Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on destruction from Fiona: ‘There’s a lot of work ahead’


  1. You’re getting pretty hard to understand Justin. Maybe try Singing it. You know? “Easy Come Easy Go”? You should be able to manage that. After all you have such an EXCELLENT GRASP, of the INAPPROPRIATE and SUPERFICIAL.

  2. PM obviously has to respond to a situation like this no doubt, PMO is definitely doing everything they can to milk recent tragedies to try paint JT in a likeable brush. Won’t work!

    1. Pierre’s never had a real job, he’s not qualified to clean anything, but he owns 3 houses thx to sucking taxpayers teat.

  3. Hey buddy…the town I live in blew up over 13 months ago. Never seen you.. never had any federal help. BTW.. the town is still toast

  4. Thank you so much for allowing the truth dear Atlantic Canada as he will give no money until you do…. Hello no hello or help is coming from this demon.

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