Figliuzzi: There’s A perfect Storm Of Grievance, Cause Developing On Extremist Sites

Former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi warns about the growing threat of domestic violent extremism as Capitol Hill faces its second threat since the January 6th riot
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    1. @Common Sense Sis you know 45 and his kids were vaccinated in January? Yet he tells his followers not to get it just ro own the libs. You have no idea what it’s like ro live under a dictatorship. If you think you’re better off and don’t mind being a Russia asset then you will know what it’s like to be discriminated upon. They won’t hate you because your white those enemies of our country will hate you because your an American. Let that sink in…

    2. @Rosalyn Jeffery I’m not sure what Russia has to do with any of it and I don’t blame Trump for any of it. He made it possible for the development of the vaccine and Joe and Kamala basically said they wouldn’t take it before the election. There has been so many mixed signals from Fauci, the government, and mainstream media along with this whole mess being turned into a political weapon. Do you remember when Trump was president he was responsible for all deaths. Now that Biden is president the govenors are responsible for the deaths and not one word has been mentions about the 1000’s of unvaccinated covid carrying illegal immigrants entering our country. I see things from all sides and its not the American people that are the problem its the distrust of MSM and the government and can you blame them?

    3. @Darren Keck LOL, That’s just stupid we all watched it on tv and I’ve seen some of it first hand. Sounds like what your trying to say is Counter protestors are Antifa and BLM.

    4. @Jock Young Because from what I have been experiencing from MSM and alot of Democrats its ok to bash the past administration or certain things but when there party or who they like will give a free pass when there either just as bad or worse. Just like I didn’t see anybody call out a fellow Democrat. You see my point.

  1. America is suffering from millions of cases of terminal narcissism.
    It’s not about “me”. There is only a “me” to be aggrieved because of decades of “them” building the world that “we” have.

    1. @David Daniel I see my comment triggered you. Fan of Junior’s ghost writing? Sorry to hear about your Trump support.

  2. this is frightful, some americans have lost their minds. they are living in a state of hate, fear, lies and ignorance. stay off the internet if sites are going to warp your mind.

    1. @Darlene Sanders “to bring back freedom” While waving a blue flag and a Confederate flag.
      Your narcissistic gullible fake patriots.

    2. Its funny how even an illiterate minority can afford to customize a $60k pick-up these days.. Youre all for the working class but theyre your punchline when they snap.

    3. The educated know this was a false flag. The educated see through this agenda. Lol. Y’all the bootlickers

  3. Not just extremist sites, facebook and youtube, yes you Youtube, are allowing these radicals to flourish

  4. Sorry… but you can’t call yourself an “American Patriot” if you no longer accept the results of a fair election… in fact, you’re the exact opposite.

    1. @Adam Taylor no question hun? Then explain the dozens of audits currently going on ? Anyone who doesn’t agree with you isn’t American ? Let me guess
      …you think I am a terrorist just like the Taliban because I don’t think like you….
      You probably think the potus election should be taken over by the federal government 🤔…..

      Fact is, your are a tyrant and a actual Nazi

    2. @Prisoner Six The fake audits which can’t prove fraud that doesn’t exist? The fake audits that have already been verified to not even be conducted properly? The ones finding absolutely nothing but costing taxpayers millions?

      If you don’t agree with democracy, you’re not an American. Fascist authoritarians like you can go back to Russia and enjoy the dictators you love so much.

    3. @Prisoner Six ahhhhhh we never said he didn’t win the election there was no STOP THE STEAL for months and months then we led the FIRST INSURRECTION ON THE CAPITOL IN HISTORY!! Now did we sweetie?
      Noooooo we didn’t. The maga maggots are too ignorant plus stupid to grasp more than duck dynasty level of complexity……
      Every voting change was legit or it would’ve been struck down by the Supreme Court.

      Only the desperate & delusional believe things THIS SERIOUS WITH ZERO EVIDENCE……

    4. @6 Haunted Days you screamed for years Trump was illegitimate….you burned hundreds of buildings….you cheered on a fake RussianDossier bought and paid for by dems…..just shut up…..there was no insurrection fool.

      There has been ZERO felony charges around Jan 6th….misdemeanor charges of trespassing, unlawful assembly and disruption of congressional operations.

      Nobody is charged with insurrection, treason or anything remotely to what you’re leftie media keeps screaming.

