1. I don’t know if you realized it’s endless, so there probably are hundreds and thousands of undiscovered developed worlds

  1. First, being dismissive and organizing an argument to be humorous does not disprove the alien hypothesis of these unidentified crafts. This is a great example of how gaslighting is such an effective means of coercion.

    Second, only the first craft is confirmed to have been a balloon the others are still yet to be identified. So Niel’s joke about aliens dropping balloons is a classic strawman fallacy.

    Third, our propensity to trust in his opinion in this situation is based on an appeal to authority rather than him having transparent access to the information of the UFO encounter. It’s not like the government is sharing classified documents with him. If he doesn’t have access to all the information he can’t make an accurate assessment, plain and simple.

    Let’s not write off any hypothesis of these UFOs until we have pictures, parts of the objects, peer reviewed papers (in the event the objects remain unexplained). As American citizens, we have the right know who created them and if they pose a risk to national security. Don’t get lulled into a false sense of security from any uninformed, biased opinion.

    1. We were going to the moon every 6 months. Then people got bored and quit watching. TV ratings went down and the moon landings got cancelled. We haven’t been back since.

  2. Neil underestimates humans’ ability to find new things to fight over. Who gets the best minerals from space, or the most, or first access to them, for instance.

    1. I think he gets. He is just smart enough to know how far to go in a conversation with this woman who only wanted to create a little maelstrom around nothing much but a balloon. I am sure he is very aware of what you speak. More than aware. The man is brilliant.

    2. no need to bible beat everyone online. Christ showed love and humility. have Christ-likeness. science and faith do go together. p

      people like you embarrasses many of us.

    3. @Rich Pleh So, even if you are “strong”, you’re also broadcasting to the world that you’re stupid. Strong and stupid is obsolete, and will only be worth less as the world moves forward getting stronger and smarter, and you’re left behind because you can’t get over your own ego.

    1. I would not be the least surprised that aliens exist. It appears that if you have a planet with liquid water and basic chemicals life will arise. The issue right now is that there is simply no evidence that aliens have visited us. First problem is planets are light years away from each other and Einstein said you can’t travel faster than light so it may be impossible to quickly travel between planets. The other issue is there are simply billions of planets so aliens may have better things to do than visit Earth.

  3. We would not need “rare Earth” resources if we were living more lightly on the planet. In a sustainable way.
    Thank God for Neil! Calming insight in a country where things are just plain weird. Thanks to simple mindedness.

    1. She couldn’t keep up with him though. He said a few things that fell flat. She is too hung up on the ‘media’ freak ’em out verbiage.

  4. Telling my age but I can remember, as a kid, lying outside on a blanket in the Summer, watching the Echo weather balloon going overhead at night. The local newspaper would print the time to look for it at night and it was a challenge to pick it out amongst the stars. It bounced around and took a while to get across the sky. I think there were two of them.

    1. Funny the way he said it — but I can’t imagine how profound it will be, even if we get to see an alien microbe.

  5. Lots are balloons, however military fighter jet footage of “objects” moving against the wind, or dropping from 80,000 feet where radar first detects to 50ft in a second and then back up also are not balloons, objects transitioning from underwater to flying in the air. If these are russian or chinese then we are all screwed

    1. I pray to God to give you a lot of beautiful days and you know God loves us so much,So where are you originally from I am David originally from Spain Granada but currently living in Texas now and you

    1. He’s a waste. Why he’s not working for NASA? Better yet if he’s that smart then he should a CEO of an Air Space Firm.

  6. I just want aliens to show up already and see his reaction. Just because you’re a scientist It doesn’t mean you don’t have to know everything. There are things that not even science can’t even explain. I know a lot of ppl endorse this man and call us alien fanatics ridiculous and stupid for being a believer.

    1. If he was that smart and put his knowledge to work why he is not working for NASA or CEO of an Air Space Company or something other than Democrat lapdog.

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