Finland will seek to join NATO, leaders say, ditching decades of neutrality

Finland's government said it intends to join NATO, ditching decades of neutrality and ignoring Russian threats of possible retaliation as the Nordic country attempts to strengthen its security following the onset of the war in Ukraine. Sweden's ruling party later said it will also support joining the alliance. #CNN #News


  1. I love the Finnish resolve .. They will not let a bully determine their next move ..

    1. @gentil gentile Why is everyone worried about Turkey? All this nonsense about PKK/YPG is just bollocks. With almost 70% inflation rate, their economy is in really big trouble. They just want some compensation/assistance in return for Finland & Sweden joining. Or maybe they want the CAATSA Section 231 sanctions lifted against their Defense Industries (SBB). Once they work out an agreement, Finland & Sweden WILL be in NATO. It’s just a matter of time.

  2. As a Finn I want to say that we’re not worried about Russia attacking us, but it’s time to take a stance

    1. @villanovakid84 They will have the protection of nuclear weapons. Besides, with a war criminal neighbor bent on resurrecting the ash heap of history, all bets are off.

    2. @James Irvine Yes, but they have leveled who knows how many buildings and murdered countless civilians.

  3. Wow. Putin accomplished something that no other Russian or Soviet leader was able to accomplish in many decades!
    Congratulations, Vladimir!

    1. @Alawite Muslim Defence League please try it, I would love to see more Russian fertilizers in Finland, Finland is running out of the fertilizers from 1939 🤣🤣

    2. @Alawite Muslim Defence League How is that going in Ukraine? Oh right it isn’t and you wanna fight in Finland at the sametime :’D

    3. @Ernohauki how about Iranians start moving or other us 🇺🇸enemies across the world. Seems like a prime time.

  4. Russia: invades a sovereign non-NATO neighbor
    Sweden and Finland: plans to join NATO
    Russia: cries as to why they are doing that
    You can’t make this crap up 😂

  5. This is great. Finland should never be alone again like they were back in 1939 during the Winter War. Finland joining NATO is great. 😀👍

    1. @Lauris And that what is always has been for people like Serbs or Russians, land grabs and control of other nations. Finland still remained relatively independent after the war. Russia can’t even be ‘a gracious victor’ due to its peasant background.

    2. @Diego motta Well, yes. No argument with that. It was a long war. Loved watching the soldiers on skies in white camp. There is original film. War Always sucks!

    1. @Nadeer John 🤯 Finland talking a piece of paper and you are talking missiles. Hard to see who the aggressor is!

  6. Congratulation Finns for your decision to join NATO and not letting Putin to dictate your freedom and future.

    1. It is not Putin but it’s Erdogan , Turkey opposed to membership and that is enough to stop
      Finland joining Nato

    2. @Tom Snowden
      Awe my fellow Democratic American patriot
      Keep triggering the queen vladz trolling clowns buddy you’re doing great 🇺🇸👊🏻

  7. Finland has every reason in the world and 100 years of history that compels it to join NATO

    1. @da_arkitek215 So if you think you have all the facts try looking into this youtube channel = Redacted.

      FYI. My wife comes from the city of Donetsk Ukraine not from Russia.

      In 2013 the Eastern Ukraine citizens had a vote to seek Independence from Ukraine’s government and the Majority voted in favor of Independence! The USA & Western Europe chose to back Zelensky’s war against them!
      The citizens actually stand in the streets and CHEAR for the Russian army as it drives by.
      So you might want to just watch some of that happening in Ukraine at = Redacted.

  8. “Ditching decades of neutrality” is every news station’s favoeite word now.. Nato has been a real option and has been on the table for 30+ years now that has only depended on the risk factors that skyrocketed when Ru invaded Ukr.

  9. Well it’s true that Russia didn’t exactly leave Finland much of any choice but to pick sides, and they aren’t setting a very peaceful example in Ukraine. Russia excludes itself from any notion of being European when they act they way they do. I don’t blame Finland for protecting itself or seeking alliances with those who don’t threaten to bomb their neighbors to bits.

  10. The word “ditch” is a bit careless. I’m sure most Finns and Swedes would say they had good reasons for being neutral over the long periods when they were.

    1. Its respectful for them to being neutral all this time. But after some time, everyone has to pick a side. And it wasn’t a knee-jerk reaction, but the conflict in Ukraine definitely accelerated it.

      Finns are very calm and logical people, so I trust they made the right choice

  11. See here’s the issue. Since 1945 Finland has been neutral. It didn’t take 75 or so years for America to finally influence Finland to join NATO. Heck, Trump and Biden couldn’t influence me to change my socks. But you’re going to get Russia and “neutral” parties saying how the west influenced this. How Russia was provoked to invading Ukraine because of NATOs eastward expansion and the dominos that fall afterward. You think Poland is a US puppet state? Or Romania? Now Finland? Give these countries a little credit.

  12. Welcome, Finland 🇫🇮 Sweden will follow suit very soon 🇸🇪 Russia is inhumane and absolutely dangerous. Be prepared for everything. Together we’re much stronger.

  13. The point the Finnish president makes is important. Russia changed the equation last year when it changed its policy to blanket opposition for NATO enlargement and essentially a return to pre-1998 NATO force deployment. I think that moment, reinforced by the attempted conquest of all of Ukraine rather than just an escalation in Donbas, showed the West that Russia wasn’t screwing around and we had to take this threat seriously.

  14. You know you are on the wrong side when Finland and Sweden abandoned their neutrality to join a fight against you.

    1. Sweden tried a defense union with Norway and Denmark after ww2 but both rather chose NATO due to Russian bullying of Finland.

  15. Finland is a potent nation, as is Sweden. One wonders if we are, in fact, witnessing the effects of an enormous miscalculation in Moscow.

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