. One need only rhythmically chant ‘Lock her up. Lock her up’. The difference will be clear.

  5. Matt Gaetz’ spoke person’s argument is like Matt Gaetz’ girl friends – young, naïve, and clueless.

    1. And needs her mum to drive her to interviews as she’s too young to get a drivers license.

    1. ​@Jay Wolf Oh so you are one of those guys that are so threatened by a woman with power that you think she must have screwed her way to the top. You are a sad sad little boy.

    2. @joshua foster Not competent women. I love working with or for them. The ones who got their position other ways, that’s another story.

    3. @Digger Dan you do realize that it was trump accused in a court of law of Child Rape. His buddy Epstein was also named. She was 13. #justiceforKatie

  6. I guess a judge will need to explain to Matt that if you’re nearly 40 your high school sweetheart isn’t supposed to actually still be in high school…

    1. He picks his girlfriends carefully. “They can’t testify against me, cos they won’t be able to get the time off school.” 😂

    2. @michael gove okay. I understand that the Gaetz/, Greenberg patt of the story is fun. But there are victims involved. Even though only one was a minor (allegedly), the other women involved are young women. What we have seen for decades is that these types of crimes preys on vulnerable people. If these allegations are true, nothing about this is funny.

  7. Matt Gaetz misunderstood when people told him that Venmo could be used “to make minor purchases.”

  8. He must have missed the days they discussed “tampering with witnesses” and “sex with minors” in law school.

    1. Roger stone threatened a witness with the good ole “prepare to die” and was pardoned by trump who suggested that he had no idea how stone was going to jail.

  9. MG can’t be tried for “consciousness of guilt.” For one, he has no conscience and two, narcissist’s don’t believe they are ever guilty.

  10. I love how careful and slow our justice department and police are when it’s a rich white guy under investigation.

    1. Exactly! I’m done with thinking that a lot of wealthy white guys are going to investigate themselves and hold each other accountable. Suuurre.

  11. *Matt Gaetz. Putting the “con” into “congressman” since… ooh, about 2 months from now.* 😂 😂

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