Feds Release More Capitol Riot Video Of Attack On Police

Federal officials have released, at the request of NBC News and other media outlets, more video evidence from the Trump-incited Capitol Hill insurrection. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with FBI veteran Frank Figliuzzi.
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  1. Even with the advice of the song lyrics to “believe half of what you see and none of what you hear” (Heard it Through the Grapevine), I know what I saw. If half is true, it was an attempted coup and insurrection.

    1. That was no where near peaceful. I saw traitors following Trump’s orders to overthrow our government. They tried to be like the Nazi’s before WW2. This is bad. The home grown terrorists have to be locked up. If not, more people will hurt and killed because of them. Time to put away the filibuster. We have work to do.

  2. He was part of the lies. He picked a good day to do his job, tho. No. I don’t feel a bit sorry for him.

    1. True, Pence deciding to do the correct thing only when he’s the target of the Trumptists 😒 At least he opened up the eyes of some Republicans

    2. @Bukake Dembélé pence did not really perform duty because pence is playing victim for regaining voters from exposure of treason Trump–as part of Putin-jinping-treason Trump-etc’s plans.

    1. He’s lucky to still be alive, those Trumpsters are nuts! I mean straight out crazy town nuts!

    1. Dude is def a provocateur thug. Trumpers at the Capitol on 1/6/21 display their contempt for authority, taking it out on Capitol Police and the historic building. A white privilege on display that these vandals were not met with the usual overwhelming force we’ve witnessed deployed on BLM civil rights marchers.

    2. @ZaneofAustin go on, explain yourself. How so? Were the police traitors for not doing the will of the seditious mob?

  3. Oh I’m sure that guy was so proud of himself before he realize that he won’t get a pardon from Trump, and he’ll be jailed for years because he thought hitting a cop and storming the capitol makes him a “patriot.”

    1. @T Jacobs Definitely not “patriots! More like homemade inside terrorists traitors that are & were extremely violent & deadly.

    2. So much for the Proud girls and the Boogaloo girls. Apparently they don’t exist in the Republican party. Republican party now a male chauvinistic pig party?

  4. This is why Republicans don’t want an investigation into Jan 6. They know that we will know GOP members of Congress were involved

    1. @IHC Terra Termonolgy & correct descriptions means everything unless you’re a Woke cultists! This is why I fight against the domestic ENEMIES!

    2. @Tony Smith for people trying to spin things. Giving alternative facts is a spin to obscure the truth.

      The truth doesn’t care about your feeling, snowflake.

    3. @IHC Terra Says a Woke snowflake only caring about their own feelings ahaha ever hear of projecting?

    4. @Jim Skarw Oh please. The impeachment procedures were not unsuccessful. And it was not a “fiasco”. They were unavoidable procedures, implemented to address breaches of law and order, committed by trump. The fact that that those procedures did not destitute trump, is because their logical conclusions and findings were blocked at the Senate stage. But the fact that they did not succeed, does not mean that they were a fiasco. Your “comment” reeks of personal prejudices and biases. And keep in mind that it is the Reps that blocked any attempt at a “fair and accurate investigations”, which would have been bi-partisan. Equal number on both sides. Your reference to “witch-hunts”, to qualify lawful procedures, is typical of your swallowing trump’s mantras, line, hook and sinker. This is not how things work. Whenever trump’s actions were discussed and scrutinized as such actions tend to be, he was the one screaming “witch hunt” at every turn. You do not seem to realise that trump’ s tactic was a provocation meant to prevent any lawful investigation into his actions? And you seem to have fallen for it. NO former, present or future president deserves that kind of self-renegation that you seem to indulge in. Impeachment procedures are there to protect the rules of law, regardless of anyone’s personal feelings. So the Reps do not want an investigation. Cut the lies, for your own dignity.

    5. @Dominique Brasseur Trump was investigated for what Hillary did, was impeached for what Joe Biden did, blamed for what China did and was attacked for mentioning, what Hunter did. Witch-hunt? Me doth think so.

    1. Traitors now and traitors during the Civil War, they masquerade under the name patriots. You can’t fix stupid.

  5. “…I like your Christ, but not your Christianity.” – Gandhi – I believe in the teachings of Christ, but you on the other side of the world do not, I read the Bible faithfully and see little in Christendom that those who profess faith pretend to see.

    1. @No Name Haven’t heard that phrase about bashing babies heads on stones since I was a little kid, my mothers favourite. 😳

    2. @No Name interesting that when someone actually brings out the Bible quotes like you did, suddenly . . crickets…
      I’ve been seeing more people coming back at the ignorant maga fools with these quotes and shutting them down. Thanks for that. Feels much better.

    3. Biden won by less than 50,000 votes in SWING STATES by some miracle the election was legit and racist creepy dementia Joe Biden won. Here are my top 3 reasons why Trump would have won in a LANDSLIDE if

      2. Trump had the vaccine 2 months earlier Trump kept saying we will have a vaccine in a few weeks and the fake news media and Dr. Fauci said we won’t have the vaccine by 2020. It is ironic the virus came in a perfect time just before the election hmm makes you wonder?

      3. The Big Tech was not working for the Democrats. Facebook censor anybody said the virus came from China. They also censor Hunter Biden with his laptop 17% of Joe Biden voters said if they knew about Hunter Biden’s laptop they would not have voted for Joe Biden.

    4. @Angela Taylor (Angie) Same here. was raised Christian and went to seminary school. Most fundies have a pretty kindergarten understanding of the bible and a preschool understanding of theology. Lol

  6. The more that is released to the public the more obvious it is there needs to be a congressional investigation into this.

