1. She’s like a 12/10. Very intelligent too. She’s got the goddess genes.

    1. You think only white people can be smart? As for the pretty, did you believe the hollywood hype that indigenous women are ugly??

    2. @Ku Istan C Fraine How do you get that from his comment? Although it’s a sexist comment, its a complement none the less.

    3. @Ku Istan C Fraine he never even mentioned race, take your race baiting to twitter where it belongs, Karen.

    4. @Hans GruberI’m 62 years old and have always liked beautiful things buildings art, cars, woman and nowadays the last thing isn’t allowed to be mentioned any more , political correctness is killing the world .
      She is very beautiful that’s what my eyes are telling me , she has to be very intelligent to get accepted into Harvard Law School . The comment you reacted on was just plain stupid , I’ve been to many countries in different parts of the world most people are not at all good looking but some people are good looking and that has nothing to do with color or race , well she doesn’t belong in my category that’s for sure LOL.

  2. Thank you for this education Laurence! I understand native American culture and where they have been as a people! Thank you 🙏 🔥 🐻 ⚡

  3. GQP: “White people created America. There was nothing here before the Pilgrims. Native American culture doesn’t exist.”
    America: “Did you know 26 states are named from Native Americans?”
    GQP: “C’mon now, you know who you’re talking to right?”
    America: “Sorry. My bad. 😅😂

  4. Good lord she’s pretty… I mean congrats and best of luck. Study hard and make your people proud.

  5. Wishing all the best. I’m so sorry for the history of the two faced pin heads Hoping that you can make right of the Greed Gluttony that European people have and are doing

    1. Maybe you should read some history , people all over the world have always been violent none is better none is worse.

  6. I wish her all the best.
    I also wish that when you “dislike” a video you have to provide a reason or your dislike doesn’t register.

  7. I used to summer on the Vineyard. About time a Native Wampanoag Vineyarder got represented at Harvard.

  8. Can we take a moment and admire her beauty? Beauty and brains. Good luck and hard work pays off.

    1. @Keith , so you can determine the exact percentages of genetic influences of a person? Stick that bs. Try to act like a decent human being. I know, that’s asking a lot.

    2. @Tom Tiernan Native American are East Asian in genetics, does she look like a Korean or Chinese to you? To answer you question, yes I can tell between major racial groups because I have seem a lot of mixed race people. IHow about you try to act like a decent human being for a change? Are we so politically correct we couldn’t even handle some simple truth?

    3. @Keith oh, so she is pretty bc she is mixed?? It’s still a racist, lookist comment. & I know alot of white folks too, & they are not all pretty.

    4. @Ku Istan C Fraine oh come on, Asian can be very pretty too, where did I say one has to be white to be pretty, I happened to know many beautiful East Asian ladies, but she is clearly not East Asian.

  9. Thank God I am not the only one obsessed with this woman’s beauty. I was feeling really guilty.

  10. Why are so many people surprised by her beauty?? Kind of weird. She got there with smarts and hard work, along with a strong support system, something needed for most people. She’s going to fight for what’s right, that I’m most impressed with!!

    1. I promise you her incredible beauty is more rare than her strong intellect. There are intelligent people all over, but beauty like that is exceedingly rare. We’re not all strange to be knocked sideways by her appearance. She also has a great character too. She’s basically perfect is what I’m saying.

    2. @Ryan L sure, lacks a little class, I’m not sure if that’s what she wants to be known for. Just a little thought and respect for the individual, we are more than our surface

  11. So happy for my native sister, congrats on your hard work and I hope you get to some great places to help our people with our struggle.

  12. This is glorious and she will add wonderfully to the diversity of voices needed in this country for America to heal and reach wholeness. 💙

  13. YOWZA! Look at those dimples, she’s gorgeous! She’s really well spoken and intelligent too, total package! Best of luck to you young one! ❤️

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