'Disgraceful': Officer who defended the Capitol on January 6 slams McConnell 1

‘Disgraceful’: Officer who defended the Capitol on January 6 slams McConnell


DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone, who defended the Capitol on January 6, speaks out after Senate GOP blocked a bipartisan commission to investigate the Capitol insurrection.

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  1. We as Americans really need to take voting SERIOUS. We need to vote for people who are ready to serve us. We need to VOTE like we never have voted before.
    VOTE 2022/2024….VOTE

    1. @see it I don’t know how you got so many replies but your grammar is TERRIBLE! You have to be a troll or you have to ask one of those illegal immigrants to teach you English.

    2. @Mr Mark tRump wouldn’t even have come close to the job If all Democrats had bothered to vote

    3. And when you vote VOTE BLUE!, you can never trust any party that has been openly lying to you or that is tying to stop an investigation into an attack on American democracy.

    4. @Obi Juan You have to remember that at the time even the so called ‘experts’ like Dr Fauci did not understand the Covid virus. Dr Fauci himself at the time said that the Covid virus was like the flu, a comment which when repeated by Trump caused him to be severely criticized. You have to understand that the US is not South Korea and although Trump is the president of the US he does not have the same power the South Korean president has over South Korea due to the federal system and in many of the worst affected areas such as New York and California even in March 2020 the people were encouraged to ‘socialise’ in the streets by the likes of Pelosi and Bill de Blasio in direct opposition to what Trump was trying to do.

  2. I feel the only reason the GOP blocked this investigation is because of their fear of being implicated in the Jan 6 insurrection.

    1. @JABHEAD Ha Ha!!! I have a lot of fun reading the Trumptards feeble attempts at not looking foolish while they’re pushing baseless conspiracy theories

    2. @ape kaspank And please, if you are going to invent things like this try to do it more intelligently. The ballots in the states that were contested by Trump and his GOP allies were recounted and Biden still won! Gee, how come you guys didn’t want the ballots counted in the states that Trump won???

  3. Y’know, as a foreigner looking into the US with outside eyes, I am so impressed with Michael. That’s the kind of American I have met in different parts of the world. What has happened since the “Big Lie” is astounding and unbelievable. The genuine, heartfelt person that is Michael is the true America and makes the rhetoric of Trump cheap and shoddy. America is not cheap and shoddy and allowing Trump to debase it is horrific. Hopefully some wonderful Legal Eagle will step in with a cease and desist suit that will silence this monster called Trump.

    1. @Eric Staples Your ancestors should’ve done the same, before coming here and stealing this country from someone else. Sadly….. We got you.

    2. @Todd C Actually Todd, viewing your Nation from across an angry and glimmering sea, what you refer to the “one time insurection” WAS the WORST thing to happen to your Country, and your system of Government, since the Declaration of Independence, and the birth of your Nation!
      If you think otherwise, you are as deluded as the human pumpkin that set it in motion!
      You came so very close to becoming a totalitarian dictatorship that day; proving how tenuous the grip on democracy is truly.

  4. The US is sliding into third world territory in terms of political instability and safety. Scary

    1. @p don warrior I don’t agree.
      The USA taught us Germans after the 2WW what Democracy means !

    2. @jcbarnhart77 and the GOP is the cancer of the USA, people need to break away from all of them

    3. I said that to someone 4 years ago. I live in a 3rd world country. They have a better transportation system and health care system better than the United States. He told me I was lying. But there are a lot of Americans that come here for Dental care and some medical treatment.

    4. @Robert Dillon :
      I have been checking people of such demeanor’s stats for a couple years now, and more recently, do a search of their name; I suggest you do that, if you haven’t already. You can start with Donna Brockbank; it will give you a good laugh at what trump enablers do for a living. It is sad really, that people like that are giving up their hard earned money to pay off trumps dept.

    1. @Jesse Welch CNN isn’t the only source for data. Just because CNN is reporting on reality, along with other left and right media outlets, doesn’t make the data false. But You can go ahead and wrap this up for us by citing all of the evidence you have proving election fraud. If your next response doesn’t point to even one verified example of the fraud it would have taken for Trump to lose by over 70 MILLION votes, then you can kindly return to prepping for your next Q outrage party.

    2. @Jesse Welch By all means, keep up the ad hominem attacks and your lies. It has been said that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”, but that cannot apply to you. For you have no mind at all. You’re just a blathering shill repeating the same swill you’ve heard from others. As Trump would say: “Sad. So sad.”

    3. @Jesse Welch No one but Trumpers need panic about that audit. Prior to the onslaught of the “intrepid” “Cyber Ninjas”, two reputable and experienced forensic auditing teams examined the ballots and machines and found nothing fraudulent. Those Cyber Ninjas accused the state of purging the voter databases and then — voilà! — they “found” them again. The truth is, those databases were never deleted. Oh, and these “warriors” are searching for traces of bamboo in the system because they believe China is involved. Unreal.

