Florida Doctor: My Freedom Ends When I Endanger Your Health 1

Florida Doctor: My Freedom Ends When I Endanger Your Health


Florida physician Dr. Aileen Marty reacts to the spike in Covid cases in her state and Gov. Ron DeSantis refusing to back down from banning mask mandates.

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  1. They scream what about the economy, while fostering a genocide of worker’s. One Dr. observed me from a war zone, and gave me a time out. Dr’s, and Nurse’s are not allowed to that stand testament to the shame.

    1. Gave you a time out lol? You mean you claimed you where suffering from some mental health condition and they separated you lol..I’ve served multiple tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan with my Naval EOD team, never have I seen someone be given “a timeout” by a doctor. The only ones given a break where those to weak to hack it and got separated. So that must be what you told yourself and your family when you got home, they gave you a “timeout” lol..

  2. this GOP driven madness must end. It’s almost like now donating money to drumpfs legal fund is no longer enough & now they are asking their supporters to give their own lives or those of their loved ones.

    1. @IronskullGM not mine! Their own! I can’t help people too stupid to help themselves. So nice try, but Bigly Fail!

    2. @Snap Dragon so rules for thee not for me… silly fascist… thanks for exposing yourself and your ethical values. Oh and 70% of the unvaccinated are POC.. wonder why…

    3. These Self-serving, LYING people just don’t care about ANYTHING,they don’t care if you and yours deads, illness,pains.just wants lie,steal your money and laugh at you

  3. DeSantis thinks this is the way to become a presidential candidate. This man’s political career has to come to a screeching halt.

  4. “My freedom ends where I’m endangering your health” or “Your liberty to swing your fist ends just where my nose begins”. A basic premise of a supposed civil society.

    1. Everyone not getting vaccinated and wearing masks are putting children and vulnerable people at risk. This is unpatriotic, unChristian, and utterly selfish. Florida is dying because people aren’t doing the right thing.

    2. @outofyourleagueandyouknowit What murder? The boogaloo boys were the ones that murdered several officers, alongside the officer you insurrectionists clubbed to death on the 6th.

      That one death outpasses the number of officers dead over sixth months.

      But keep lying to yourself.

    3. @CHANNEL Q Yeah, you might find there to be a slight difference between putting on a mask to fight a virus, and branding people to fight STD’s.

      I love how you go straight towards Nazi levels of degerency. Didn’t I already tell you to grow up?

    4. @CHANNEL Q You think masks are tyranny?

      God. Imagine thinking wearing a piece of cloth to protect other human beings is tyranny.

      You really are a snowflake.

    1. @Heuristic Nepenthean He inherited it. Just need to be born to the right father, then cheat the siblings out of their share.

    1. @Fair Dinkum look at their monicker, a Quanon conspiracy theory that has been debunked. Numerous times.

    2. He is copping his masters playbook, Trump lost the election you would think he would go a different way.

    1. @M D Trump called out Uyghur Muslim genocide, Beijing Biden defended it, he said it was a good thing because it was “a cultural norm”

    2. @David Wilson Seriously! It’s funny how they call President Biden “Beijing” but he wasn’t the one with a secret Chinese bank account! His daughter wasn’t the one who got 13 patents fast tracked & voting machines. If they don’t GTFOH

  5. I think that it should be told that dead people do not have any rights anymore so if you want to protect your rights start from protecting your life

    1. @GodzUnit01 , no , offcourse not , my point is , why do people living in america need to follow these very very strict rules , when the white house is letting illegals pick and choose where they go , and many of them positive with the virus, and then people wonder why are we getting more cases?

    2. @leonardo ramirez Why do you think Immigrants have COVID and Americans don’t ?
      Cause you might be thinking they come from countries where they have
      1) No Mask Mandates
      2) Are unvaccinated ?
      Or is there another reason ?

    3. @leonardo ramirez sad that you are only thinking about your rights and not your community as a whole .

    4. @Joanne Galbraith , iam vaccinated, but i still believe its the choice of the person , not somebody like fauci or this white house telling everyone must do it , plus iam sure many of you forgot already that many democrats including kamala said on tape she did not trust the vaccine because trump was president, lebron james said he wouldn’t take it , does it also make those people dangerous?

    1. I support the kids west mask, because it’s ptotect then from COVID. Children can easily caught the virus and bring it home to the elderly. Florida is basically elderly people. Be wise wear your mask to protect yourself and others

  6. It’s akin to a DUI you have the freedom to drive and the freedom to drink alcohol being over 21 , but you don’t have the freedom to endanger life by doing them both together. Let’s be straight if your still politicising COVID 19 your obviously not smart enough for the job.

    1. What? You mean I don’t have the “freedom” to get in my car with faulty brakes, while intoxicated and drive down the road at 100 mph at night without my lights on?

    1. @Rachel – Your Liberty ends when it endangers others! I know that concept is over your head so I’ll repeat it even though it will still be over your head. Your Liberty ends when it endangers others! F. U. & your fake account too!

  7. Exactly, my freedom ends when I endanger everyone else’s health. It is just that Ron DeSantis, the Trump-enabling governor of Florida is not backing down from banning mask mandates.

    1. He has banned mask madates by not releasing state education fund, He is killing our kids, will not allow school districts to protect the kids with mask mandates, school districts have that right under the state constitution (is to protect the kids). Our Government is harming and killing them.

