1. @Brett Nine I would think so – it was all propaganda and incitement. None of that is protected speech. I am sure the Japanese Police would be happy to put him in Carlos Ghosn old jail cell prior to extradition. Pretty Sure the NSA and the CIA know all about him and his MAGA Trash Dad.

    2. @The Manchurian Cantaloupe Then it’s past time he was held to account. He co-ordinated an all out attack on the State. I would also really enjoy examining his bank accounts, wherever they may be!

  1. A lot of Americans really need to learn critical/logical thinking skills. Skepticism is the best tool we have for not being fooled by politicians, preachers, and other conmen. I feel sorry for all these people who fell for Q’s BS, but they can do something about it if they want to.

    1. @Mark Duncan Left wing narrative – right, sure. You are a MAGA Genius I see. A master of critical thinking skills

    2. @The Manchurian Cantaloupe lol G U L L I B L E.
      Its to convince someone of a lie than it is to convince them that they have been lied to. Enjoy your cable news.

    3. @Mark Duncan So you believe in Qanon – I can tell by how poorly you structure your sentences.

  2. Jeepers, imagine Qanon was always just a dork in a basement, who would’ve thought it? Answer: Pretty much everyone.

    1. @ether ego there are two comments above that I’m writing for your response on, assuming you don’t run away and refuse to respond because you’ve just realized you’re entire position just evaporated and you are wrong.

    2. @Daniel Hostetler I believe that’s hundred percent proof that that’s John Podesta based off the voice in the video, the name in the video, Tony Podesta’s artwork, Podesta’s hacked emails/fbis pedo symbols and codes, Andrew Breitbart’s views on John Podesta, the Madeline Mccan suspect sketches/Podesta brother’s being in nearby location of Mccans, James Alefantis’s ig, and because of the inaccurate way the mainstream media covers pizzagate.

      Now if all those connections aren’t proof, what else do you need to believe? And let’s say it’s all fake, what would be the purpose of faking it?

      And cmon man Joe Biden! This guy beat Obama by 11 million votes? If that was true he’d have so many people at his rallies. Show me a video of a Biden crowd with more than 100 people. Now are there going to be less people attending because of covid? Of course but compare Trump’s crowds to Bidens. Huge difference

    3. @Daniel Hostetler I believe that’s hundred percent proof that that’s John Podesta based off the voice in the video, the name in the video, Tony Podesta’s artwork, Podesta’s hacked emails/fbis pedo symbols and codes, Andrew Breitbart’s views on John Podesta, the Madeline Mccan suspect sketches/Podesta brother’s being in nearby location of Mccans, James Alefantis’s ig, and because of the inaccurate way the mainstream media covers pizzagate.

      Now let’s say it’s all fake. Why would they fake it?

    4. @Dr. Funk you can’t really see it but you can clearly hear what’s going on and that it’s him.

      I believe that’s hundred percent proof that that’s John Podesta based off the voice in the video, the name in the video, Tony Podesta’s artwork, Podesta’s hacked emails/fbis pedo symbols and codes, Andrew Breitbart’s views on John Podesta, the Madeline Mccan suspect sketches/Podesta brother’s being in nearby location of Mccans, James Alefantis’s ig, and because of the inaccurate way the mainstream media covers pizzagate.

      Now let’s say it is all fake. Why would they fake it?

    5. @ether ego lol, im sorry but youre being ridiculous about that video…I can’t take a response like that as serious…come on, I’m not an idiot and I doubt you are so don’t be insulting.
      Moving on, let’s desk with the election information….id like you to explain and provide the data that you base your comments on, since I provided the real numbers fir the votes for three presidential elections…

    1. Quite frankly those that believe in Q stuff are probably more intelligent than democrats who think there’s 1000 different genders 😂

    2. @Bill Billson 🤣 so space lizard people eating babies is more intelligent to you? Well trump did say you people were poorly educated for a reason

    3. @Frank Martinez – And #45✳ openly mocked *how “…low class…”* his fervid followers looked on January 6th…

  3. It doesn’t matter who it is, it just shows how some people can blindly follow an unknown jerk on the world wide web.

    1. @Bill Billson You have zero evidence other than your biased, little mind to tell you that the left is far more dangerous. I can’t even have a conversation with someone like you because you don’t believe that black people should have rights. Most people on the left are against the destruction and violence that occurred in the riots and would not call it a great year. Yet they ALSO understand that the riots didn’t rise up out of nowhere. They came from generations of oppressions and violence toward black people and the constant denial of that oppression and violence. And then a rising up becomes the only way to be heard. The majority were peaceful, but that is ignored of course. The other thing that is frustrating is that it isn’t exactly clear, yet probable that much of the destruction of property was instigated often by people who just want chaos (some of who probably call themselves antifa, others who don’t align with anything other than lashing out.) But this nuance is lost on you because of the media you watch combined with your own prejudices and wanting someone, some group, to blame for everything.

