Finland airport uses dogs to detect COVID-19 1

Finland airport uses dogs to detect COVID-19


A Finnish pilot program is using dogs to detect COVID-19 among Helsinki International Airport passengers, through sweat samples.

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    1. Recovery only means not dead, it doesn’t mean not losing a lung or getting brain damage or other permanent damage. If you fall down the stairs and break your neck, you might not die, but being permanently paralyzed isn’t exactly fine, is it? ¬_¬

  1. Interesting, but what’s the scientific backing? I’d love to see the data on the underlying mechanism that lets them detect it. It makes sense that some diseases can be detected by a dog since they affect things like blood-sugar and such, but what affect could SARS-CoV-2 have on cells (especially a sweat) sample that could be detected by smell? I hope they/someone does some more research and publishes some papers on the method. (Also, can’t dogs can get the disease? )

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