Republican governor vetoes anti-transgender health care bill 1

Republican governor vetoes anti-transgender health care bill


Republican Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson says he vetoed an anti-transgender bill that would've prohibited physicians in the state from providing gender-affirming "procedures for trans people under age 18 because it would be 'vast government overreach' and an 'overbroad and extreme' measure.

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    1. He literally just said whatever the Jacobs family told him as they are the billionaire casino owners who gave him the most donations.

    1. so you will now demand that age restrictions are abolished on alcohol, smoking, sex, etc? Children should be allowed to do whatever they want?

  1. “Consider the science and ethics of an issue before taking action?” Wait! Are we listening to a governor from a southern state? Damn! Respect.

    1. Personal choice and cosmetic surgery they can use their own money. Why everybody worrying about this.Need to help people who are sick .

    2. @Sosamma Thomas personal choice for abortions and kids getting transgender therapy/surgeries, but not for someone to choose against taking a vaccine they don’t want or need? Ooooookaay

    3. @Kalmer Henrico interesting you are ‘pro life’ yet you claim the personal choice of not taking the vaccine as a right even though it could kill somebody else and take away the right to life for someone already here.

      More than 400,000 Americans died unnecessarily because of people like you, who think this way. Textbook hypocrisy.

  2. Oh, man, while I applaud his courage, I know he’s going to hear about this in the next election. His speech was sincere and thoughtful and taking the entire issue into consideration. Sadly, he’ll be described as some form of demonic traitor to the conservative cause, when in reality he seems like an intelligent, thoughtful man. This took courage.

    1. @Nigel Deans – the “right” is recognized in the U.S. Constitution, it is not granted by it, or given to us. We are the only nation that recognizes that right as inherent, not granted by the government but respected and protected by it. That political parties attempt to circumvent or restrict, neuter or even negate this basic human right with executive orders or unconstitutional legislation doesn’t detract from the fundamental truth that we do have a right to keep and bear arms without infringement in the U.S.A. It’s going to take a bit of backbone to remove unlawful restrictions/infringement set in place by spineless authoritarians who fear the people more than they fear hostile nations that are actively seeking to undermine or destroy the freedoms enshrined in that same founding document, but it’s worth every bit of fuss we make of it. The same people who say the police are brutal abusers and should be defunded are the same people who want to restrict guns. Then there are others who claim police and military are racist and oppressive but work tirelessly to ensure that those two bodies are the only ones with “weapons of war.” It’s contradictory and illogical.

    2. @American Freedom So, let me get this straight… You don’t think WE have sedition laws? Look up Title 18 of the US Code. As for the rest of your distinctions… Let me just say that if you have to split hairs to isolate a target, you probably shouldn’t be dropping bombs…
      free-speech, free-press… potato-potahto… You should have checked out Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park while you were there – it might have been an eye opener for you.

    3. @Siylence Dogood Your not going to convince Nigel Deans, the idiot is to far gone. He truly believes other countries have more freedom than the USA.

    4. @Keith E California is very strict with gun control and yet we have shootings in LA. No matter how much gun laws you want to establish, shootings gonna happened. Give guns to defenseless citizens and they’ll able to defend themselves from a maniac.

    5. @Siylence Dogood The difference between granting a right and recognizing a right is a matter of rhetoric. The result is exactly the same. Also, there are no unlawful infringements on the books when it comes to gun control because we are still free to bear arms even if we can’t get that “scary looking” AR-15 or a 30-round magazine. Those laws were put there by people who have the sense to limit kill capacity in a population containing lots of idiots and psychopaths. What they are scared of is the potential for more innocent people getting killed by morons with too much firepower.

      You folks are the ONLY people scared of “hostile nations” and that’s because you’re total suckers for fear-mongering. First of all, the freedoms enshrined in our constitution are actually pretty common around the world and even if that wasn’t the case, why would anyone want to destroy them? What benefit could anyone get from that? The fact is, no one has any plans to destroy or undermine our overrated freedoms. That’s just what the fear-mongers tell you to justify the biggest scam the world has ever seen… our military-industrial complex.

