Feedback Question | TVJ News - Sept 13 2021 1

Feedback Question | TVJ News – Sept 13 2021


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  1. it’s obvious what they think about the general population concerns, Andrew holiness should be forcefully removed from power by a first world foreign government, and be brought up on war crimes against the citizens of Jamaica, i hope he remember what had happened to HAITI PRIME MINISTER recently

  2. So andrew the ppl them that work in the tourist industries how them must stay home and make money when u tell them stay home and a ship full of ppl out walking around ? Did u make sure the poorer class that cant afford it have food to feed their children while lock away from them daily bread ?

  3. You all said tourist is bringing covid to Jamaica,so why do you want to go out there and mix with them?stay away from them,let them roam around with their covid self away from the Jamaican people,Keep the count down.Dont take their covid money.

  4. It look like we have to go back to some Sam Sharpe, Nanny & bogle days cause the Gov dont respect us and there is no democracy, just a force things down we throat or in this case into we blood, give mi a government thats more for its people and not outsiders.

  5. The government have absolutely no respect for the citizens of Jamaica. Tourist can move about free willy but citizens should suffer with the lockdowns.

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