Feds unveil new passport features, will allow online renewal

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser says Canadians will be able to apply to renew their passports online beginning this fall.
He announced the news at an event to unveil a new design for Canada's passport, which includes updated security features and colourful new pages.

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  1. So if the old one still works and is just as reliable then why do we need to introduce a new one ? Waste of money

    1. If you start watching at 5:00, he outlines the new security features.
      As technology gets better security features have to reflect that.
      All part of our changing world.
      Stay safe, stay sane, stay strong Ukraine 🇺🇦

    2. Ignore the AIs reply. The purpose is to be able to manually shut off parts of it on a whim circumventing any remaining charter obstacles on infringing your rights

  2. Hope a new sensible government comes in power next election. So, we are not wasting money on stupid things.

    1. @J C You are so right, it is stupid for a Government to make a more secure Passport and an easier renewal process. What a waste of Taxpayers money. it would be better to do nothing?

    2. ​@Tone oh wow convenience what a great reason to hand over more of my information to unelected 3rd parties with the ability to remotely shut it off. But it saves 10 minutes so it’s totally worth it

      (Psst you can already renew online)

  3. The way they had the confusion during the reveal is and example of Trudope’s government is run, just a complete mess and incompetence

  4. Original – beautiful crested passport. New passport – pushed over beautiful crest and added 5 year old drawing of a maple leaf. How far our government has fallen 😂 Bunch of overpaid paper pushers.

    1. The old beautiful was so beautiful. Wtf is this new design… made by some 20 year old college student

    2. What do you both have against five year olds, and twenty year olds? Are they now restricted from creating refrigerator artwork? lol : )

  5. its 2023 and now we can now renew passports online? sounds about right, in terms of cdn govt efficiency, or lack thereof

  6. I wonder if they’re going to be sending the new passports to the American and Israeli intelligence services before we get them ourselves?

  7. Oh dear… Won’t the Francophonies be beside themselves when they see that the word “Passport” not only comes before “Passeport” but also ABOVE it!?
    And…. it’s also the same size and NOT smaller!

  8. I’m surprised the maple leaf portion isn’t a tracing of Justin Trudeau looking upwards in triumph.

  9. Why they are so confused for more than 1 minute to present the clipboard??
    I think it should be on a projector or a bigger screen.
    We are in 2023 so digital life will be better

  10. Housing crisis, major shortage of Dr’s, ridiculous wait times to see specialist or Dr’s in emerg. Drug and mental health crisis, but rich folks with no worries look at pretty passport

  11. this is probably the worst passport design (at least for the front cover) in the world. Its a mess

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