1. @the who? Ummm do you know where Al Qaeda’s training bases were located and their relationship with the Taliban?? The US did not have any terrorist attacks on our soil for 20 years after we went there. The Taliban was running Afghanistan and they allowed Al Qaeda to operate freely there. Who was in charge Al Qaeda? Osama Bin Laden. Do you know who attacked the US and killed 3000 civilians on 911?? Al Qaeda Is Ukraine killing other countries civilians? You can bring up the BS about the Donbas, but the truth about that is MUCH different than your anti-west lies . So you’re wrong, Ukraine is like the US and Russia is like Al Qaeda. My logic is based on facts. Your version is a twisted set of lies to justify Russia’s imperialism.

    2. @Bonnie NATO was on libya because NATO is an evil organization who loves invading and not respecting other countries sovereignty.

    3. @♠️ Манька Облигация Why do you lie? Zelenskiy was not in power on 18 February 2014 when your agents shot and killed the policemen standing in front of the City Halls of Donetsk and Lugansk? He was a comedian. As for 24 February 2014, Ukraine did not invade. Take your head out of your @ss.

  1. NATO and the west need to get their game face on and get the armour out to the Ukrainians with greater speed.
    The age old story of the 7th cavalry not reaching Custer in time could play out here unless they speed up logistic efforts
    to get the heavy equipment up front to support the infantry.

    1. @james R karolchyk Look up the meaning of nation building. There’s no excuse for such ignorance in the age of internet.

    2. Zelenskyy isn’t supposed to weigh was n, guys. Get used to it. He was supposed to go down in three days, if you recall Fat Milley’s incredibly irresponsible prediction. Ukraine didn’t get the memo.

      So the west was forced to engage in the time-worn, despicable (but very effective) tactic of “plausible deniability.” And we’ve built plenty of that. But I’m not fooled. Everything happening is happening a year too late.

    3. @james R karolchyk actually, this goes way beyond nation building. We’ve done so much of that, that unthinking people are lumping any conflict in with that. This is a head on confrontation with a massive conventional invasion force that has no intention of stopping at Ukraine.

      You need to QUIT FOCUSING ON ZELENSKYY and instead FOCUS ON PUTIN. He’s the guy with nukes, covers eight time zones, doesn’t stand for election, assassinates rivals at home and abroad, threatens nuclear war, is a murdering thug KGB officer by training, laments the passing of the bloody USSR, gas been invading ng neighbors since he got in power over 20 yrs ago. The guy lied for a living for 25 yrs and made it to colonel. He’s probably pretty good at it. He certainly has a lot of people fooled here. Oh, he’s also operating in league with China.

      So, let’s get past Zelenskyy. He’s not the f’g threat or the issue. He’s just in the best position to stop them s f’g hoard before it gathers more momentum.

      This isn’t a DNC scam like Russia Hoax. This is

    4. Paul I’m assuming that you already have your plane ticket booked and are ready to go fight for Ukraine. Good luck👍

  2. Ukraine must be helped fast and with all what they need, otherwise I dont think NATO will support a long war . The cost is huge !

    1. Russia is fighting the entire Western nations combined and will still come out victorious. I stand with Putin against western hegemony and malign activities

    2. every day Ukrainians fight for their independence…
      damn it! Is it really that hard to send planes?
      It’s not like giving your life away!

    3. @Ellen Faulkner This war is not about Ukraine, the CIA and the Pentagon started this proxy war to bankrupt and destroy Russia and it’s not working.They have spent over $110 Billion on Ukraine and Russia is still there dominating the battlefield. Listen to Roger Waters of Pink Floyd speech to the UN. https://youtu.be/xZXMmRg9ZcU

  3. Imagine a commander of your military that forced you to go to war acknowledging that your military is a meat grinder.

    1. @Paul Wolf Who is forcing Ukraine to fight this war, what is their motivation and what would they hope to gain?
      Russian shills need to stop the unsubstantiated accusations if you want to be taken seriously.

    2. @William Shaw Then why are Russian battlefield casualties twice those of Ukraine? Here are some examples: Hostomel 24 February 2022-15 March 2022: Russian casualties 1600, Ukrainian, 600. Sikivka-Kiev highway 24 February-15 March 2022. Would you like me to list a dozen more Russian defeats? How many Ukrainians died when the Moskva was hit?

  4. F-16s or A-10s knocking out illegaly invading vehicle convoys in one pass, and for a kilometre, looks like a productive way to go!

    1. NATO never care about Ukraine please all nato tried was use Ukraine to bleed Russia and take Russia resources GAS

    2. The only enemy of Ukraine was to believe in a imposter as zelensky he was made by Washington DC to sold out Ukraine as battlefield between NATO and Russia if they had a leader a real president it would be avoided by the very beginning


    2. In a civilized world the ukrainian aggression on Donbas would have never happened. But we do not live in a civilized world.

    3. @Slayer 6 Romeo do you know how comical that sounds? His views are as good as yours and should t have to be closeted because you don’t want to ponder having to answer to higher authority for your life. If you think it’s bullshit, then laugh and move on instead of trying to shame someone into being quiet. F’g communists.

  5. Ukraine is fighting its own war of independence. Something we Americans understand very well. They will prevail and will become a free, independent and prosperous European nation. Perhaps even the most prosperous European nation.

    1. Ukraine is already a fully sovereign and independent State. They are fighting an invading foreign force. Not the same as a revolutionary war of independence.

    2. I would prefer to say, Ukraine is fighting its own war of existence. They faced an occupier who did not recognize them as a nation, and aimed to wipe Ukraine off the face of the earth.

    3. @Benedict Earlson Next to Russia you are never a fully sovereign and independent state. Unfortunately. They robbed even China of some territory in the past with no respect to all the treaties they had signed with them before that.

  6. Keep going Ukraine! Its a tough task but this is your country, we are helping you but dont give up or give in. Break Russias will to fight!

    1. We’ll never give up, don’t worry. We don’t have any other choice, if we don’t fight we all will be killed. Just for being Ukrainians

    1. @Guillermo ElenesGuy can be Bosnian but he is Slavic origin, same goes for Serbs and I am Croat and I am as well Slavic … now, difference is that Bosnians and Croatians in majority support Ukraine in this war and Serbs in majority support Russia.

    2. @Zoka M why would a majority muslim Bosnia be inclined to support the right wing Ukranians that are spouting the kind of rhetoric that caused the genocide against the Bosniaks?

    1. Why nobody asking Zielinski why he didn’t had army, Ukrain was very well doing country/ very much corrupt country/ with a lotta oligarchs multi multi millionaires which he used to like to hang out with, why he did not had army, why civilians had to defend their country from day one, what is his problem, what was he there for , he should’ve been removed as a president from day one, he just an actor and know how not to ask for money, he demand the money like someone owe him something, what a loser, what did he contribute to the world while he was president- nothing and now he wants everything? get lost …..

    1. it is very important to destroy the Russian army now ….
      deprive Russia of its military potential so that this infection does not spread to other European countries

  7. Condolences to all those who lost their lives in Ukraine I hope peace wil prevail I really like this information

  8. Thank you United States for helping out our Ukrainian brothers and sisters it would be almost impossible with out it. 🫡 🇺🇸 🇺🇦

  9. I love how our government can say that we will support Ukraine for “as long as it takes” without even asking us first.

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