First It Was Seat Belts. Now It’s Vaccines 1

First It Was Seat Belts. Now It’s Vaccines


Chris Hayes looks at how the backlash politics of the Covid vaccine echo the seat belt debate of the 1980s. “We have actually been here before,” says Hayes. 
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  1. My father in-law, a trucker swore seat belts killed people, wouldn’t wear one!! He died, from lung cancer. I forgot to mention he wouldn’t quit smoking either!!

    1. Its not a question of whether cigarettes are healthy or seat belts save lives. Its a matter if individual rights and freedom.

      How far do I have to go to make you people happy? What business it of yours whether I wear a mask, get vaccinated, wear a seat belt, or smoke cigarettes? Stay home as long as you like.

      Life is dangerous, you could die living it. You might run into a fully vaccinated Texas Democrat who gets you sick.

    2. Can we wait until after the midterms to convince retrumplicans to vaccinate? So far, it’s going quite well.

    3. @Cheshire Cat What the F are you talking about? Who thinks that drunk driving should be legal? You should be free to make whatever decision you want for your body as long as you are not infringing on another person’s well being. Drunk driving indangers others. You as an adult not wearing a seat belt or smoking dose not affect any other Americans health but your own. Why do you not understand this?

  2. I was just using this example with a friend of mine when we were discussing how unreasonable people are being about vaccines.

    1. When I had my first car, mandatory seat belts were new. A friend thought, he made an astute argument by saying: “If I take the seat belt, I am expecting to have an accident on that trip.” – I did not forget the stupidity of this utterance for almost 40 years. Chris Hayes makes a very good analogy with the vaccine here.
      If the vaccine would be availiable the moment Trump was talking about ‘kids & sniffels’ and ‘one person from China’ – then people would have taken it easier. There was too much time to talk, talk, talk…nonsense.

    2. @John Smith
      Horses like apples. They eat them. I accidentally put apples on my feet. Didn’t think I’d have to explain it. How’s that party gig going again?

  3. Daily Reminder: January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election.

    1. Thank God for YouTube, and it ignorant insurrectionist that filmed their crimes. Las Vegas, NV July 24, 2021

    2. @Brent Walker I’m sure the 100 people that have been in solitary confinement with no court dates wont forget. Probably shouldn’t have opened the doors for them and for that matter, took trumps request for the national guard

  4. republicans played Russian roulette with there base as far as covid goes. And now the house is winning! So sad, sorta.

    1. The most mind blowing thing is that the US conservatives are handing the keys to their lives to their political adversaries by being against _anything_ from across the aisle.

      By endorsing appel pie Biden could make it “unamerican” in an eye blink.

      If you don’t evaluate proposals on their merits you are being led by the nose by anyone who have grasped the concept of ‘reverse psychology’.

    2. @Angelaina Marie
      Even five years olds can grasp the concept of reverse psychology.

      Maybe not on their own and maybe not the first time, but ya’ll got to try.

      Between the pandemic and climate change civilisation may be in the balance.

  5. The GOP governors who spread the lies about the pandemic are starting to realize that it’s their GOP constituency who are dying and they will eventually lose the next election.

    1. @mk Trump’s GOP has turned the “Big Lie” about having the election stolen from their MAGA cult leader into a conspiracy with the news media lying about everything, including Covid-19. With Trump’s GOP constantly repeating the outrageous “Big Lie” that the nationwide presidential election was stolen and that the national news media is “Fake”; only fuels the hysteria among Trump’s GOP about the pandemic as being “Fake News”. More people will die needlessly, because of this.

    1. @Popeyed 1 You are right. My wife and I are traveling to Europe in November. We are going to wear our mask in the airplane. No matter what. Looking back every time we got in a airplane we got sick when we arrived at our destination. Both of us are 69 years old. We have traveled a lot..Thank you for your advice. God bless you.

    2. Unvaccinated people are like smokers, they #1 harming mainly themselves, but also keeping covid alive which could #2 harm others

    3. They don’t care about you me or anybody else total garbage, We practice child sacrifice that Planned Parenthood push fast food which is the number one killer in America obesi learn America obesity and cigarettes smoking lol if they cared about people saving people they would talk about healthy lifestyles and living healthy and building up your immunity not pumping chemicals in your system

  6. I keep feeling a pull to get into politics, but then I think of how old I am…then I see people like the governor of Alabama and think, maybe it’s not to late.

  7. “I’ve done all i know to do!” “He who creates the problem lacks the knowledge to solve it.” Einstein

  8. The guy doesn’t want vaccines shoved down his throat and ends up in hospital putting hospital personnel at risk. Don’t be shoving virus down the throats of hospital staff. Stay home and ride it out.

    1. Where did they shove the ventilator?
      BTW, when I got my vaccines, they weren’t shoved down my throat. I got a needle in my arm.

    2. @Mary H has get mine every five years and I still get pneumonia sometimes twice a year … but I still get the vaccine

    3. @jutta joines her point was that if you’re prone to pneumonia like me … get the vaccines … Bc covid attack’s the respirtoy

  9. “Conservatism” should be classified as a mental disorder.

    When you’d rather hurt yourself and others just to prove a point – you’re broken.

    1. It actually more like, “I’m drowning, but don’t throw me your fascist life preserver! And don’t even think about getting your dictatorial row boat into the water!”

    2. @derry667dingo That’s not a bad analogy. They don’t want you to save them — or anyone else! It’s like a weird death cult.

    3. Except for it’s a bunch of chemicals who want to stick down your throat no thanks lol I’ll take my chance with the Corona

  10. I remember the motorcycle helmet dust-up too.. Finally, the cops said, “we are tired of scooping up your brains off the dasmned highway.”. The folks got it.

    1. Kurt Russell was vehemently anti-helmet.
      The he crashed his motorcycle and was VERY LUCKY.
      Now he’s strongly pro-helmet.

      OK, that’s nice, but couldn’t he have learned by others example?

    1. @9753flyer

      Why? Because I don’t want to give the government (or by extension you and your crazy commie friends) authority to mandate an experimental mRNA gene therapy that neither prevents you from catching or spreading the virus simply to make you feel safer?

    2. @Brandon Marcotte …..Seatbelts don’t necessarily mean you won’t die or be in a car crash or even cause one but they sure increase the odds of survival. That’s how this work too… Please read more.

    3. My apocalyptic bro-in-law thinks it’s natural selection too…Delta variant 200x more contagious human over population correction..diminishing resources at Thanksgiving dinner table

    4. Ahh yes its quite entertaining to watch you ignorant fools support your own enslavement while the billionaire class move to isolated islands and wait for the chaos to start.

  11. “Oh, I won’t wear a seat belt or get a covid vaccine, because I’m Republican, the party that’s pro-life.”

    1. @Tradeladder please enlighten us all on your opinions on this. Im sure they will be well balanced, nuanced and empathetic to the situation a woman finds hereslf in when she takes such a diecison.

    2. @Popeyed 1 Why are you asking me about a Woman’s Body, I’m refering to Republicans stance on Covid Vaccines nothing else, Abortion in my opinion is upto the individual Woman it should be her choice.

  12. The vaccine is free… I hope his weeks in the hospital are not. Once he gets the bill he might have a different point of view.

    1. When he gets that bill, most likely he won’t pay for it, most likely the state will pay his cost!!!

    2. Trust me 1500 day, plus extras probably complain about the federal health care for the DEAD BEATS

    1. Lol I hope all of them refuse vaccines for years an slowly but surely the entire republican party dies of covid

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