    2. @Harry Amos I hope you’re right about Q people giving up in big numbers soon here. But of the people I personally know who are very into Q, they are only doubling down on the insanity right now. I had someone who I know follows Q propaganda, but strangely denies it because his wife isn’t into it, then tell me in a very threatening, serious voice, “It isn’t over yet. (Long dramatic pause.) “It isn’t over yet.” He’s very much still anticipating violence and so is another family member of mine. Not only do they not seem to mind what they are supporting, they’ve convinced themselves it will be saving the world from Biden who they view as Satan himself. It consumes them so much, it’s hard for them to talk about anything else. And it excites them quite frankly. They both have relatively boring lives (like most of us) and it’s obvious that Q drama gives their life a spark of intrigue. Like you and I watching The Bourne Identity, but they get to keep watching the drama every time some youtuber puts out another video pretending to know what’s coming. I never bring this stuff up, but they do. I don’t argue with them anymore because it seems to just fuel them up further. Instead I listen and then change the subject.

    3. @Bill Billson it’s a totally different animal. We’ve always had dipshits who riot and loot. This is something else entirely, a true national security threat, a real cancer on our society that must be cut out.

    4. @The shimmering I had one tell me that when it all went down he would kill me if I didn’t wake up and get on the right side. He was sure there would be civil war and he was locked and loaded and ready to go and those of us on the wrong side would be targeted and he would do what he had to do. We hung out at each other’s houses as kids, played ball together, joined the Army together, and this m’fr is going to threaten to kill me? This cult is so insidious. I hope most of them walk away from it, but it has a terrible grip on so many and a lot of them are complete psychopaths. I think most of them will walk away. But there are millions and millions of them. If most walk away there could still be a while lot of them left and among those will be some really scary types likely to try to take matters into their own hands.

  4. Trump supporters: Don’t believe anything the media tells you.
    Also Trump supporters: I believe everything an anonymous source tells me.

    1. @no u That’s funny, during his rallies, and pressers, the dems and the left are all trump would ever talk about. Pay attention! 🤦‍♂️🤣

    1. @Joey Clemente hah my last name is Clement, I know of Clemont, Clemens even Clemency, but not Clemente. That your birth surname?

    2. @Robert Edmond argues from absolutes “you always, I never” positions that it imprints as accusation.
      Nobody said it was real because it was on television but that’s its retort argument, but in stupid ‘compu geek troll’ writing.

      It’s a troll. Just like all the Q-annoying cult. It’s just now they all are “larp-ing” because they all think it works long term. So now “nothing is real because it says so and it can make any excuse because blah blah blah…”
      It’s just gaslighting and other abusive manipulative behavior.
      Because it’s just a troll.

    1. @Frank Martinez — do you think people on the left who believe in 1000 different genders should be lecturing others about education levels?

    2. @Bill Billson You should definitely try one of those MAGA caps that are pre-lined with aluminum foil. I am sure it would look great on you and all the proceeds go to cover Trumps lawyers.

    3. @Bill Billson do you think you have the intelligence to take anyone besides a bag of chips on in a debate?

    4. @Bill Billson “1000 different genders” the only idiots saying that are you people. Its hilarious how you make something up then swear it was the other side who said it.

    1. @K MT yeah, it is the new cult tactic and it is web based now instead of in person or at compounds. This is far more dangerous because the vulnerable can now access the nonsense so easily. It is very serious and must be watched very closely by the FBI/CIA.

    2. Benjamin Allen It wasn’t a CNN interview. Did you even read the headline? Christ, you can’t logic your way out of a wet paper sack🤦‍♂️

  5. You’ll never convince any of the Q anon conspiracy theorists that, that guy is Q. They are expecting somebody in a MAGA Hat holding an AR-15 with a pet Bald eagle on his shoulder.

  6. after so much discord, families breaking up, people getting violent, etc…..at no point does this mans conscience kick in.

    1. Maybe his conscience was to show just how disconnected from reality and manipulatable the conservative right is in the USA.

