CNN's Berman reads Fauci's emails. Watch his response 1

CNN’s Berman reads Fauci’s emails. Watch his response


Dr. Anthony Fauci called criticism of his emails, which were revealed via a Freedom of Information Act request, where he was being thanked by the head of a medical company that is funding research at the Wuhan, China, virology lab for saying the Covid-19 origin was started by natural causes.
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    1. @Mark Yeah, tough luck.
      If you try and proove one thing by the absence of another, you’re commiting logical fallacy 101.
      You’re entitled to your opinion, but don’t confuse your hunch with facts.

    2. @Goats Only … Firstly try to compile your reply before clicking reply. I reply last one I was only arguing that you are being dismissive for lab theory which prove how simple minded you are hence tinfoil and really trusting people that lied ?

    3. @Corey Otis You know it’s a cluster when there’s solid evidence that UFOs EXIST! And no one bats an eye!

    1. @Lions Forest Imagine the wonders you might achieve if you directed but a tithe of the energy you expend on proving your detractors correct, toward reality?

    2. @Richard Gilbert lmao thatbwas already disproven. Cop didn’t from the Capitol “rioters” (if you call broken glass a riot lmao) lol and did you forgot how you idiots were chanting for dead cops a few months earlier and now you want to pretend like you care about cops? you people are a joke

    3. @Conclave luminis imagine what the world could be if you knew how to read for yourself to find what im saying is true…DA

    4. @P Balix Democrats win popular vote over 90% of all presidential elections – hence gop push to restrict voters and communities that aren’t aligned with gop – anytime more people vote means democrats have advantage. Audits have already been completed by trumps government and stated no widespread fraud. Claims of fraud couldn’t even been proved or shown in court cases- don’t believe me though, research from non-profit double verified sources

    1. @Carl Weller they have egg all over their face. Sit back and enjoy the show. It’s just getting started.

    2. @Leo Hernandez I have to agree ! Things are a lot sane here in the U.K. . Our lives are not as chaotic as in America. Our government rooming care of people during the pandemic, we have free healthcare for all . No mass shootings , or people gunning each other down on a daily basis . We don’t have a lunatic who thinks he will be reinstated as President/PM when he lost an election fair/square . We follow the rule of law

  1. Not leaked ! These were made public through a FOIA request for those who believe other wise.

    1. Dr Fauci 2017: “There is “no doubt” Donald J. Trump will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease outbreak during his presidency.”

    2. @Re-erect Trump2021 Just search exactly what I put in youtube and you will find it on video.

    1. I’ve been a proud conspiracy theorist for twenty years. Now is the time when we will finally be shown to be right. I think that some of the “weirdest” things ever said will be show to be true as well. They’re already starting to admit that UFOs are real. That will open a huge can of worms.

    2. @Nick Arnold The association of high level officials with child traffickers has been shown, the existence of UFOs is being revealed, there’s one election audit in Arizona and other state officials are flying down there to see about getting them started in their own states, and now the Fauci emails. This feels like winning to me.

    3. @NICHOLE Trump is a xenophobe when he called COVID ‘the china virus’ or ‘chinese virus’ or ‘kung flu’. All are derogatory iterations which stoked hate and Asian hate crimes across America over the last year. What republicans’ obsession with using the Pelosi quote? Just nothing but more hate from republicans.

    4. First thing Trump does when he comes back is fire that lying fraud *Anthony Fauci.*
      The entire nation will cheer.

  2. There are more recent emails in there that say the mask arent needed and that asymptomatic dont spread it

    1. So what exactly is supposed to be exposed here? All the stuff we’ve known since day one? That it’s most likely a species jump from bats and not a lab leak?
      That science adapts as new facts and information are provided?
      That Fauci doesn’t cross any possibilities out until all the facts are known?

    2. @Adam Taylor Your comments show you to be very biased and a shill. Until you can be consistent and acknowledge that even MSM is questioning the emails, you aren’t worth my time any longer. Please check my comments an you will see I was equally critical of both sides. You live in an echo chamber of algorithms and don’t matter. Quit defending this corrupt man, take your political beliefs out and do some research. You ask me to do all the things you can do by doing a simple search and looking at both sides. You are a troll.

  3. My previous comment just in case there’s any confusion meant “ Dr. Fauci has not been transparent or honest with the American people, only his lies are transparent.”

  4. I’m just sitting here laughing how people are just now starting to see people like this as untrustworthy lol.

    1. If anything, his e-mails here only bolster my confidence in Dr. Fauci. As always, the timeline is critical to keep in mind, as there was a ton of uncertainty in this period. Science is the truest form of anti-dogmatism – unlike religion, it changes according to new facts and data presented. Dr. Fauci represented that ethos quite well, overall.

  5. I guess it’s true that people like watching a train wreck. I find myself watching CNN a lot lately.

  6. Crazy if the Chinese probably paying him Millions on the side..Coverup of the Century needs to be investigated.

  7. Anyone who studies body language, sees a constant “believe me look” on this criminal (among many other tells)!!!!

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