Flour Price Increased in Jamaica | How Yallahs High Got It Right on Covid – May 10 2021

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  1. Dumpling an butter a mi fren unu,on a serious note price rising so what happen to d people dem pay weh dem ago use fi all dem increase yah

  2. If I hear one more price increase I am going scream. I cannot deal with the daily price increases. Stressed

  3. Boy o boy…run mi a run lef yah. Chinese dont pay. tax a just we alone as soon as dem ten year up dem just sign over dem business to dem family memba.

  4. It’s full time now the Government to stop hiking up food items on poor people….unnu no have no heart

  5. Jamaican ppl main Food is wheat flour, However Ja is yet to grow a grain of wheat. They need to start eat more of the basic food that is grown in Ja & stop eating Large Quantities of expensive Food like Flour & Rice.

    1. Can I asked wheat and rice can grow in Jamaica?? If so is there a Farmer/Farmers to take up this Challenge??

  6. Prices went up everywhere. But I can’t compare Canada to Jamaica. Because we not that bad enough. Oh my gosh what going to happen to poor people in Jamaica 🇯🇲😢😫😭

  7. You can’t expect to raise the flower and don’t expect other price not going to go up too. Flowa a pour people food how dem a go manage

  8. We are having the same issues here in America… We are facing a chicken shortage among other things…

  9. We are facing the gratuity thing here as well… Businesses are closed stating that they can no longer afford such..Ours is called “frontline workers bonuses.” Under this administration it’s a widespread, that’s cutting into segments of society that some people does not deemed to be appropriate. A large supermarket chain has decided to close their businesses in some areas…

  10. Government a jamaica too wicked how people ago buy food now if pay nuh increase 😭😭😭😭🇯🇲

  11. Hi live in the USA good job yallahs high school this is how we do it here please keep helping the students.

  12. Jamaican perant affi teach them kids online until there able to send dem fi dem exam tests

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