1. I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn’t mean security rather having different investments is the real deal.

    1. Access to a good information is what the investors needs to progress financially and in life. Here is a good one and I’m grateful.

  2. “If you don’t vote you don’t count” isn’t democratic, you have the right TOO and NOT TO vote,… if less then half the people eligible to vote, vote, is that a democracy?

    1. @Elmosweed Yeah.. where I’m from, when You turn 18, You get a letter from the government of being able to vote from there on out, that’s it.. when it’s time to vote, You get another letter with instructions to show up with that letter with you and an ID..

    2. @EinieN J In many States if you did not register with a specific party you are not allowed to vote in primary elections.

    3. @EinieN J For example:
      Nevada Is a CLOSED Primary Election State

      In Nevada, Federal/State Primary Elections are “CLOSED.”
      That means if you chose Democratic or Republican as your party on your Voter Registration Application, you may vote only for candidates from your own party and you may also vote in nonpartisan contests.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis if liberals are leaving where they are from because of liberal policies they do not like, but republicans are happy with their leadership and stay where they are…….doesn’t that mean republican lead governments are more desirable? I haven’t hear anything about people fleeing to New York or California right now

    2. @jonathan sernholt well glad you acknowledge that your family lives in a drug den and glad you have acknowledged what you are. I can speak of Tampa and it being the number one real estate growth in the country last year…….maybe your family is just upset because they are being pushed out of their trailer parks and forced to create meth labs somewhere else. You truly have no idea what you are speaking of…….lay off the pipe homie

    3. @Reifugee NO, that is NOT the exact opposite of a democrat. Democrats is everything you commented on, that is what democrats want and believe in.
      Republicans don’t want equality, they have taken away rights of individuals like women’s rights, LGBQT rights. Republicans are for nationalism. Republicans are for corporate power and screw the little people.

    4. @John Doe you don’t know if its liberals that are leaving, it could be any political party. You all and your assumptions is ridiculous, and if they are leaving It is NOT because of liberal policy. Really,? from what I have heard and seen there are plenty of republicans who think republican policy is crap, so NO they are NOT happy.
      NO, it does NOT mean republican government is more desirable. I think they are the worst. I lived under both.
      Like texas for example I wouldn’t live there just because they don’t have regulations on companies or is the least regulated and then there is their laws, I would NOT live in any red state with their current laws.
      NO one is fleeing, there is NO war or mass migration moron.
      People do move you know.

  3. Here is a job for DeSantis’s “voter fraud group”, investigate who’s responsible for Changing people’s affiliate from Democrat to Republican without their consent. Follow up on the actual voter fraud cases that are known here in Florida where at least 4 Republicans voted twice. Let justice be applied equally.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em dems and reps. fbi protects the dem fraud more. why do you say only reps have committed fraud as if we cant see who the fbi arrested on google lol .. duh…

    2. @Jerry McClure that’s not true lol I’ve met the guy . He’s pretty straight forward on what he plans to do .

      You live in a blue state and are projecting aren’t you .

      Don’t all the blue states have governors with private police already ?

      # Lori Lightfoot

  4. They will NEVER stop people so all you can do is vote, vote, vote. Be certain you are registered, make sure it is accepted or is still good, no changes necessary, be sure to vote early, if mail in, get your ballot as soon as you can. It’s going to be a difficult year. This is just appalling.

    A commissioner in my state was proposing to go back to paper ballots and have the National Guard at all polling sites. Half of this country is totally insane!!!!!!

    1. @Belly Dancer Em Yes, of course and that’s how it works. The Big Lie pushers use the fact that on a map. a larger area of the country shows red. Well DUH, but what is the population? There is NOT a lot of much of anything between Reno and Las Vegas for example.

    1. He barely won by under 30,000 votes, and the man he was running against had an active FBI investigation at the time. There is no way he would win again vs a real candidate. Especially after us Floridians have seen how corrupt that egomaniac is.

    2. @MMShaggy I live in Tampa which is a liberal city technically, Ronny D is the man and did a great job during the pandemic and helped people get back to work sooner than a lot of the country.

    3. @John Doe I’m in Naples a Republican stronghold and many here can’t stand him and consider him one of the worst Governors we’ve had.

