Firefighter Leo Bennett Stages Protest Atop Roof | SOE Declared in Jamaica, Again

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    1. @ONANDI RAYN these problems didn’t just appear. How many years, regardless of party, it’s the same problems. Stop trying to divide people and support the working man!

    1. ​@Boy Blue exactly,in the Great England where most Jamaicans want to go, Public Sector Workers have been protesting since December. Remittance all drop because them family abroad having hard as well.

  1. Sgt.Bennett , you definitely have a grouse. How can one do their job without proper equipment. The man no need no psychiatric treatment. He has legitimate concerns. Nanny, Paul Bogle , Marcus Garvey just to name a few stood up for their rights. As a people , we are oppressed and need to be treated fairly. 4 Breathing apparatus for 36 people. I’ve done code red drills many times and the oxygen in those tank run out really quick. That’s absolutely craziness.

  2. Kudos to that man, if we fail to stand for something, we will fall for everything…
    It is sad that more of this will b needed to make changes, but each one will at least make a dent, if not create a change..

  3. Believe you me- empathize with him. I, many times, am urged to do a one woman protest. The man’s issues and frustration are sincere. THE PEOPLE NEED A VOICE. PLENTY HOLDING STRAIN FOR AN UNFORGIVING TIME. It’s OK. Suspension is the least. He needs the rest. I pray his protest gets the right attention. I AM IN SOLIDARITY

    1. It’s not the first time a protest by himself him need more support from his co worker because he is standing up for all not just for him self

    2. ​@Black And Proud it’s beyond delusional, its wicked, for his bosses to expect him and his coworker to use 4 masks between 36 firefighters

    1. This is the only way he sees to get the message across that he and the rest of workers are not being treated well for their services. Hope they don’t fire him for speaking out

  4. Beautiful Jamaica 🇯🇲!
    Always in a state of emergency!
    No problem , man.
    Open to tourism, but closed to the welfare and safety of its citizens.

  5. Leo Bennett is a Hero! One voice is clearer than many together… His is very clearly! I understand that the country is not wealthy but it’s not that impoverished. Firefighting means saving lives, property and the economy. The firefighters need proper equipment and gears to protect and save their lives while trying to save others.

  6. The man is not mad,he was protesting about bad working conditions at Half-Way -Tree fire station.

  7. A worthy protest!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽✊🏽 It’s a travesty what these firefighters have to put up with, all while risking their lives for others!

  8. It only takes one person to stand up for your rights to make a change. Martin Luther King, Gandhi and many many more did. I hope and pray there will be a change for all public sector workers in JA.

  9. The concern of this fire fighter is for atleast 90% of fire fighters in Jamaica 🇯🇲. But they are all afraid to lose their jobs or being suspended due to a rules the Fire Brigade have where they aren’t allowed to protest or sign a petition if it’s not organized by the Union. And just like JTA, the Union representing the Fire Fighters are in bed with the Jamaica Government. Hence Public sector workers will suffer

  10. # Leo Bennett you are brave, I salute you for advocating for better working conditions for fire fighters 🔥 The Most High Bless this man n his family 🙏

    1. i solute you sir sgt leo Bennett i know you are 100% sane we need a better welfare system for our essential service workers

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