Finland PM takes drug test after videos show her partying

Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin has taken a drug test following a leaked video that shows her dancing with friends. The 36-year-old politician said she resents that the videos have been made public. CNN's Melissa Bell reports. #CNN #News


  1. That she is getting in trouble for the videos that shows them having fun dancing is ridiculous , she is 36 and a young human being that has a private life and wants to have fun …. I hope she stays in her position

    1. @SuperThumpasaurus Amazing word salad my MAN! I bet it works great with others. And since you did drugs, a lot just like me, you know it effects you horribly. No way you made GOOD decisions a gram deep 😅 Or while hittin that crystal I’m sure you went straight to church. Good times, but you are usually thinking different, check literally any study on the subject. The factory drug testing is actually less important, considering most drug related accidents only effects ones self, being in charge of a country or even a county has a lot more people involved when you make decisions. Especially cocaine, do you not remember the political state in the 80’s? 😅 Also, many fast food places require drug tests now, even Wal-Mart ext. Places where you don’t even have to think really, but let’s give politicians a pass. One last note, Elon Musk needed random drug tests for a year for smoking weed once cause of his contracts with the government. This isn’t exactly a new issue….Gotcha 😂

    2. @Video Game Sanctuary …So, because fastfood restaurants can require drug testing makes it necessary to test politicians? How is this logically related? Is Marin that much of a threat to Finland security?

    3. this is saddd, what you have to sit in a rocking chair and move slowly to be a world leader . people get over yourselves. of course this is the only thing they ca n attack her on she dose’nt need geratoll…..

    4. @SuperThumpasaurus She is, prime minister’s job is to deal with national emergencies. If she has put herself on state where she is incapable to perform her job, then she is threat to Finland’s security.

    1. Yes, but is she mature enough to make decisions that could cost lives of her countrymen. Such as military operations.

    2. @Prozombie That would be the job of the Ministry of defence and the President of Finland in his role as commander in chief.

    1. “Leave the lady PM alone, it’s not a crime to dance”. I am with you on that one. But please, don’t use the forename Karen as a swearword – I rember, ther was that bad woman -, because there are many nice girls and women having that name too and they read your comment.

  2. She’s a young healthy adult finding joy. Give her a break! Figures, a female gets scolded probably by old men.

    1. @AJShe was charged with drug use – she could not immediately prove the opposite … It would take her a few hours to get a negative result of eating for drugs … But she suggested that the Finns wait a week until the drugs leave her body and no traces remain. ..Now I’m ready to listen to your logical reasoning – why are you sure that she did not take drugs …)

  3. So according to Finns if you’re in 30’s and partying like a normal 30 year old would, you must be on drugs…????

    1. @Boost Mobile YouTube She just proved that Russian disinformation can get her to pee into a cup.

    1. @Tespri tyhmille on mahdoton selittää. Thanks for trying, but of course we Finns have absolutely no idea what we are talking about. Let’s just hope she remembers to carry her work phone with her in the future 🙄.

    2. @Ludmila Alaniva Ainiin se puhelin draamakin… ehdin unohtaa jo. Niin paljon kussut asioita että mahdotonta pysyä perillä kaikesta.

    3. @HeavyInstinct PM has even bigger responsibility than a surgeon. She is carrying lives of whole state. It’s not ridiculous comparison, it’s literally her job.

      “She said she had “a few drinks”. ”
      People at party said that she was wasted. The fact that she grinded 3 guys in a bar as a married woman already proves it and yells “jauhojengi”.

      These are objective facts you’re trying to argue against. You have no idea who she is, what her policies are and history of scandals behind him. You’re just siding with her due to her “cool media appearance”.

    1. No we need older peope with wisdom. If she has wisdom she would know where she is. Nothing wrong with youth but cAn be unreasonably adventurous. Comprende!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What image problem are we talking about here? Some world leaders have fun making a dance video on a private party, others have fun taking classified information to their private residence. At least the Finnish prime minister can say that she’s got the right moves.

  5. she should deal with this head on. I am a 36 year old woman with friends and family who enjoy life and live it. I encourage all of Finland to do the same.
    Show no fear or shame when political adversaries try to belittle or defame you.

  6. Having hella big fun with your friends at any age is obviously a good thing – what a messed up world we live in!

  7. I thought that Finland was above this kind of thing. I guess they also have opportunistic conservatives who try to score political points by creating a scandal were there isn’t one.

    1. Would you like to see your countries leader dare Putin to invade and then be seen partying like a drunken teenager?

    2. @Dorian Shades of gray Yes, I’d like my leaders to project confidence to a man who continually preys on the perceived weaknesses of other countries. From what I can tell, PM Marin has conducted herself with dignity and intelligence in her public role as PM, what does her dancing at a private party have to do with anything?

  8. What does dancing with friends at a house party have to do with “taking drugs”?
    In the days before smartphones with video capabilities which capture any and all events (and non-events alike), world leaders were also behaving “in unbecoming ways” in private: alcohol/sex/drugs/etc. When a leader starts a war or enacts a Holocaust or commits people to execution, no one accuses them of being on drugs. But God forbid a young attractive female leader has fun and dances, in a private setting!

    1. If Madame Prime Minister of the Government of Finland did not take tests immediately after being accused of drug use and did not receive negative test results within a few hours, then it would be logical to assume that she used not only alcohol, but also drugs …

  9. Before hearing about this, I had no idea who the PM of Finland was. Now I know and I think she’s cool. Finland sounds like a great place to live.

    1. Ordinary citizens are NOT forbidden to drink alcohol in Finland. Trust me, I just spent a week there and had plenty! They even sell it in stores if that shocks you. Party on Finns!

    2. She basically cheated on her husband by letting that other guy kiss her neck. Not cool at all, no one should ever again trust her further than they can throw her.

    3. @Владимир Михайленко I assume you are from russia and never heard of such thing like presumption of innocence. You want me to google it for you, or you’ll do it yourself?

  10. The only issue I see is the fact that a friend released the video, I’m sure that other politicians have done much worse in private.

  11. I can’t believe that this is a thing. Someone having fun with her friends is not a scandal. It’s desperation for her opponents.

    1. yeah why is the big fuzz…..everyone needs to blow steam….and who made this video public….it should be private

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