      He had the State stop reporting Covid cases because it was making him look bad. He even removed deaths from the records before stopping it completely, if it wasn’t for the CDC we would be clueless on how the States numbers were.

      Right before the election he had also stopped reporting Covid numbers 3 weeks prior to the election so Trump looked better.

      Nothing says great Governor like playing politics during a deadly pandemic..

      He put his political aspirations above the health and safety of our children.

      He bought into, promoted and banned schools and teaching based on the fake CRT pushed by right wing media.

      He tried to pull funding from schools if they followed CDC guidance because that’s what right wingers wanted, not based on science or data but how loud the trailer park trash yelled about it.

      Florida Leeds the country in children hospitalized by Covid.

      His voter suppression laws are ridiculous and once again based on no factual data, in fact the data suggests the exact opposite, that this was the most secure election in our countries history. But that didn’t stop Ron from lying and passing laws because as Republicans admitted publicly “we’ll never win a other election if we don’t stop them”.

      He’s used so many racist terms in the past, supported racists and many of his laws passed under racist overtones.
      I’d give you countless examples but I’m sure you already know about it his past racist statements against Latinos, blacks, Muslims,

      I could go on and on with many more examples of how bad he is, not only as a politician and governor but how rotten to his core he really is. But sure, tell me more about how great that corrupt, pos is.

    4. @MMShaggy Yeah, hes just a pretty vile person and most would agree with your accessment. He reminds me of a villian in a bad 80s movie only the villians in the movies are actors and DeSantis is actually a real villian in real life. Didnt he give the first 3000 does of the Covid vaccine to a gated community who were his biggest donors?

    1. Why? Because they believe a lie? Everyone believes a lie or two, either religious, sociological or political. Who are you to judge which mistaken beliefs should result in institutionalization?

    2. @Deborah Freedman A cult is more than “a lie or two”. These psychophants (contraction of “psychotic” and “elephants”) are a danger to themselves and others – specifically our democratic republic.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis Fox and Newsmax is controlled opposition. I’m not sure about OAN but I’m really sure about all the “news” organizations that you believe are telling the truth, are propagandizing and gaslighting you.

    2. @Brass Tacks Fox tells lies all the time, you can fact check their claims and see they are lying. They push trump propaganda daily.
      cnn/msnbc you can also fact check and see they are telling the truth, it is not that complicated, except maybe the idiots on the right.

    3. @Brass Tacks did I say “news” debunked everything? NO, I did NOT.
      The senate hearings debunked everything.

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis Senate hearing with treasonous politicians “debunked” it. Got it dude baaaahahahahhahahahaha you’re a fool

    5. @Brass Tacks they were republicans and the election board, and no they were NOT treasonous. Your claims are debunked, any smart person knows how to fact check. guess you fall outside of that category

    1. @Mike Davis I see a lot of Florida plates on cars in Portland, OR. DeSantis must be doing something wrong.

    2. @Deborah Freedman Those must be the Lefties who are allergic to freedom and seek the company of other Marxists. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis Oh, let me see. Yeah, mask mandates; lockdowns; shutting down of businesses and schools. Unlike those of the blue states, DeSantis’ approaches to managing the Virus were based on science and commonsense. Consequently, Floridians reached herd immunity quicker and safer than any state in the union. DeSantis was right, and Fauci was wrong.

      I can hardly wait for the Republicans to regain the majorities in the chambers after the midterms so they can launch investigations and get to the bottom of this contrived plandemic. This was simply an engineered attempt to destroy America, and those responsible must be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Heads gotta roll.

  5. Isn’t this the same state that was reported on where people’s voter cards were being changed (from democrat to republican) by people who where telling citizens that couldn’t read or speak English( and the elderly citizen) they needed to “update” their voting registration?
    Were those people able to change their party back before this voting happened? Or were they not counted?

    1. As a general rule, if you want to know what Republicans are guilty of, just pay attention to what they’re falsely accusing others of doing.

      Back in March 2020, a FloridaWoman and Trump supporter, wasArrested after filing nearly 120 false voter registration forms, investigators said. The Lake County Sheriff’s OfficeArrested Cheryl Hall for voter registration fraud.

      Authorities said they were able to connect Hall to the falsified documents because of serial numbers on the applications.

