1. @Tommy Thompson why you watching their videos then? If they are such a unreliable source they why bother to watch the video or even comment?

    2. @Lee Morton mission accomplished ? I think you fail to recognize the current state of our country 😂 and its not getting any better. Actually, its getting worse. So yes. Be proud trump is gone, but can you say it was the beat for our country so far with the way the country is going ? If so you’re ignorant and cant see the pure incompetence going on with the administration. Literally what all of this comes down to is people wanting to admit whether they were wrong or not, yall have been lied to for years about one damn person and have believed every single bit of it!!! Id be pretty embarrassed to admit something like that too. Cause honestly, all of the signs of corruption and power grabbing are in front of your face, but trumps been shoved in front of yours for way to long clearly.

    3. @HonorsAncora I But sir? If you can’t answer a simple question like what does your party stand for doesn’t that make you a little on the slow side? I hear rumors of Trump Supporters being dumb, but not dumb enough to answer a simple question? Can you answer it? I really want to know!

    1. @Jerel Boza I’m sure people burning down their own communities also contracted covid. I just hope we can blame Trump up until the day I die. It’s easy to have all the answers when you only need one answer: Orange Man Bad.

    1. @Anti Factoid 👈🏼😂 so you’re ok with amoral liars beholden to China as long as they’re democrat amoral liars beholden to China, huh? Ok, got it.

    2. @Brad Jennings Why are you keep on calling Trump a leftist? He is a Republican… Republicans are the right. Get your story straight troll.

  1. The truth to conservatives now is like sunlight to vampires. They hate it with all their being, and when exposed to it, they burn.

    1. @TRUMP 2024 Perhaps Biden would have lost, if Trump hadn’t done such a terrible job of handling the pandemic. We know that Trump wouldn’t have won, without all the disinformation and espionage assistance from Russia. The past is the past. You can’t undo it.

  2. “Roger Ailes resigned in July 2016 after allegations of sexual harassment were made by 23 women.” What was Bachman willing to do, huh?

    1. Do you mean, “What was Roger Aisles’ demanding that people do to win his approval?” Bachman is a terrible person, but careful how you phrase things. We shouldn’t put it all on women who have to make their way through obstacles men create

    2. @Zen Quantum I heartily concur with your sentiment and I’ve always respected Women. I come from a family of highly educated and accomplished strong Women. However, I believe Women should be treated equally when they behave terribly, then they’ve earned the right to be insulted just like any Man does when they cross the line. Not physically, but mentally; absolutely!

    3. @Michael Ulbricht if there is one thing that is totally clear, it’s that Bachman and the late Ailes are prime examples of terrible people

  3. Because one day Fox News is going to crash and burn and they did it to themselves LMAO😆😂🤣😂😆

    1. @Machu4
      It’s like people are reading other comments.
      I don’t think I could explain it to you, as you already have your mind made up despite any meaning.

    2. @Joshua Sullivan Steady? Not really NewMax, and ect are chipping away. Give it another 5 years Fox will be down by half. Also Fox will do something very soon and be sued and change their tune very soon.

    3. @Uncomfortable Truth If you’re trying to explain why you think Fox should be taken off the air then yeah, my mind is made up. My goal with my comment was to illustrate how the left loves to silence and they are actually mirroring real world fascist movements. Silencing opposition IS fascistic.

    4. @Machu4
      Wrong again.
      I am a moderate libertarian without party leanings.
      Though I do believe media should be held to a higher standard of integrity.
      By this I mean, no lies and anything that is opinion, should be presented with a disclaimer.
      Just like we had prior to Reagan, opinionated pieces were shown as that and both perspectives were
      Today media is half truths, misrepresented context, lies and lies of omission.
      Presented as such to make us hate one another, as well as dividing the population.
      The agenda is to maintain the status quo, keep the citizenry fighting and funnel wealth and power to
      The hegemony.
      I think people are starting to see the futility of sectarian strife, but most people are not ready to abandon
      The fruitless pursuit of identity politics.

    1. Learning about what? Becoming more uninformed? Can’t you do some assignment of your own rather than take every thing Mr Chris says as in the infallible truth! What’s wrong with you people?!

    2. Did you happen to learn that Trump was right ?? The wall works so biden wants to finish it now 🤣😂😆 I guess walls aren’t so racist after all huh lmfao

  4. Republicans: “Keep Corporations out of our politics!”
    Fox News: *literally creates their own President*

    1. @M TM Like the Postmaster General in his corporate life , ‘ encouraging ‘ his employees to make political donations and attend indoctrination sessions on where those donations should go … is that the sort of bad corporate behaviour you mean ?

    2. @NUCLEAR PUGG What are you talking about ? The media gave him a free ride , no deep interviews , no editing , no nothing , it wasn’t only Fox that broadcast the rallies … it was a big joke , right up until it wasn’t . The rest of the world’s media were gobsmacked . They all knew about the double dealing , the tax cheating , the huge intel chatter over the Russians , the whole big lie that donnie was back then . US media ignored it all for the clicks and likes .

    3. Lol I haven’t seen Fox in years. It’s like the right wing CNN. CNN is more useful though, because watching it tells you what the radicals think. Although I see they aren’t talking about Baltimore, or those 2 girls that murdered that Asian man in Seattle.

  5. I recently saw Michelle Bachman on a Saturday afternoon infomercial hawking home warranties. The reality show circuit will chew you up and spit you out.

    1. What happened to her family farm and it’s government handouts ? What happened to her husband’s ‘ Pray away the Gay ‘ counselling business ? What of the hordes of ‘ foster children ‘ that passed through the Bachman’s demented clutches ? Are the seven mountains still standing ?

  6. Fyi, my dear Americans: Having freedom of speech doesn’t have to necessarily mean the creation of a Fox-News like network
    We have free speech in Europe, and there is no news-network that’s crazy yet so influential as Fox is in America.

    1. @Slay Mack In a civilized discussion I would ask you to point out what specifically I said that is wrong (“misinformation”) but I have no interest in a conversation with someone with your attitude.

    2. @Jens Raab translation- you have no arguement and you know I’m right. Glad we sorted that out! Bye bye liar.

    3. @Jens Raab civilized? What have I said that’s uncivilized? I called you out on your comment. How’s that uncivilized? Oh because nobody is supposed to question or counter you people with facts and therefore you deem it uncivil…. because that makes sense. Really though you’re just making bs excuses for your gullibility. Be proud!

  7. People who think twice about visited a friend in a hospital , for example ,may dread+or feel extremely embarrassed about visiting the same friend in a psychiatric hospital

  8. Excellent Video I may even read Boehner’s book instead of dismissing it as self serving rewriting of history
    thanks Chris you da man

  9. The GOP has basically decided that the ‘kinder, gentler nation’ they once advocated for is now an acceptable loss.

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