Fireworks as Embattled MP George Wright Returned to Parliament | TVJ News - June 22 2021 1

Fireworks as Embattled MP George Wright Returned to Parliament | TVJ News – June 22 2021


More controversy in the lower house today as the opposition clashed again with government members about the seating arrangement for Westmoreland Central MP George Wright. The opposition remains adamant Mr. Wright is not one of their members and should not sit among them.

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  1. You are trowing your corruption on the other side madam speaker you are not justify madam speaker you should step down,

  2. The speaker of the house, she sounded like an market woman.
    Is that the best they could get to be the speaker of the house in Jamaica?
    May God have mercy on Jamaica..

  3. The oppositions should walk out of parlement and even boycott parlement till they seated boy wrongs on the other side of the house of parliament..
    Keep your problem child on your said of the house..

  4. What a disgrace ina d house of corruption.
    If a normal man did what Mr wright/Wrong did they probably would’ve been found in a police cell beaten to death supposedly by a mad inmate… Or with some electrical cord around his neck supposedly commit suicide.
    Old ppl saying: Jackass say d world nuh level…

  5. You mean to God say them could not get a better speaker???? More than this stupid sour woman who is so bias my God?????

    1. I was asking the same question.
      A where them get this a ray ray Market woman to turn her into speaker of the house?
      Can imagine how she speak to her Gardener.m

  6. WTH is going onI don’t agree with that at all…why should George sit by the opposition side?

  7. So l am wondering how George Wright feels hearing the speaker of the house saying “George Wright is not a member of the governing party”

  8. This is seemingly an utter waste of time and resources. Notwithstanding the circumstances of the Westmoreland MP’s relocation, any MP not a member of government sits on the side of the house, opposite the governing party. That doesn’t make the MP a member of the official opposition (party). Clearly, if this was a multi-party system, more than one party (and possibly independents) would sit opposite to the governing party – all on the same side of the aisle. Let’s turn the page and move on….

  9. Thats why i respect no politician. All woman should be very upset. That man should be charged lock up and not allowed to be an mp anymore. The law is only for the poor in jamaica

  10. Dalrymple should not to be in that house till the situation of her stealing property in montego Bay has been rectified and Wright should be in court and not been paid as an independent minister. They are both disgraceful

  11. Unbelievably shameful…
    They don’t care about us. Seating arrangements?!Where are the efforts to curb crime and violence?!

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