      Most of the application issues were related to party affiliation changes. Officials said they aren’t sure if the fraud was the result of just one person or if more people are involved.

      “Voters begin calling here last week, telling us that they had begun receiving new voter information cards from our office indicating that (they had been changed) from registered Democrats to registered Republican Party members,” said Alan Hays , the Lake County supervisor of elections. “Voters denied filling out that form that would make that change.”

      An investigation was launched and found more than 100 false applications. Officials say several of the applications were “completed by someone whose handwriting was almost identical on each of those applications.”

      This year, a judge sentenced a Las Vegas man to probation on a charge he voted twice in the 2020 election by mailing in hisDeceasedWife’s ballot.

      DonaldHartle forged hisDeceasedWife’s
      signature and then mailed in a ballot using her name for the 2020 election, the Nevada Attorney General’s Office announced.

      Hartle is the chief financial officer at Ahern Rentals, which hosted a rally for Trump last September. The umbrella company also hosted a :Q”Conference earlier this year at the Ahern Hotel off the Las Vegas Strip.
      Sounds about right.
      Go figure.

      Hartle, a 55-year-old registered Republican from Las Vegas, was charged with two counts of voter fraud for using the name of another person and voting more than once in the same election, the AG said in a statement

      In court Hartle pleaded guilty to one charge of voting more than once in the same election.

      Hartle appeared virtually in court, where he reached a deal with prosecutors to avoid prison time.

      Judge Carli Kierny also fined Hartle $2,000 as part of the plea agreement. The original Category D felony carried a maximum prison sentence of four years.

      “Ultimately to me, this seems like a cheap political stunt that kind of backfired and shows that our voting system actually works because you were ultimately caught,” Kierny told Hartle in court.

      “I would like to say that I accept full responsibility for my actions and regret them, and I’m thankful for your consideration,” Kirk Hartle told the judge Tuesday.

      “Though rare, voter fraud can undercut trust in our election system,” Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford said in a statement. “This particular case of voter fraud was particularly egregious because the offender continually spread inaccurate information about our elections despite being the source of fraud himself. I am glad to see Mr. Hartle being held accountable for his actions.”

    2. Yes, Biden won with only 16% of U.S. counties. And no, that’s not mathematically impossible.

      Along with fraud allegations that don’t even have enough evidence to make it into a courtroom, much less win a single case, people who want the outcome of the election to be different keep sharing all kinds of statistics designed to make Biden’s win look fishy.

      The problem is that none of these purportedly suspicious numbers are actually suspicious at all.

      Biden won 81,283,098 votes, or 51.3 percent of the votes cast. He is the first U.S. presidential candidate to have won more than 80 million votes. Trump won 74,222,958 votes, or 46.8 percent of the votes cast. That’s also more votes than any other presidential candidate has ever won, with the exception of Biden that is. 🤣
      (Third-party candidates picked up 1.8 percent of the votes cast.)

      More than 159 million Americans voted in 2020: 159,633,396 to be exact. That’s the largest total voter turnout in U.S. history and the first time more than 140 million people voted. Voter turnout in 2020 was the highest in 120 years when measured as a percentage of the voting-eligible population: 66.7 percent.

      Let’s start by looking at county counts. Right now there are lots of posts going around comparing the vote counts and counties won between Obama, Trump, and Biden, making it seem like it’s just not possible for Biden to have won the popular vote with the number of counties he won.

      Biden won 527 counties, not 477. That’s still far fewer than what Trump won, but it doesn’t matter.

      According to the U.S. Census, more than half of U.S. residents live in just 143 counties (or 4.6% of total counties). Counties vary vastly in size and population, from fewer than 100 people, to more than 10 million per county. In fact, Los Angeles County alone has more people than 41 whole states, and more than the 11 least populous states combined, which have a total of 416 counties between them.

      So yeah, Biden could have won even fewer counties than the 500+ he carried, and still have come out on top in the popular vote. Especially since urban areas tend to vote Democrat in higher numbers than Republican.

      As far as the rally visuals of Trump’s rallies go? One word—pandemic. Biden never held big rallies because he didn’t want crowds because…pandemic. This one’s really not hard.

