Fiery Protest in Tavern | Deadly Altercation in St. Mary | TVJ Midday – Feb 21 2022

Fiery Protest in Tavern | Deadly Altercation in St. Mary | TVJ Midday - Feb 21 2022 1


    1. So true in times like this and if it that serious should let the police handle it the man may claim self defence although he fled

  1. So hard to live in peace these days. Can we all just try “our best” to get along. 3 sides to the story, my side your side and the truth…respect goes such a along way. Tone of voice is so important. Jamaica yeah 🇯🇲

  2. The police attitudes to people is one that makes citizens not wanting to have anything to do with most of them

  3. You see how they can give ball by ball play of police and soldier brutality and when the criminals them killing them no one coming to block roads and burns old vehicles and said enough is enough, not saying that the security force should abuse anyone but do the same show the same energy and get rid of the criminal elements from unnu community.

  4. Wonderful thoughts about neighborhood watch but I want to recommend that we develop neighborhood spices, these are reputable who don’t even know who else is apart of the team, these people are like 007 in the community , or she doesn’t have to move, they work technology (phone) ect ,and or paid by the government and are seeing as 0f the force .

  5. But when the government start fire and shut and brutalizing you and tell you to go to your bed before time no one is protesting, I can see most of you are affiliated with these type of person that is always the case. When law enforcement try to do their work we have protesting women and children defending the criminals inadvertently. But it seems no criminal activities can go on as, the soldiers and police are there.

  6. Dsp Jacqueline Dillion, you must also clean the criminals / corrupt and extortionist policemen from the JCF. I am wondering if you realise that abroad the JCF has gained the reputation of being the Jamaica Criminal Force.

  7. Look at the state of the road, these politicians in Jamaica are something else. Why is politicians involved in the process of roads. Surely, it should be the Parish Council that deal with these local roads.

  8. So let me get this do Jamaicans need a permit to build a house? To build a house I believe the Government parts of it should be part of the government/parish responsibility. Homeowners/builders should be told if it’s safe to build there. Don’t blame home builders blame the Government. Jamaica is updated with phones internet so they should be updated on how to check land for potential homeowners.

  9. Ppl must learn to adhere to rules and regulations.
    I’m sorry but rules are rules.
    If you are told no parties even tho u want to, it means none.
    Come on my ppl!!!
    This is y we are experiencing such major probs.
    Work with law enforcement , they are undergoing so much right now
    God Bless us all.

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