      Even if a foreign state had any such desire, why would they spend the money and the effort to invade us when America is already up for sale? America is one of the most privatized countries in the world which is why so much, including our healthcare system and our infrastructure is available for purchase by any foreign investors with the money. Even our government is up for sale now, since Republicans insisted that unlimited campaign funding from undisclosed sources anywhere in the world is protected by the First Amendment. (Citizens United).

      Put it this way… About 1.4 million people have died from firearms in the U.S. between 1968 and 2011. In that time there has been ZERO attempts by anyone to invade our country. So, you’re more than welcome to explain why you think we should be more concerned about a non-existent threat than the deaths of 1.4 million Americans caused by gun violence.

      As for defunding the police… That’s another concept that flies right over the heads of less rational people. The idea is to shift *some* of the money (not all of it) to other programs that can solve problems BEFORE the police are left to deal with them. The trade off for law enforcement is less liability in a society that’s getting more impatient with the difficulty of law enforcement.

      I hope more people start actually thinking these things out instead of just rallying around the tired old opinions of their “side”. (That goes for all sides).

  3. “It takes a simple majority to override a Governor’s veto in the state of Arkansas”
    who the hell came up with that system? Then what’s the point of a veto?…

  4. It makes me sad that he admits that he does not think this will stop it and hopes it at the very least give lawmakers pause… May the pause bring insight and compassion for the youth of our country.

    1. @Zach A one of the only people with a brain in this comment section. May you continue to spread logic into the world.

    2. @dino primi who’s the clown here? No one is talking about tattoos except you.

      I would allow my daughter to have facial reconstruction surgery. Under certain circumstances. I advise you to think long and hard about that before you respond with any more lame comments.

    3. @Nicole Marsh wow, you clearly don’t understand what a comparative argument is. Shame. I am simply taking your logic and extending it. If you think it’s normal to chop your son’s dickk off than why not allow your son to get a dragon tattoo across his face? You wouldn’t allow him to do so ( I hope) because you are aware that a face tattoo is a life altering decision that he can make when he turns 18 and that should apply to any form of transgender transformation, be it surgery or hormone blockers. Can your poor American education system brain understand that?

    4. @dino primi Can you understand that it’s not an equivalent comparison? I wasn’t educated in America (as you falsely assume) but I’m sure there are plenty of Americans who understand the difference between tattoos and MEDICAL treatments. There are plenty of better comparisons that you could come up with I’m sure. I can’t wait. Because coming up with something that is far more comparative will expose the highly selective nature of your argument.

      Maybe I can help you with some simple questions… Are there any parts of my child’s body that a doctor should be able to remove? If so then under what kind of circumstances would that be justified? If not then why, oh why does this bill only focus on life changing treatments for one specific condition?

      I will assume you don’t have a problem with treatments that are much easier to reverse than full face tattoos. Because that would definitely not be covered by your “comparative argument” (aka analogy).

  5. Wow , he stated “ It educated me and informs me” that’s sounding like intelligence working, agree or disagree, I’m glad to witness civility in The Arkansas Governor

    1. @Judith Stadelmaier I love that reply. Short but not simple. That is more complex a sentence than most would think, that took me off guard (in a great way). Yes, yes it is

    2. I hope intelligence is catching! No need to vaccine yourself against tolerance and compassion.

    1. @Kip Kyzer doctors do not work for free. The citizen pays a tax with which the State pays an insurance and doctors cover their fees. The thing is, there is a general understanding on what are the maximum chargeable fees for such service within the State coverage. It works, a lot. It is not “doctors working for free”, and no candidate is saying so.

    2. @Danilium And your not raising my taxes one cent to pay for this. If the Trump administration can keep taxes low, the Biden administration can do the same, We will not be a socialist country, no matter what laws pass. I’m not paying for someones free ride, and YES that is exactly what your canidates are proposing

    3. @Kip Kyzer socialist countries did not necessary have free Healthcare (ref.: the USSR did not, it was cheap but required upfront payment, but the conservative UK does have a free system). Most countries charge a 100 USD tax or less for all the services of the insurance, and all the rest or upfront payments are exempted or covered. In the US, either you or your employer pay way more than that.

