Can Biden Keep Dems Together To Pass His $3.5T Budget Plan? 1

Can Biden Keep Dems Together To Pass His $3.5T Budget Plan?


The Senate has advanced Biden's $3.5 trillion budget proposal which would expand the social safety net. Senate Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have signaled concerns with the price tag while some Democrats in the House may not think the plan goes far enough. Peter Baker joins to discuss.

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    1. So why are you Bankrupting their future, why do you vote for liars and thieves? You know politicians are corrupt but you vote them in anyways ohhhh that’s right just blame the other team right.. when the last politicians that were held accountable for ANYTHING?

    1. Casey Lance if you ever meet a liberal that’s not a hypocrite please let me know. I would love to meet that unicorn.

    1. @Mark Cicero so you’re going to effectively destroy our country & overthrow Democracy all over trump? Literally just vote him out, Dems don’t LOVE Biden like that. Who tf you think y’all strapping up to fight? Our own military?

    2. @Fredrick2kj You DID cry stolen! For four G.D. years! Or did you forget about the Russia Hoax and the Mueller witch hunt?

    3. @John Holliday no normal Democrat in this country was running around whining about a stolen election in 2016. Especially over Hilary, the media/Trump fed yal that Bs.

    4. @van.h4cks I assume he is referring to the fact that you die from Antibody dependant enhancement between 2-5 years after taking the V. Prion protein crystals building up in your organs. Your body attacking itself. You didn’t know? C’mon man!!!

    5. @Fredrick2kj There is no way you could love Biden like that, because all your thoughts are consumed with Donald Trump.

  1. It (almost) laughable that Biden points out that Trump added 8 trillion in four years; But now, hasn’t Biden added well over 4 trillion in only 7 months?
    How manipulative; The tactic of defection isn’t looking good on you Joe…

    1. DeeDee If Biden cared about our carbon footprint he would rollback the biggest polluter the US military.Instead he passes the biggest pentagon budget in the history of the world,and the media doesn’t want to report it.

    2. @Strayedarticle Indeed. A person that understands ratios and simple stats.
      Okay, we now unveiled his motives. ‘Social Safety Nets’ while other middle/mid-high income workers would collect the tab. DeeDee or DoeDoe if he thinks corporations will leave where their money is not treated better.

      I worked at many blue chip companies that outsource to keep their burn rate down. In fact, with the same quality of effort/work from out of the States.

      In all respects, he is kidding himself if believes the infrastructure bill will pay for 29 trillion in national debt as well with unfunded liabilities to equal 134 trillion combined.

      New Alert:
      That would mean each American within the population would owe 855k immediately (today) to pay the latter.

      You sound very green or young to not look at the holistic picture.

  2. The world is going to call for an end to the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. The government has now printed 50% of U.S. gdp over the last year, that is completely unsustainable. The seat of U.S. power is the dollars roll as the world reserve currency. The government and fed are doing everything they can to bring about the fiscal collapse of the U.S.

    1. China will own the world reserve status. Big corps r banking on it now and making their moves. Just gotta spend so much that US has to go to austerity measures. Our bankers will tell us when that starts.

    2. Also… they are artificially manipulating down the spot price of gold & silver and gobbling it up in mass, so when the dollar collapses the same crowd are going to have all the wealth

  3. So if we collect $2 trillion in taxes every year and spend $4 trillion every year, how long until the country collapses and breaks apart like the Soviet Union did? Or do we start a world war like the Weimar Republic did to get us out of the death spiral?

    1. Of course the Progessives just say “Tax the billionaires!” All of the billionaires in the United States combined have 4 trillion dollars. Even if we took 100% of their wealth, that would not get anywhere close to paying off the 28 trillion dollar national debt.

    2. @mike No they say tax everyone at the same rates we did in the 1960s when you claim that “America was Great.” So let’s Make America Great again and put a 70% tax on everything over $400k income and tax all income at the same rates. No more super low rates for unearned income. Oh, and remove the SS income cap.

    3. @OldCountryman When did I say America was great in 1960? Do you have schizophrenia that makes you envision things that don’t exist? Nobody payed the 70% tax rate. The U.S. government blew all of the money from WW2 gains in the 1960s and it led to a barren 1970s.

      And no, that’s not what they want. Warren and others said they wanted a wealth tax on people who are extremely wealthy. It was not an income tax, and it was for people much richer than 400k per year.

    4. Take 100% of the billionaires and millionaires money and you run the country for 6 months. More taxes solves nothing until you cut spending.

    1. “My predescessor added 8 trillion in debt…” as Biden is adding 3.5 trillion in his first year…the narcissism is real here.

    2. Of course he does. he created such a big mess that Biden is Cleaning up. Repubs thinks he’s supposed to clean it up in a day. SMDH

    3. @Theresa Lennon oof, how many years in Congress he could’ve cleaned up? Lol, silly theresa this isn’t his first yr lol

  4. The $3.5 Trillion“infrastructure bill”, we’ll be lucky if they repair 4 potholes with that money, the rest will go to completely unrelated projects that will solely benefit the Political gain.

    1. @Diyanne Leach pathetic people with their brains stuck in a perpetual loop.

      “The sky is blue.”

      “But Trump Trump Trump Trump.”

    2. Are people thinking that those higher taxes aren’t going to be passed onto consumers? That’s already starting to happen. Also, it’s easier for bigger companies to survive with higher taxes, but it can and will cripple small businesses. I believe this will get paid for without impacting the middle-class about as much as I believe Biden’s campaign promise to cure cancer.

    3. @M D Same reason Amazon and larger companies support minimum wage increases. Not the kindness of their hearts. It destroys the little guys who have no room in their margins and much less access to cheap capital.

    4. @ToEuropa Doesn’t matter, they have always said it’s this and that and then find out it 80% of it went to pet projects and their family.

  5. When Biden is squinting at the teleprompter, I’m wondering, is he trying to read it or filling his Depends again

  6. Pelosi has a thing about trying to pass bills no one reads. Her bills are called “the thick book bill.” Make it so big that no one reads the fine print.

    1. The confederation of misfits that is the democratic party hate each other almost as much as they hate America

  7. Democrats not sticking together to spend “our” money? You all must be crazy, this truly unites them.

    1. Their money. We the smart ones use the tax code and LLCs to stop stupid. They tax corps, we pass it to THEM

    1. at the scale they are describing the corruption is massive. look at what recently happened with the federal unemployment and hoe the scammers made off with BILLIONS.

  8. Posers meme was “build back better” . Did he actually mean “ mess this sh!t up beyond repair!”
    Seems to be more the plan.

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