US and Iran hold indirect talks in bid to revive nuclear deal 1

US and Iran hold indirect talks in bid to revive nuclear deal


Members of the Iran nuclear deal will meet with Iran in Vienna, Austria, in an effort to kickstart face-to-face negotiations and salvage the pact, formally known as JCPOA. This is the first meeting since the Biden administration came into office. CNN's Nic Robertson explains.

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    1. he is not bad, looking out for himself. but his countrys terror dictatorship regime is very bad and evil.

  1. Well I call this keeping your eyes on your enemies so you can know where they’re at all the time

    1. @Aria dude Iran is nothing like IRAQ… That would be hell… But giving them Neuk power or giving them anything like that is stupid…

    2. @Twins 2 “giving them nukes”
      what does that even mean? Do you mean nuclear power in general? The whole point of the nuclear deal is to allow Iran to have nuclear power but prevent them from building centrifuges required to build weapons grade fissile material, and as a result sanctions would be lifted.

      If you’re implying that Iran should have no nuclear power whatsoever, then you’re an insane man.

    3. @Aria dude if iran wants neuks they will do it with or with our permission… Im saying helping them with anything… Forget them dont deal with them keep sanctions on and thats it… They hate us

    4. @Twins 2 I’m curious, when was the last time you talked to someone from Iran, met an Iranian, or ever traveled to Iran? Can you point to Iran on a map? “They” hate us? Who is they? The people of Iran? The government?

      Do you get all your information from fox new headlines? I’m just curious. Seems like the only thing you want is war. You say you don’t want them to get nuclear weapons, but then your latest comment contradicts that.

    5. @Aria the government… And yes alot of its citizens hate… And im curious do you know your history? They sponsor terrorism. And are not our friends… So idk what their citizen’s like… But when you watch them burn flags you get the point..

  2. Iran now has a 25 year contract with China to buy “sanctioned” oil. The US loses their leverage from sanctios. Note China is getting the oil at a steep discount compared to what Iran can make on the open market.

    1. @Mark Do Even the US government had admitted that the deal with China in 1970 was for the purpose of dissemble USSR, and it went successful, because USSR had altercation with China and US seized that opportunity. Why are you still living in this fairy tale fantasy world?

    2. @Stevo Z knowing that that time US wanted friend with China that’s why Mr Deng Xie ping came US asked to teach northern Vietnam a lesson which cooled down China and wanted to corporate with them to confront with USSR. Finally we was wrong and wrong to give F k China too much previlege. And what… they come back to bite our ankle.

    3. @Mark Do You’re joking? Sino US cooperation is a win-win situation. Do you only remember that China won? Remember, American companies make more than 10 times more money in China than Chinese companies do in the United States. They go back to the United States to develop science and technology, people’s livelihood and military affairs, and then fight against China???? The 2008 financial crisis is also China’s rescue of the United States, if you do not save you, you are doomed. However, in the future financial crisis, China will no longer care about you. In addition, if China does not help the United States, the Soviet Union will still exist today and the cold war will continue. If we really want to calculate interests, China will get 70% at most, while the United States will get 100% from the end of the cold war. America’s national leader is an idiot and you blame China. lmao

    4. They are laughing at Biden! China is not scared of Trump’s tariffs since he is not President anymore. They smell weakness and blood in the water It’s a free for all!

    5. @Mohammad Reza Pahlavi yes Sir. And now seems Biden blinking eyes to let China execute Taiwan because Biden needs over 3 trillion bucks which is from China better than printing bucks.

  3. Saudis who cant even impose their will on Qatar, they arent in any position to dictate their terms to Iran nor anybody else.
    You are pure gold professor Marandi

    1. @Harry
      They also treat their people like cannon fodder and do not have private companies providing the weapons

  4. Not so in the case of many mental disorders. The general perception is that one”is” or”becomes” manic depressive ,neurotic,schizophrenic,or borderline, the implication is subtle ,but inescapable -victim shoulders much of blame .while this may be true in some cases, in many it is not .

  5. US to Iran ” We lift sanctions only if you remove your missiles, and preferably any other defensive weapons you have in your arsenal, so that we can attack you easily anytime we desire”.

    1. @Sepanta I could only find that IAEA has confirmed what we all know, that iran has no nuclear weapons, they expressed it as “no evidence of nuclear weapons activity” . anyone who enriches uranium to a high enough level could make a nuclear bomb.

    2. @Green Warrior According to independent analysts, Iranian scientists do have the knowledge of making a nuclear bomb but Iran has decided a long time ago not to pursue that route.

    3. @Sepanta well any college student can have that knowledge, how to make a nuclear bomb. iran doesnt have highly enough enriched uranium. you need 90% for a bomb. thats why I said, if iran didnt make the deal with Obama, US would have to bomb their enrichment sites to avoid iran having too highly concentrated uranium.

    4. @Green Warrior I meant to say the practical/operational knowledge not just the theoretical knowledge. The current scientific consensus is that if Iran wanted to make a bomb, it would have made it a long time ago. And the whole world knows Iran made the deal with Obama , I am surprised that you don’t! That’s the deal Trump withdrew from.

    5. @Sepanta again, with highly enough enriched uranium anyone could make a bomb. iran does not have highly enough enriched uranium to make a bomb. therefore if they wanted to make a bomb, they cant do it UNLESS their uranium is highly enough enriched.

      again, Obama didnt want to bomb their enrichment sites thats why he made the deal, from which trump withdrew from.

  6. We have a saying in Syria which goes ”If you are not ashamed, do whatever you want” the same thing applies for CNN and NBC. Look at their rating display!

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  8. if they give hunter 300 million dollars and a couple of grams of cocaine,obiden will give them anything

  9. Here’s an idea: If you want to speed up reforms in one of most dynamic societies in the region, you don’t starve the middle class by imposing sanctions. The middle class is the main driver of any sustainable reforms. Perhaps a student can describe Maslow’s Pyramid (hierarchy of needs) to these politicians to get a clue about policy making.

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