Firefighter suspended from helicopter struggles to grab man from raging river

The man was seen gripping a rope and a concrete structure at the rain-swollen Los Angeles River, while waiting for a helicopter crew to come. #CNN #News #shorts


  1. Heroes. Thank you for saving lives. I’m glad our tax dollars pay for the equipment and people to help us.

  2. when you are dangling from a helicopter on a cable and get involved with harnessing a victim to the rescuer in 20 knot rip currents I would say this fireman did a stupendous job !

  3. Just a few days ago in Sacramento a kayaker had to be saved from his own stupidity. I don’t know how this guy ended up in the LA river but people attempting water sports right now anywhere in California need Darwin Awards.

  4. That is f-ing amazing. That’s incredible skill on all parts.
    So thankful for those willing to put their lives at risk to help others.

  5. The firefighters should make more money than NFL , NBA, players! This country needs to take a hard look on the pay scale for all first responders, our daily hero’s 🤔

  6. Wow!!!!
    The rescued guy DIDN’T panic. That’s pretty cool….if he had , fireman would have had to knock him out.
    As a child I was in the water when the STOOPID girl panicked. I don’t know HOW she didn’t kill us both.
    I never spoke to her again after that.
    OBVIOUSLY thanks to the fireman.

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