  8. For DeSantis to say …we are seeing more community spread than in the schools…..he does not know , it takes time, even weeks to incubate in each host. After widespread exposure it is nigh impossible to lock down where the contact came from. And only highlights the need for protective measures

    1. As well, since school was out before the delta variant took hold no one including DeSantis has data saying their is more community spread for children outside of schools than in with the Delta variant. Literally no data yet.

    2. He has to be talking about Alpha Covid, which kids didn’t spread at school. (Which they just did a study that shows it’s due to their polio vax protecting them from Alpha.) He can’t know about Delta.

  9. For Pete’s sake, when I taught 6th grade social studies the curriculum made it clear that rights come with responsibility. My 6th graders had no problem with the concept.

    1. Totally agree! I find it pretty ironic that the RepubliCANTS dont seem to realize that their rhetoric is slowly but surely killing their own base!! Just as long as they will everything to the Traitor-in-Chief, EX-PRESIDENT Trump, first. Donny-boy does NOT seem to care whatsoever that by constantly repeating it!! The Whiner-in-Chief, EX-PRESIDENT Trump, seems to have convinced himself that it is the truth, which just makes him look crazier and crazier!! Pretty pathetic! DeSantis might want to win in 2024, but this country is getting a preview of how he would handle himself. I’m NOT impressed, in fact, I’m disgusted and ashamed that the RepubliCANTS are so focused on and constantly propagating the ‘Big Lie,’ rather than helping the American people fight for voting rights or any other ridiculousness they can come up with. I think it’s pretty darn apparent that he doesn’t care about his ‘base’ or anyone else and in fact is actively murdering them with his rhetoric!

    2. @April Valleyvamp Just like Trump at the beginning of the virus ; he killed 500,000+ people with his reckless homicidal rhetoric by down playing the virus KNOWING FULL WELL HOW DEADLY THE VIRUS IS. Then back tracks and says he didn’t want citizens to panic. WTH? What happened to transparency? He might as well have said; I rather have people die then panic. SMH And what is sickening is he’s now blaming Fauci and lying about him too. Wonder how many people took his advice and injected “Disinfection’ LOL

    3. And what is sickening is he’s now blaming Fauci and lying about him too. Wonder how many people took his advice and injected “Disinfection’ LOL

    4. @EVERREADY TO PLAY What are you even saying. Fauci did lie and admitted to it. They found emails of him lying and him full well knowing that Covid came from a China lab leak. Voting is just as easy as buying alcohol. In Florida were I live all I have to do is walk in with my ID then I can vote, That is all. The same one that I can use to by alcohol.

    5. @Mr_Tucker What are you talking about? I read the e-mails. And he never admitted to lying. What did he exactly lie about to do with the China lab leak conspiracy theory?

    1. Except not really. Even if you don’t connect the punch, it’s considered to be assult.

      Being unvaccinated is not an act of violence.

    2. @OrcaBob 4337 Notice the quote says nothing about punching anyone, but about swinging a fist with no mention of intent. If you throw a punch at someone and don’t hit them, it’s attempted assault because you intended to cause them harm.

      If you are dancing at a concert and hit someone by accident while flailing your arms, they’re not likely to charge you with assault but you are still responsible for hitting them and should make amends.

      If you choose to stay unvaxxed when you can be vaxxed, get COVID, transmit it to someone else, and they die of COVID, nobody is going to haul you away in handcuffs because (I hope) you didn’t go out with the intention of killing someone using COVID as a weapon. However, YOU still killed someone, through YOUR decision not to vaccinate, and if you can live with that then there is something pretty wrong with you.

    3. @Christy Clevenger You said “fist” not arms. No one dances with closed fists, unless it’s a brawl in the mosh pit… In which case, you know what you’re getting into. Your implication read as more intentional.

      There is no way of telling who you infect, unless you are directly coughing in their face. In which case, I agree. You should get penalized over potentially risking someones life. However, the problem with airborne pathogens is that they sneak into your system. And the we see it now, vaccines are just not enough atm.

      It’s not my fault that science is failing you and others who vaccinate. Nor is it my fault that life doesn’t guarantee a right to live. I don’t disrespect you over it either. I will still wear my mask and maintain a clean life to do what I can.

      I just see how politicized this is becoming. I do the math on the mortality rates. I see all the parroted statements… Something doesn’t add up.

      I trust my instincts over the hyped up fear of others. I think I’m better off trusting my immune system over a foreign substance. If that scares you, just remember, you are encouraging others to feel despair as a means to take the vaccine.

      All is fair.

  10. DeSantis has zero respect for science or Florida’s doctors, nurses, hospital staff or teachers. He is incompetent and authoritarian. Vote blue in 2022 snd 2024

    1. @Drusilla Winters I’ll tell you why, …….when you have a president who allows open borders for illegals that many are carrying covid, flooding Texas towns where there’s been bad spikes of covid cases, but A- holes on here blaming DeSantis for ALLOWING parents to make the choice, seems real hypocritical.

    2. Biden has all the respect in the world for these people.Just asked the covid laden immigrants being released unvaccinated into the USA.

    3. @Rmk Your source for this claim is what? Please provide a reliable piece of data/evidence which supports your claim. Keep in mind that “I saw it on Fox News” is not reliable evidence.

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