      And regarding the higher vote totals, well, yes. The U.S. has grown by more than 27 million since Obama was elected in 2008 and there was record turnout of voters in this election to boot. In fact, there were so many more voters this year, Biden could have lost the popular vote and still had more votes than Obama got when he won. Because that’s just how numbers work.🤣

      Another interesting statistic: The counties that Biden carried account for 70% of the U.S. economy. According to the Wall Street Journal, the 84% of counties that Trump won accounts for just 30% of the U.S. GDP, while the 16% that Biden won make up 70% of it. Even when Trump won the election in 2016, the counties he won only accounted for 36% of the economy.

      let’s go ahead and nix another misnomer that’s floating around. Does “Simple Math” show that Biden claimed millions more votes than there were eligible voters who voted in the election?
      Umm, no.

      That “2020 Election Turnout Rate” of 66.2% doesn’t mean 66.2% of registered legal voters, it means 66.2% of eligible voters. Super appreciate that they gave the source, but if you actually look up that WaPo article, it very clearly says “As a share of the voting-eligible population,” not “registered voters.” All registered voters are eligible voters, but not all eligible voters are registered voters. The eligible voting population is approximately 239.2 million, so the math in this calculation falls apart right where the multiplication starts. If you replace the registered vote total with 239.2 million, you come out with the original 158.4 million votes that were certified.

      But the funniest thing about this one is just…really? Do people really think that our multi-step, multi-check electoral processes wouldn’t immediately catch 13 or 17 million illegitimate votes if they actually existed? Do people really think that this very basic counting epiphany more than a month after the election took place, and after it has been checked and verified, even makes sense?

      These numbers are all out there for everyone to calculate for themselves, but if people aren’t calculating with the right variables, then they’re going to come up with shady conclusions like these ones. And they’ll accept it because it backs up their beliefs.

      Misinformation is rampant and literally tearing at the fabric of our nation. It’s up to all of us to battle it when we see it.

    3. @David J That’s alot, I was just talking about something that was reported on like a week ago. I wasn’t trying to get educated on the presidential election🤭🤭😂. Sorry to make you waste your time writing that essay.

    1. No it’s not. I’m a native Floridian. Educated, married to an educated man and we raised a child who is a doctor. I wouldn’t call us crazy. I just wish people would stop moving here. They are the ones who mess everything up.

  6. Watch for that group to start asking for donations to “support them”..Why are Republican voters so gullible?

  7. Okay, see, if Flynn, Stone, AND Lindell are promoting something, there’s like nearly a 💯% chance you should be against that thing.

  8. We all know what they actually mean by “clean” voter rolls. I say anyone who has the right to vote, should be on the voter roll. What damage does a long list of names do?

    1. Look at the number of registered voters at the time of an election and compare that to the number who casted a ballot in that election. It runs roughly about 2/3 at best. If you have automatic registration you are adding in eligible citizens who dont vote and have no intention of doing so just laying around on the books, that would be something like 40% of all eligible votes just laying there for the taking. It is too tempting for someone who is hyper-partisan and not so honest who has access to that list to see that a person has never voted, and cast a ballot in their name, thinking that the person never votes anyway so nobody will notice. 40% is way more than enough to swing virtually every election. You know as well as I do, if someone can cheat, someone will cheat. So we have to maintain controls making it as difficult as possible to cheat, and as likely as possible to catch those that try it. I like the idea that if a person hasnt cast a ballot in some period of time their name should be removed from the registry to remove those never voters from the roll. Say 8 years?
      It is a similar concern that if someone moves they may end up registered in multiple places. I cant remember what it is called but in an effort to prevent a person from having a driver license in multiple States there is a federal database to make sure the old license be surrendered before a new one in a different State can be issued. It would be the simplest means to add confidence and cost virtually nothing because the infrastructure already exists in all States. A lot of States have moved to tie voter registration in to the DMV or equivalent for that reason. Clean voter rolls means that upon death a person is removed from the voter registry, if a person has moved to a different precinct, or the precinct map has changed, that person’s registration is moved to the new location when they renew their ID or driver license even if that person did not submit a change of address notification. Why would anyone NOT want to secure elections? What do you think will eventually happen if we do not do everything possible to eliminate the possibility of fake ballots and/or fake counts?

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