Flooding in 9 Miles, Bull Bay – October 26 2020

Flooding in 9 Miles, Bull Bay - October 26 2020 1


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5 Comments on "Flooding in 9 Miles, Bull Bay – October 26 2020"

  1. P O O R • G A M I N G SUB4SUB | October 27, 2020 at 1:02 PM | Reply

    We need to pray more 🥺

  2. The wise build their houses up on the rocks that is the hills but they that are not wise will build their down on the sand that is on the flat for when the rain falls and the river rises beyond it banks wherewith shall thou go for all rivers flows from under a rock so above the rock will always be safe but below the rock or hill will offer no protection to one’s safety in the time of the stormy weather

  3. I would never ever build or live near a river or gully

  4. That lady was so right. Everyone wants to build on what is theirs. But no real plans. Each house affects the distribution of water

  5. Stop burning the hills to plant coffee.The trees along with the shrubs hold back the water,plus the roots help to prevent landslide.When the rain falls everything including soil rushes into the gully and the rivers.The silt makes the river shallower and more easier for it to crest and flood the area.

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