1. intoxicating substances have always proven great business for that nation. so nothing new here. just a trend that keeps evolving.

    1. Well on our way. Take comfort, our fascist intellectual class plans to rebuild it in their image. Gonna be a bumpy ride for Free Canadians.

  2. I thought I just watched a documentary about all the teen overdoses in BC and parents had no ability to help their children and the only advice they were given was to charge their children with a crime to get them off the street.. now it’s decriminalized?

  3. Vancouver is releasing opiate drugs to addicts? But they are restricting opiates to older and chronic care patients. The opiate addiction policy is stupid and harming patients who need pain relief. .

  4. This is sooooo insulting, as your doctors crucified my life just for smoking pot in 2006! Its the doctors who prescribe pills to begin with. The doctors big part of problem, won’t listen to real problems, need more time etc.

  5. Crime has gone up too let’s decriminalize all criminal offences maybe crime will go away!

  6. Take away gun from law abiding citizens and let criminals do whatever drug they want……lmfao

  7. kids need to grow with idea that healthy lifestyle , and right choices make them happy , not the chemical that gives temporary happiness than causes mental illness and death.

  8. BC isn’t the leader of drug reduction, their policies have directly led to record highs of drug deaths in their province.

  9. I, am a mother of a daughter, a Valentines beautiful girl. Who met a guy who wanted to party in dt eastside Van.
    15 Years later she is hooked to herion and fentanytal. Keep looking after her providing housing, on disability. Thanks
    B.C. for destroying a life, who could have been better than this. My daughter was smart, why is there no mentors for youth.
    Always a Sad Mother.

  10. Harsh criminal penalty for drug dealers and producers , mandatory treatment for users can save this society, not the evil that BC is implementing.

  11. 2.5 grams of fentanyl, heroin or meth is enough to make multiple sales. Might be time for a career switch in BC if you’re working at a McDonalds.

  12. Canada Announces that all banks must leave vault doors open in order to fight bank robbery.

  13. Decriminalizing hard drug doesn’t resolve any issue but implicitly encourage ppl keep using it. Those ppl need to be saved and sent to rehab center. Not being allowed to keep using it !

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