Anti-Mask Protest Erupts At Tennessee School Board Meeting 1

Anti-Mask Protest Erupts At Tennessee School Board Meeting


Public health expert Michael Osterholm reacts to the shocking protests that erupted outside a school board meeting on masks just outside Nashville, Tennessee.
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  1. So, parents will get their child to wear a seat belt in a car to save their life but, they won`t tell them to wear a mask at school to save their life.

    1. It’s obviously party over the lives of their own kids. It’s their anti Biden agenda. Inbreeding must come to an end.

    2. @Nick L When a mask is the only defense for your child against this virus, this should be a no brainer.

    1. Right. Remember January 6th.Trump must be held accountable. I’d like to thank the subscribers. Soon we will be able to have live streams. There is strength in numbers

  2. Insane behavior.
    Whether you take the vaccine or not or wear masks..
    NO person should act like that.
    We don’t prosecute men like my dad for abusing kids,
    These people don’t care about others kids.
    They are entirely focused on what they want.
    Just lke my narcissistic dad
    Hypocrisy writ large

    1. Okay don’t want your kids to wear a mask as their ONLY means of defense against Covid, then they can stay home and do virtual school while the rest rejoin society.

    2. @LB Walker That’s a simple solution to the problem. But the trump party doesn’t want to be told what to do by Democrats period.

  3. Who would thought we would see this again after 600,000 lives loss, and people can still act like this. Last year was burning masks, this year same story. Hearts grow colder, by the day. Smh

    1. @PX I thought so too. 600k+ deaths and immeasurable suffering STILL can’t get them to understand… so sad

    2. I feel bad for the children the parents don’t care. If their child.geys this Covid and dies the parents should go to prison

    3. Sadly for these trailer park people this is probably the only thing they are intelligent enough to protest the republican-led states have really been hammering the white outrage theme for along time.

  4. Damd! “How many children will have to die?”
    I can’t…
    In my country you can’t go to public school unless you are vaccinated for DPT. I think that means, Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tuberculosis? And that’s been a mainstay since the vaccines were invented. Ask me how I know? I am an old women who bore children who now have children of their own. The rules haven’t changed.

    “No shirt, no shoes = no service”, has also been around my entire life. There were never protests demanding, “FREEDOM”, because establishments wanted to protect their product and clientele. Some establishments even have dress codes. So why the hub bub now?

    If it can save your life and someone else’s, please do it. Please get the vaccine.

    1. Most schools require kids to be fully vaccinated to attend. The T is for tetanus or lock jaw is it’s slang name. Hope that dude that says he never been vaxed doesn’t step on a rusty nail or cut himself with something rusty. There is no cure for tetanus and no cure for ignorance either.

  5. Behold, another place where intelligence goes to die.

    The sad part is, at best they put kids out of school because teachers may get sick and at worst, they put their kids in hospital – or themselves.
    Certain people should not reproduce…

  6. “All this rhetoric is going to do nothing to protect the lives of these children.” But these people don’t know what “rhetoric” means. It means the last 4 years.

  7. I wonder why these people bother sending their kids to school considering that they have no chance to become any smarter than their parents.

    1. I think we should be happy about all the differences. I wouldn’t want to live in a robotic country like the one George Orwell describes in his book 1984.

    2. Here’s a fun experiment I’ve been trying lately: Whenever a Qonservative/RepubliQAn mentions 1984, say “Without looking at your phone, name 2 characters from 1984. In fact, just name even one. What is the book about? How does it end?” Inevitably, the answer will always (100% of the time) be “Well I read it a long time ago. I don’t remember.” Lulz. Also, fun fact! George Orwell was a socialist, dummies.

  8. They couldn’t careless about the children. What they do care about is “taking America” back from people who aren’t as American as they are.

  9. “We know who you are, we know how to find you, the Police are on our side”. Threats made right in Front of Over – Seers and they did nothing but look stupid like they always do… The world knows who you are, and you will pay if that man or his family is hurt!!!!!!

    1. The loud ones are one in the same as the domestic terrorists that marched on our Capital January 6th. Sick, ignorant, and dangerous if allowed to roam free.

  10. Unfortunately this happens everywhere you find Homosapiens.

    There are well-informed, poorly-informed & misinformed Homosapiens.

    Ignore knows no Boundaries.

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