Fiona destruction: It could take days to restore power to parts of Nova Scotia


  1. esta escrito jesus dise aos seus dicipulos da tribulaçao .
    e hoje fala e now ouve e a cada dia vai cumprindo e a grande tribulaçao se aproxima quem te ouvido ouça e now tem nada que pode impedir só ele mesmo mais o que ele determinou cumpre por que ele now volta a traz no que ja determinou. Dise jesus quer entrar na vida guarda os mandamentos.

    filho de israel pilot07Good o Galileu

  2. Days? 😂😂😂It often takes weeks for Florida to repair their hydro infrastructure after hurricanes- a friend’s brother retired from Ontario Hydro at age 55 because he went down to Florida to help effect repairs post-hurricanes, and was rewarded handsomely for his assistance

  3. A recommendation to our Journalists to try to avoid making “what not” an acceptable phrase as it leads to so much ambiguity. Thanks

  4. so sad…thousands of years of civilization and created in god’s image and all and still so backwards and limited as a specie

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