      One thing is obvious: The “Cyber Ninjas” are akin to the “Keystone Kops”; ineffective, inexperienced and a source of great comedy to the sane among us.

  5. “This just isn’t the country I want to turn over to my children.” Exactly this. Thank you Officer.

  6. As the Republicans have basically said, _”Nothing to see here”_ when it comes to the 6th Jan insurrection, it is bound to happen again.

  7. He is such a genuine gentleman. He holds more class in his heart than most of those in the GOP combined!

    1. That would imply that the GOP has a heart, I think they’re a dangerous criminal organisation who want to make a buck out of everything, anti social vermin pushing for a oligarchical plutocracy protected by a brutal police state, and their constituency are useful idiots, all they have to do is pretend to be Christian, anti immigrants and pro life.

  8. “This isn’t the country I want to turn over to my children.” ~ Officer Fanone.
    Amen brother.

  9. Truth. “Not the country I want to turn over to my children.” It is not a country to grow old in either.

    1. I left the U.S. 30+ years, not because I was already completely disgusted with the politics and the system, but rather to pursue opportunities and adventures which I might never have been able to experience. Settling abroad wasn’t really planned either, my circumstances simply caused it to happen. Because of this, my children and family as well as myself are all a whole lot better off for it.
      Sad, but so very true.

    2. YES- This is exactly WHY it is becoming harder and harder to grow older in the USA— I am NOT going anywhere- We need to take Voting serious!- I still say- vote blue in 2022

    3. @Mondo Shredder My only goal is to expat somewhere to a more simple life and a kinder culture. I am a disabled vet and I can still get health care elsewhere that is affordable. This country is literally stealing what is left of my life. I can’t do this anymore.

    4. @Fern Webb
      I’ve read and heard about this pathetic lack of care and respect that the U.S. offers to their vets, and it is flat out sickening.
      I wish you the best of luck finding the kind of place and care that you need and deserve.
      Peace, M

  10. I cannot imagine how this officer feels when a political party does not give a damn about you.

    1. @Audrey Muzingo You do realize that being an Independent doesn’t equate to being a Democrat, right? I see value in both parties and depending on the topic I will fall either left or right of center. You are reaching

    2. @Camilla Hunt What you are suggesting is not accurate, but more to the point it was not overthrowing a government. Do you even care that the republicans are doing their best to create a dictatorship? Or are you too busy being a racist bigot to notice that you are about to lose your right to vote?

    3. @Camilla Hunt Huh? What did I say that made you think I was equating Independents to DEMOCRATS? Reading problems much? I said REPUBLICANS are suddenly claiming to be Independents. You’re trying to paint yourself as reasonable and rational because you know the GOP has completely lost those qualities, so nobody will take you seriously in a discussion if you admit to being a Republican. But hey, prove me wrong. –When you say “depending on the topic”, what do you mean? What topics to you agree with Democrats on, and what Democrats have you voted for?

    4. @Ryan Johnson I agree with you, and want to add that the Jan 6 riot was not only based on lies, but was intended to overthrow the democratic process and would essentially have begun a dictatorship.

  11. The commission would show that some of those same lawmakers helped to organize it and also provided inside information

  12. “This isn’t the country I want to turn over to my children”. I understand and it makes me sad and glad I don’t have children to turn it over to

    1. i know whats wrong with the world: Matrimony and Patriarchy. Our families are structured incorrectly. marriage was only invented a few thousand years ago. marriage is WRONG. human beings evolved to live in tribes, not marriages

    2. think about it: Marriage doesn’t work for humans because men don’t want to be with only one sexual partner their entire life. Men are not made for marriage. Marriage is the root of our human dysfunction.

      Human beings invented marriage a few thousand years ago, and its the reason why human beings are SO dysfunctional.

      Remember, human beings have existed on Earth for over 200,000 years, and for 99% of that time we lived without marriage.

      we belong in TRIBES

    3. @José de Jesus You treat marriage like it’s only based around sex. You don’t see the actual emotional trust and relationship two people really require to marry. If two people get tired of each other quickly, then they weren’t meant to marry. Marriage isn’t the problem, people are. And regarding tribes, usually Neanderthals only lived in groups of two to four people. We don’t need tribes because we have families.

  13. This is so refreshing. This man’s outlook and opinions give me hope. He should run for office.

  14. Why are considerate and intelligent citizens being shouted down when they show empathy for their fellow Americans. Anti- democratic violence has a long history in this country. McConnell is a failure.

  15. Getting the GOP to vote yes for the commission is like getting a murderer to try his own case

  16. We can’t let this go. Interviews like this need to be broadcast EVERY week until an investigation is secured.

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