      Just shut up

    5. @Prisoner Six but 8 months of another president and the right became domestic terrorists. 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’m a conservative and can look at my party and say wholeheartedly that they’re a danger.

  5. Eric Hoffer discussed this tendency long ago in his books The True Believer, and The Passionate State of Mind. Ignorant people need a cause, any cause, to give meaning to their meaningless lives.

    1. @Larry Jensen That’s a very good analysis of their concerns Larry. The problem is, they are getting their information somewhere. And that “somewhere” is feeding them a narrative they believe to be true. They are not astute enough to know they’re being manipulated and would never admit to such. I’m not sure how you counter information that people want to believe regardless of its validity. I suppose we can only hope to marginalize the affects.

    1. @Lesseirg Papers actually no. as a society and an idividual, it is your responsibility and civic duty to do what is required for society as a whole. there is no freedom for yourself if there is not freedom for those around you.

    2. @Noreb The constitution is based on the citizen being a sovereign. I have zero obligation to a moronic society. When big tech together with the US government suppresses freedom of speech and health debate and idiots living in this country support this , then I have zero obligation. My business is none of your socialist business.

    3. @Lesseirg Papers ………….the level of just flat out blind ignorance in your own statements is just breath taking.. you have zero clue about which you talk about and your freedom is only garunteed by the society by which you claim no affiliation to. you want to see what your version of “freedom” is? go to afganistan.

  6. people are losing their minds. and the last president told them they could act any kind of way they want, so they take it out on the rest of us

    1. @Paul Keiper lol 😂😂 you mean when he followed the agreement that TRUMP made with them last year? that agreement? the one Trump made?

    2. @John Macom Act like they like unless it poses a threat to Democracy.
      Democracy is not about “your” feelings.
      When has self fragility become a thing with American values?
      For a cult that professes they are about American Values and touting their strength, they show themselves to be a bunch of fragile tantrum throwing troglodytes who cannot see beyond their nose and how they are being manipulated by rich politicians and talking heads?

    3. @Ziah Solis whatever the fk that means, but the grear thing about it is you are free to say it and express yourself in this country so i respect all them giant words you used. And my response…….OK BOMMER!!!!!

  7. All these unsatisfied Americans should spend a month in a Syrian refugee camp and then maybe they will appreciate how blessed they are.

  8. Our own insurrectionist with their cult leader looks , for your information , exactly as Taliban, if you did not recognized yet.

  9. If he and Jr. were gone tomorrow you’d see an immediate tapering off and slow return to normalcy. Like when you “remove” the primaries in a terrorist organization.
    Patriot, or cult member?

    1. @soaringvulture you’re proud ex-president release those five from gitmo and exchange for one traitor I bet you’re just prone to him too especially after they ended up leading the Taliban in Afghanistan. Obama is a traitor to this country!

    2. @Paul What a massive and illiterate deflection. Why is Obama still bugging you? We are discussing the ignorant Trump supporter Floyd Roseberry. Do you know him?

  10. Men who are complaining about mask restrictions are hypocrites. Women have had laws in their bodies for fifty years. A mask mandate for the greater good-to end the pandemic for America, is NO BIG DEAL. It’s outrageous that people are whining about a little inconvenience that does so much to improve the state of the nation.

    1. GIRLS in the US now have clothing restrictions. No tank tops, no crop tops, etc., at school because the BOYS won’t be able to concentrate if they wear those. What. The. Absolute. F!?

    2. @Unavailable Now Agreed. Rather than teaching boys not to be predators, they try to force girls to be less likely victims. It’s disgusting.

    3. @Unavailable Now I go to CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Timcast, TYT, Dave Rubin , watch some late night TV clips, PBS and a few more indie news sources. I see what they do and how they manipulate ideas and emotion into hate and anger and of all places I go MSNBC is truly the worst. They are all bad but the indie ones are not corporate owned so they are much better. MSNBC is blatant and really bad but if this is all you watch you would think you are just watching the news …LOL WRONG …so i comment to try to let people know you are being played . I KNOW IT WONT MATTER but i try.

  11. Avoid mobs and don’t let your temper get away. We all get heated sometimes, but If you’re getting too hot – step back and calm down. You’ll be glad you did.

    1. Be faster to love and understand. Never let hate filled ignorance make you join like minded haters.

  12. Notice we now only talk about “foreign extremists” when we mention how domestic extremists are emulating them.
    When all people do is complain, and feel that their grievances are more important than anyone else’s, this is where it leads.

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