FEMA Deployed Across Northeast Ahead of Henri Landfall 1

FEMA Deployed Across Northeast Ahead of Henri Landfall


Over the last 48 hours FEMA has been preparing for Henri. The hurricane now downgraded to a tropical storm has threatened thousands across the northeast with strong winds and rains. FEMA is prioritizing saving lives and emergency response as possible power outages are on the way. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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FEMA Deployed Across Northeast Ahead of Henri Landfall


    1. This just in:
      Kabul intel reports of Al Qaeda terrorist mixing with Afghan refugees fleeing the country…

    2. Not a Conspiracy…and Wal-Mart backwards is Mart(ial)-Law…because the low IQ Luciferians do everything backwards.

  1. Remember how the former guy used to stay quiet for days on end after national emergencies. The states were out there by themselves as far as former guy was concerned. President Biden is ahead of the game as usual. Very proud to have President Biden leading our country. Putting the USA back in it’s rightful place in the world

    1. @Alfredo Ramirez, like Dolt 45 shambling down a ramp and also reading off of a teleprompter. Remember Dolt 45 talking about the airports being attacked during the Revolutionary War?

    2. @Scott Allen yeah, remember trump can’t read and remember he couldn’t even lift his glass! How soon those idiots forget, right?!

    3. @Alfredo Ramirez Okay, he tripped. And? It happens. At least he knows how to close an umbrella.
      And what’s wrong with a teleprompter? After all the orange traitor used one for over 80% of his speeches. You could tell when he didn’t, because he just rambled incoherently as his dementia was on full display.

    4. @Scott Allen How about just recently when he claimed the Taliban, which was founded in 1994, has been “fighting for a thousand years”?

  2. This storm was actually not as bad as first predicted. Guessing someone used that magic sharpie to avert the storm.

    1. You will see soon, it soaked us in the South, you better hope that it doesn’t stall over those Northern states.

    2. @Chris W I don’t think it’s going to stall but the boomerang is unpredictable. We have wind but we also have many old trees. Trees are our largest problem in Massachusetts

    1. In general depending on local V federal government. But in Massachusetts we also have our electric company who sent bucket trucks on ferries ahead of the storm to be prepared.
      I’m guessing the other commenters don’t approve of private business

  3. Thank you Biden for taking actions BEFORE a storm hit to look after the health and wellbeing of ALL Americans, not just a handful of super donors.
    Also for not doing something stupid like golfing during a crisis, or asking to nuke a hurricane, or pretending you know more than the experts and drawing on a map with a sharpie like a drooling moron.

  4. Compared to 45 who thought a hurricane was going to go into Alabama with his Sharpie and never once offered any aid or help to anybody afterwards and the people were on their own

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