    1. Little serious debate here. Everybody here thinks the LEFT and its hate is great, please leave the left

    2. @Sam Harris I’m pretty sure the left had nothing to do with the Capitol riot. Question: Was “Hang Mike Pence” a loving statement or a hateful statement?

    3. Yeah, and why the Republicans don’t want an investigation and are doing whatever they can to impede investigation.

    4. @Sam Harris and join the party that attempted to overthrow democracy by staging an insurrection, whilst its senators attempted to refuse to certify the results of a fair election because they can’t handle they lost? I’m okay thanks. Jog on.

    1. @Hidden Dragon – And, by ‘2024’, febrile #45✳ will be bedridden, bellicose…and babbling into his ‘little tikes’ playphone.

    2. “Yuge” I think the seditious GOP Senate sold out America when they ran over there to kiss Putin’s ring -on our dime. Notice we never heard a single word concerning that clandestine retreat, to honor Putin.

  7. So we’re to believe that obvious trump supporter assaulting the cop is “antifa”…right? Which velvet line did he stay behind?

    1. @Rino Ponce I believe Jamie Hoover was laughing out loud at your post. It was pretty clear, and I concur with him.
      Trump lost! Let me know when they find the bamboo.

    2. @T Jacobs OOH WOW REALLY? There is a difference between bias and lying let’s start with Trump they lied and edited videos from Trump.
      1. Russian collusion
      2. China Virus
      3. Tear gas at the park
      4. Vaccine
      5. Find the fraud
      6. Obama Cages
      7. They edited the part Trump saying to peacefully protest.

      I am sure there are more they lied about Trump care to rebuttal and what about Biden do you think they where honest about Biden’s
      1. Dementia
      2. Racist “if you don’t vote for me you ain’t black”
      3. Hunter Biden
      4. Creepy Biden touching and saying to women and children inappropriately things
      5. Anger problems yelling at a CNN female reporter

      Care to rebuttal I would really like hear what you have to say.

  8. Show one of these clips every day until the next election. This is so voters can remember what our votes need to stop. We stop it or it will become America’s new world order.

    1. Next time I won’t shed a tear if it’s the grease spot treatment for each one. Don’t be a Babbit!

  9. Has he been arrested? Why hasn’t Alex Jones and Trump been arrested being Alex just did a video bragging about them leading the insurrection.

    1. @Rino Ponce sorry to inform you, but mRNA vaccines have been in the works for decades, how tf do you think it took them less than a year to find a cure. Maybe you should do some research before crediting your beloved orange tinged Jabba the Hut as if his admin did anything productive in regards to the pandemic.

    2. @No Name don’t argue with the kid, he’s unintelligent and doesn’t understand you can be charged with a crime without actually committing it. Think of “attempted first degree murder” charges, for example. You might have to get him to look up the word, “attempted” for him though. Maybe YellowPages his elementary school teacher and see if her new 3rd grade class can give him a lesson.

    3. @eric brosofske many were armed. They were relying on numbers and inside support. Had they succeeded in taking Congress and Pence hostage, it would have been bad news.

    4. @Some ToMFoOLeRy Stop spreading fake news and conspiracy theories. The election was not stolen, it was fortified.

  10. Is describing them as “thugs” too old-fashioned a term that goes back to the 1830’s description of robbers and criminals who stole from their traveling victims and then strangled them?

    1. The word thugs goes back further than that.
      It wasx an abbreviation of a cult of murderous criminals who operated in India from the 1350’s until the English dtamped them out in the 19th century.
      But, no, the word Thug descibes these political crininals perfectly.

  11. This video is tragic, scary and a clear warning for all of us who never believed the extent of radicalizing these people had succumbed to under Trump’s leadership. So many Americans have perished unnecessarily. The Capitol Police didn’t deserve to be humiliated, beaten, tormented, attacked and killed. My God please bless America with a quick peaceful solution.

    1. An unbalanced view of yours I will bet 100 percent. Make America great again not via Trump but by people leaving the left

  12. Pence never labels himself “an American”, only “a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order”.

    1. The identities he listed transcend countries. I haven’t stood for the national anthem in a long time because patriotism is complacency.

    2. @Mason Kungle There are a lot of computer Algorithms and they will never say I am human! So I know you people are 👍

    3. @Mr E No Democrats in America in 2021 are not American anymore! They have been overtaken by Globalist, Marxists, fascist, COMMUNISTS! I voted for Obama & learned my lesson! Rino Republicans are the same as the new DNC PARTY…. Anti-American

    4. @Susan Hewitt I agree with you! I can’t believe these people that call Pence a “traitor”, can call themselves “Americans”!! I’m no fan of Pence, but he was doing his job as an elected official per the Constitution! The only traitors I see are the ones storming the Capital and believe the Trump is their leader. THIS IS NOT AMERICAN BEHAVIOR! We have to be better than this! The world is watching us fall to pieces!

  13. A quote I heard yesterday: “Insurrectionists, disguised as patriots, and wrapped in a Trump flag.”

    1. @Will Ulik Miyas sounds like you need glasses and to learn how to comprehend what you read..

    2. @Will Ulik Miyas
      Guess we should rewrite the The Star-Spangled Banner to . . .

      🎼And the rockets’ red glare
      🎼The bombs bursting in air
      🎼Gave proof through the night
      🎼That our *“flad”* was still there

  14. if you can seriously sit there and say that “there was no insurrection” and that “from watching the video, if you didn’t know it was Jan 6th you would think it was a normal tourist visit,” then you are not mentally fit to do your job as a US Congressman!

    1. I am appalled everytime the treasonous insurrection is compared to a tourist visit. Are they mad? I truly believe trump and his satanic followers should be held accountable sooner than later. Tick tock, the whole world is watching.

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