    2. @John Phantom I don’t think that’s it. You can find lots of info on this dude’s dad. His father aka the original “Q” is known as Jim Watkins, he uses the persona “xerxes watkins” or “Watkins xerxes”, most of his craziest videos have suspiciously been removed from YouTube.

    3. @1st responder – Well i thought you would have capitalised “God” at least. Kinda low self-esteem there for a deity… What are you, “Micro” the God of tiny penises?

    1. As Q as Q is going to get for today, because everyone else just dropped off the radar screens. We do have the last sucker and a very talkative suspect.

    2. Hahaha the suckers are the ones that don’t do the research for themselves. A basic search “Is Q military intelligence” will give you the answer, your flaw will be your judgement of the sources, which stems from your own personal ignorance.

    3. @Benjamin Allen you call being deluded research ? I know you’ve probably been the victim of the american education system, but come on, you can’t be that dumb, respect your own intellect.

  7. “Mass propaganda discovered that its audience was ready at all times to believe the worst, no matter how absurd, and did not particularly object to being deceived because it held every statement to be a lie anyhow.”
    ― Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

    1. @Elektric Skeptic NY!? Daaang. What a horrible experience. It changes a person, but I think for the better. Empathy for the next in line facing discrimination? It becomes a given. I agree. It does get slowly better and “this too shall pass”. It’s sad seeing people blaze off with all this anger, misinformation, and violence. I do not think these folks are monsters. There is just a mass disconnect between their ‘moral beliefs’ and their actions. These beliefs they have are so entrenched! I wonder what if feels like to be that angry all of the time. To see enemies in the faces of total strangers. To wake up one day and tally all the hurt you wrought. Yeesh. Good luck with the lock down in TDOT and, as a glasses wearing ally, I feel your pain sister! Hahaha! When it rains it pours! ❤️🤞✌️

    2. @Gr. Vo. You really quoted Ayn Rand? I think anyone trying to debate with this brainwashed fellow is in for a ride. Dear sir, you are talking about immigrants and “anti”propaganda… Can you be anymore right wing brainwashed? If you think immigrants are “breaking the bank” or “stealing your jobs” you have already lost the game.

    3. @Gr. Vo. An objectivist that prays ? That bids on “end game world communism” ? Gimme a break, you really are another breed of deluded.

    4. @C B Agree with all ▪︎ you’re a person who makes me feel lucky to be on earth when you are too. TY so much !!
      Yes – empathy rules me – im wired up like that, & *cos* I try hard to form opinions based solely upon facts C/O the scientific method •&• THEN lived experiences.
      Facts favour kindness, diversity, generosity, openness, & symbiosis (V. excess tribalism, greed & biased Constructs/systems/hierarchies).

      Also agree – almost No one’s born hateful. I deindoctrinate others cos of that (since teens; I’m well over 40).

      So many Cyber Hugs & genuine love to you, my earthly sibling.
      You’ve made my day!
      #EndingWhiteSupremacyMATTERS #QanonIsProtocolsOfZionTwo

    5. WTF, trump! If I had had Twitter, I would have ended up owning the solar system!
      _— A. Hitler’s Ghost_

  8. The saddest part is that he had people frightened terrified believing all kinds of lies and it was all a game to him

    1. @Sue Howie Trump made much more obvious lies but if you think Biden doesn’t lie I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

    2. @Ken Wells No, I don’t watch CNN normally, although they put this out. I was talking about everyone who promoted Trump’s BIG LIE, knowing full well it wasn’t true, from the election being rigged to fraudulent votes, even after numerous recounts & audits in Red States & Blue States, to Sidney Powell who perpetuated lies, and who now says that no one should have believed anything she said. Add to that all the Republicans who kept it going, like Kevin McCarthy, even after he called Trump pleading with him to call the insurrectionists off, and Trump refused.

  9. This guy could come out and say he’s Q, provide indisputable proof, and tell them he’d made it all up and they still wouldn’t believe it was fake.

    1. @Terry McDowall George nader and Jeffrey epstein are in the same business, both are intelligence.

    2. Where are all the “Q” Freaks when it comes to Matt Gaetz? Isn’t was Gaetz accused of exactly what they’re supposedly fighting against?

    3. It’s been known for a while since 8kun *that Ron and his dad were behind it, and the people who jumped on Q literally just refuse to believe they were scammed.

    1. @Rebecca Clark he is caught, messed up by bragging. Now we need to grab him out of Japan where he has moved and put him on trial. His father too.

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