Fiona strengthens into first major hurricane of 2022

Hurricane Fiona is threatening more deadly flooding as it slams the Turks and Caicos islands, having devastated Puerto Rico – cutting power and water service for most of its 3.1 million residents – and leaving more than 1 million without running water in the Dominican Republic. #CNN #News


    1. Prayers will do exactly nothing, nor will any superstitious belief system – and in fact false hopes have the strongest potential to hurt innocent people.

  1. 2 things
    1. im Puerto Rican but i live in the US and when i saw those pictures i immediately got upset
    2. whenever theres a hurricane, those small islands get hit the hardest for obvious reasons

    1. Is Puerto Rico basically all flat or does it have a mountainous or volcanic part that people could go to for high ground refuge like Hawaii does? Knowing some storm coming in like that and being on a all flat island with no where to go to ride out the major storm would be real scary.

  2. My friend has family members there I haven’t heard from them for sometime I don’t know if they are with the family or what would be great to know but I may never know we are not friends irl not because we aren’t good friends but we both feel it was best to just talk and hang where we belong online.

  3. We have some really great people there
    And I hope we help them more than Trump did the last time
    They are a part of the United States of America
    He didn’t even know that
    Thank God for the people who went there and helped everyone
    They fed them and gave them water and got people who were stuck out
    If you have never been there you should
    Best people and food
    You never have to be alone when you are there
    The kindness of the people is above any place I have ever been
    I miss everyone
    I haven’t been able to get in touch with them
    I hope they can call me soon

    1. They’re too busy using your state funds to ship legally entered migrants to Martha Vineyard… Which I hear is helpful to their farmers. Texas isn’t concerned about your power grid.

  4. 3:08 10 years ago next month Sandy made landfall in New Jersey. The worse hurricane to ever hit the East Coast of the US.

    1. True not a hurricane when it made landfall. The storm surge and flooding put my NJ hometown under water. Never had a strong thunderstorm do that in my 50 yrs. There are still empty/abandoned/uninhabitable homes 10 yrs later.

    2. @Karen Giorella it made land fall in New Jersey as a post tropical cyclone. I don’t doubt it rained like crazy but it was no hurricane nor was it any where close to being the worst to hit the east coast.

    3. @Karen Giorella As Dominicans I can tell you from my experience that I live in New Jersey during sandy New Jersey cannot withstand a hurricane like Fiona, many people will die, this has the same behavior as Sandy. A hurricane, the cold weakens it, so I doubt it will follow the trajectory that are forecasts.

    4. @Curvy29 I’ve moved about fifteen minutes inland some because of this. In the north east people frequently watch the tropics for that very reason. Prayers for anyone in Fiona’s path. It does look terribly dangerous.

  5. Just wish it was possible to lift these people out to safety until the danger passes. Hope all do all to keep safe and their loved ones. x

    1. One can only wish. He gets away with everything and so far it seems like the people who have done his dirty work are likely to be his fall guys, to get prosecuted. 🙄

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