Flooding shows impacts of climate change ‘here sooner than expected’: Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke during an emergency debate on the flooding in British Columbia, saying that the severe flooding the province is experiencing is a symptom of climate change.

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    1. Carbon taxes work when they are set high enough. It’s not hard to see how habits change when it becomes financially unfeasible. Problem is nobody wants to change their habits or way of life because it’s inconvenient.

    1. @ARK CON facts don’t care about your right wing talking points and your inability to grasp complex subjects.

    2. @ARK CON lmao you are so clueless bud…here are some facts for you…

      “The largest increases are expected in the Dakotas, where producers intend to plant a combined 8.90 million acres, an increase of 2.00 million acres from 2020. “

      “Soybean growers intend to plant 87.6 million acres in 2021, up 5% from last year.”

      An increase in crop yeilds from last year, DOES NOT AT ALL fly in the face of climate change lmao

      And the fact you are focusing on like very specific things, you are missing the forest through the trees

    3. @ARK CON also 1 or 2 scientists predictions that were wrong DOES NOT mean all of climate change science is wrong lmao

      Jesus Christ bud, you are cherry picking like crazy

    4. @ARK CON you right wingers make the same brain dead mistakes when it comes to covid… you find 1 or 2 willing doctors to go against the grain than claim all others are clearly wrong

  1. “See, the difference between those that just do what their told without thinking and those who are awake is the point where the conclusion is made. If you follow this through, the asleep make their conclusion at the start of the process. So, this guy says something or some other moron says something, some other psychopath who’s in officialdom and they tell them this and they tell them that, uh get your booster and all this stuff and they just do it. They just follow. Their conclusion does not come as a result of a series of thought processes, it comes as a package delivered to them.”

  2. Notice how fast the climate change issue went down to seventh on the list of what Canadians want parliament to prioritize? This happened when the cost of living skyrocketed.

    1. Building by rivers has always been risky! Whenever there’s a rain fall that’s in excess they blame climate change! Not that it rains and snows by the meters per year and this time it rained 1 months worth in a day. It’s the rainiest part of the country.

    1. Past flooding always came in Spring with massive snowmelt combined with heavy rain. This flood was much worse and came just from rain alone which in unprecedented.

  3. BC drained the land & put in levies to hold back the water. They were warned in 2015 that those levies were faulty and needed repair and failed to do so.

  4. I guess carbon taxes can’t change the weather. Build better infrastructure if you are going to be living in a flood plain

    1. Yes they can as we are paying for geo engineering, welcome to the outcome, a “climate emergency”.

  5. Weather isnt climate. Sporadic one time or very rare events isnt climate by definition. Climate is averages over long periods of time.

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