    4. @Danilium And I get prioritized my good sir. I don;t wait in lobbys for hours upon hours. I get right in and right out. I get What I PAY for. You want what I have, work for it, don;t expect it to be handed to you.

    5. @Kip Kyzer I can pay if I want and get rid of the wait. If I want something extra and for free, I wait. But the insulin is always there, almost free and with availability.

    1. @Ellen Pflaumer You are wrong. Besides having balls, 46 has a spine, sadly lacking in many Republican politicians at all government levels, starting with 45.

    2. @BLT8645 well I guess we are aloud our own opinion. I feel orange man put this country first where as 46 doesn’t know what country he’s in or where he is most the time. You stay safe and healthy

  6. And this is how a politician should respond to the crazy lunatics, trying to push discriminatory policies.

    1. @Carl os well if you mean medical transition that number is extremely low around 1% with the given data showing that a majority of people detransition due to transphobia and lack of finances. Of course nobody does scientific studies on “regret” we measure quality of life as a metric you would know this if you were read on the subject

    2. @Carl os if you mean social transition i don’t understand how you quantify social transition regret? What a cisgender boy decides to wear some dresses and be referred to as a girl, but this gives them gender dysphoria so they stop?

    3. @Carl os or if you’re referring to the number of people who detransition in general and assuming this implies regret, maybe you don’t know that most people that detransition don’t end up identifying as cisgender

    4. @Carl os Do you know the number of children that went through the process of being cisgender and regretted it? And by regret I’m talking about suicide. A measurable quantity not based on your feelings.

    5. @Wayne Baehler lmao.. so you can brainwash children in school that God doesnt exist.. but we cant teach that he does? BTW you realize science has yet to prove one animal type can evolve into another right?

    1. You mean the Jacobs family donors who got him elected? This wasn’t his own idea. No R supports giving kids drugs to stop puberty as that is sick and irresponsible

    2. Does he repeat the lie that the election was stolen in order to mandate voter suppression laws? And does he repeat the lie that the insurrection was a peaceful protest? If he does, then he doesn’t stick to his values when it’s inconvenient.

    1. @Kayla Ranger “You guys?” To whom are you referring? For whom are you asking/expecting me to speak? (And, why?)

    2. @U. Synlig I’m really confused. I just wanted to get to know how you guys thought compared to what I believe without any hostility. That’s all.

  7. It’s disgusting when the government tries to come into our homes, our bedrooms and now our doctors offices. Thank you Governor for standing for what’s right.

    1. Agreed with this sentiment. The government needs to keep out of our private lives; homes, bedrooms, and doctors offices especially. Props to this governor for being one of the rare politicians to be at least slightly consistent in that belief. Many other democrats and republicans say they want to keep the government out of our houses and our bodies, but then they go and pass interference legislation when it suits them.

    1. @carolyn boyce if the country went back to a devil worshipping dictatorship on Jan 6, then either God failed or your prayers did. Then again, maybe God is just not that into your type of Christianity and thinks it’s a twisted, hateful mess of His true Word and you should start worshipping Him again, instead of false prophets and Satan.

    2. @YouTube Censors whether it cancels the left or right, it cancels and does not believe in democracy or freedom or rights.

    3. @carolyn boyce yeah, right, all libs are evil and al reps are saints. It must be lovely to be be that delusional. To be able to pretend that Trump didn’t cheat on several wives, pay porn stars, lie daily, hourly about everything, defrauded people through a fake university, has a wife who took photo shoots naked and as a lesbian, who’s just been found to have scammed supporters out of more money, caused the death of hundreds of thousands to prevent a panic on the stockmarket, etc. Let me know when the Christian part kicks in.

    4. @YouTube Censors suddenly Reps care about fairness in scholarships and fairness for women, that’s new.

  8. Proud of my governor today. He’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but this was absolutely admirable

    1. Nobody is perfect, we need leaders who are willing to listen to their constituents and consider their positions.

  9. Just the fact he’s sitting there and taking questions.. that’s… becoming rarer and rarer lately.

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