What's Going On With The U.S. Recovery? Former Obama Economist Explains 1

What’s Going On With The U.S. Recovery? Former Obama Economist Explains


Economist Betsey Stevenson tells Ali Velshi that the U.S. economy is experiencing a collective psychological transformation in which more people are changing occupations because they are asking themselves: "Do I need to be doing something different to get the most out of my career and get the most out of my personal life."
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    1. @aurora_occidentalis Businesses keep crying out loud that they can’t find workers while they don’t want to pay workers enough. It just annoying to keep hearing about that on the news.

    2. @Ricky Corleone Agreed. Remember, please, that everything is in flux. Everything loses and gains value. The market is not always kind, but it will not be denied, and always wins in the end. Apologies if this sounds preachy…

  1. Why are they saying “overnight”? This hiring crisis has been going on for the past month. And the G.O.P aren’t stopping unemployment, just the expanded part.

  2. It’s no enough to pay workers well, you also need to eliminate all those who are “working the system” at some angle to make their profits, rather than producing anything of value. Shareholders and that sort of thing. Parasites. Eliminate interest and other “capital gains” and much will get better.

    1. The jobs plan is stuck in the senate supposed to be voted on next week. Manchin of WV is trying to get 10 republican senators to help him have a bipartisan bill to pass.

    2. @Odette Stanford Spoiler alert, there will be no bipartisanship. Same game Republicans played with Obama, string them along with hopes of bipartisanship that will never happen until they run out of time, and then complain they didn’t do anything, and its working…. again.

  3. I work for domino’s pizza. There is a corporation that makes lots of dough. I will never make a $ 15 an hour living wage. I make 9.25 in store and 4.25 on the road. I am struggling to get medical insurance. I have a problem. I was eligible for medical insurance after 1 year of employment, but I only had a 2 day window. I have stuck around another 6 months and I Really Need this medical insurance.

    1. Then quit, many places are hiring, for loads of money.
      At this point you are enabling your employer to pay low wages.

    2. @William Springer I have medical issues, ie blood clots. I need to test for my pesticide license, but I can’t do the job if I can’t walk. I’m in a catch 22

  4. Pay livable wages of $25/Hour and up for all jobs so we can keep up with cost of living, or let the fascist businesses permanently shut down!

    1. @William Springer Then we will ignore them, not work for them, push them out of our cities and if we must call them out for thier criminal behavior of labor exploitation and have them kicked out of our states by force! Evil will never be tolerated!

    2. @125_Million Americans_Unemployed maybe if we just dont pay when we visit big box stores we will be free

  5. MSM, don’t act like you don’t know. You know very well what is happening. You know about the development of an oligarchy. You know there is no middle class under a dictatorship. And you’re part of the Deep State.

    1. ^ I used to think people like this were crazy. Now I just see it and go yep, another Republican. Its nuts how radicalized they have become so quickly. Scary.

  6. now on a far more pressing note, the extent of bezos wealth is equivalent to having germany’s hyper inflation being beneficial to him and only a few others…

    so yea we’re just a reichstag fire away from complete and total fascism, thanks!!

  7. Comes down to people are tired of being ask to step it up so those at the top can give themselves raises, bonuses, but when it comes to those who actually work it I’d oh no the budget oh no we can not afford it. Well let these wealth business owners earn the money themselves!

  8. Gas and food is at an all-time high this is Biden‘s America I hope your $1500 stimulus was worth it

  9. The Republicans don’t care about their constituents, just their corporate donors. God forbid the working class have any leverage for even a moment.

  10. What’s going on!!!! Joe destruction is what’s going on, and who is the loser not knowing!

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