1. @Flight Risk but could you imagine trying to do this somewhere like Wyoming or Alaska? Individual bomb shelters and large shelters in town. But a large connected network like that would be hard somewhere where population is so spread out

    2. Dear followers please spread the channel mathematic in the widest and thanks for you

    3. @Jock Young unless it’s to defense contractors, then they more than what they asked for.

    1. All of you are right, but still it is true that some 100 years ago Finland started at a similar place as Russia as a part of Russia. It was underdeveloped and poor, but took a remarkable turn to the better. I agree that Finland should stay as it is, and in hindsight it took all the right decisions. So, yes, it should never become Russian again. And if the world needs to learn something, then it is good to look at two countries: Russia teaches you what not to do and Finland teaches you what is the best to do.

    1. @Eyes Wide Open might be the largest but it’s also the emptiest and soon to be the poorest..

    2. @Eyes Wide Open buddy Russia has dirt roads and most men outside of moscow and st Petersburg options for work is joining the army or working in mines.

      I would imagine Russian bunkers been as reliable as their tanks, and that’s if they even exist.

  1. I’m moving to Finland, how awesome is it that their government is prepared to look after their people this way. Kiitos Finland!

    1. Finland has been using their Treasury to build underground fortifications
      while Russia/Putin has been robbing their treasury to build luxury liners
      for their oligarchs to live in coastal cities of western countries.

    2. @515coldfire We Finns are in peace with everyone and with your opinion you make me very suspicious WHO YOU ARE.

  2. This is what can be accomplished in a free country where human potential can blossom in the sunlight.

    1. @Paul Hidalgo We’ve definitely unleashed human potential in the U.S. Most technology innovation comes from this country. The best and smartest scientists, artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs from all over the world migrate to the U.S. because we have a system that will allow them to flourish even further.

    1. An article I read a few months ago was about the Finn’s solution for the homeless. They are building them homes. Imagine that. What a crazy idea. Those people are now finding jobs, getting a car, finding their way back to life.

    2. @Bob Snabby The maximum marginal tax rate where I live (Québec, Canada) is 52%, without taking into account property taxes, municipal taxes, school taxes, sales taxes and I probably forget some others

    3. @Bob Snabby very reasonable. I pay 38% income and happily keep paying if we can have the same amount of social services Finnish people have. No wonder they are the happiest people on the planet along with Swedes. Very envies Canadian here. Will visit Finland soon.

  3. This is what CAN happen if your country is not corrupt with billions of dollars wasted like Russia has done on a select few people ! – Finland is perhaps the least corrupt country in the world.

    1. ​@Todd Ohnmeiss domestic defense budget vs. military industrial complex…

      both are paid for by the bottom tax payers, only the one serves them.

      (ask not and all)

    2. @Jouni Knuuttila that’s the problem the ppl who actually have inferior knowledge of what their talking about, just to be heard for the sake of it …
      Because the person is a family member, or friend,…
      It’s corruption, they don’t bother to think that person is the best qualified, an will be overseen by the friend or family member….

    3. @Kid Creole Excellent. The next step is to look at who is deciding which countries are most and least corrupt, and who funds the research that goes into that decision.

  4. Now that how real government operates, long term strategic planning. It also shows how they have never trusted the Russians, superficially non- aligned hoping for the best but always preparing for the worst. This is very very impressive.

    1. My Father said already over 60 years ago , that ” Russians are always Russians no matter you fry them in Butter “…..and that is why we Finns have prepared for worst already for over 75 years……when I was some 17-18 years old, I build even an own bunker from concrete close to our house.

  5. As a Finn I found this video interesting in showing how much we take for granted. I’ve been to many of these bunkers for sports etc but never really paid a second thought to them. There are numerous smaller ones all around in different cities, and many apartment buildings have their own bomb shelter too.

    It feels so normal I just expected every country to have them.

    1. @Hugo Desrosiers-Plaisance one could wager the Swiss have something, considering they’re among the wealthiest and most well protected nations on the planet.

  6. It’s amazing to see a country that seems to have quality government and social services. Seems like their society actually tries to work for the common good. 🇫🇮 is a great model country

    1. ​@cappy dusty You mention high taxes, but people can become rich. There are millionaires and billionaires. You can make money. They are capitalist countries.

  7. The Finns have made all the right social choices for themselves since the Winter War. I am very, very impressed with them and the scale of the infrastructure shown in this report. Absolutely flabbergasted that something like that exists.

    I’m Canadian and I am very, very happy and proud to call the Finns allies.

    1. @dana herron neither do we want to be the survivors of the Nuclear winter. Hope I won’t see a all out war in Canada or USA.

  8. Never knew this existed and wow it’s so impressive. Other countries need to learn from this. Good for Finland and they don’t deserve to feel threatened by bully putin

    1. We Finns are very threatened by Russian aggression. That is why those bunkers have been built. That is why FDF got about 20% boost to it’s budget. That is why FDF uses AK-pattern assault rifle.

    2. Switzerland also is built similar. Bunkers under every big building. Basically entire society is safe in case of the worst possible kinds of wars. Good social policy and something to aspire to

  9. I live in Central America . Our basic infrastructure is terrible. Amazing to see what good governance looks like . I can see why these countries have some of the happiest people on earth .

    1. ​​@Rolle Ahlfors It’s a shame you have to think about doing all that but at the same time it must be good to know you have it

  10. No countries should have to live in fear of a bully neighbour. That’s insane. Just like none of us would enjoy a bully as neighbour, we shouldn’t tolerate it for others.

  11. Amazing what a govt. that actually cares about the people and their future can do and accomplish. I’m shocked and amazed by this.

    1. Democratic countries can learn the art and science of good governance from Finland.This put the USA to shame, considering the political power greed and corruption currently being legislated in the institutions that should serve as checks and balances against tyranny arising.

  12. Impressed but not surprised, Finland is one of the great countries that care for their citizens!

  13. Having the shelter open to the public during peacetime and using it to host family and children’s activities serves a important purpose. Citizens and children especially will associate the shelter with positive memories, reducing fear and anxiety, and giving a sense of comfort and safety in the event they ever have to be used for shelter.

    1. Exactly this. It’s a morale boost. The will to survive and fight is everything in war. What’s more, the Finns become familiar with the fact that they are their own people and nation that take care of one another by building projects like these. The Russians can invade, but they can never occupy successfully.

    2. That’s a very good point. Apart from saving the tax payers money by using the place for other peacetime purposes it also integrates the shelter with the population.

  14. As an American, I am very impressed with the immense size bunkers in Finland! You guys are one tough people! My hats off to your nation!!

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