Man in Custody, Woman is Dead in Clarke’s Town, Trelawny Jamaica | TVJ News – May 7 2021

A woman is dead and a man is in custody after killing her in a fit of jealous rage which has left residents of a rural community called Clarke's Town in shock.

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  1. Heart of man is desperately wicked…😱😱😱. (BTW it’s Clark’s Town, TVJ, please. Keep journalistic standards high.)

  2. Serious mental health issues! More counseling needs to be implemented/ Anger management classes. This is ridiculous. To many lives are being taken.

  3. Bwoy every minute Trelawny killings in the news for domestic violence…the girl who killed her sister, the guy who killed his stepmother…now this 😭😭😭. My heart breaks for my countryπŸ’”πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    1. Let’s continue to pray pleaseπŸ™God is able to cover and protect when the enemy strikes.

  4. if he is 70 and she is 30 and he is the father of her child he was 53 sleeping with a 13 year old???

    1. @O’Dane Morris yes I see the child is 8 so it dont add up but they said he was dating her when she was in hi school. Some say he was 60 and some say 70 but she was only 30…

    2. @O’Dane Morris by the way it cant be 15 years difference if he is 60 or 70 and she is 29… The math dont work. That just mean he isnt the father of her child from hi school but the clearly said they were dating when she was in hi school

    3. @S Maharg omg I ma daughter is 4 years young this move me ma belly what wicked presents she have !

    4. @Be I Strong My calculation was for the child’s age, she getting pregnant at 13, having baby at about 14 and now being 29/30. IT JUST NU ADD UP.

  5. The whole lot of uno need to be charged…that man should be behind bars long time…from she was 13!!! How the hell the community; mother and brothers sit back and allow that to be??? madness!!!

    1. @Neil from the state of the house it seemed the old man could only provide dinner. I cant see how they allowed that and there is no progress. Why people keep on recycle poverty and sexual abuse this really sad. My daughter will not have a relation with her grandad. May her soul RIP

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  6. If they were together since high school as the brother said.. How come nobody neva bruk the neck of that man fi lef Di likkle infant.. Me glad inna my likkle community we watch out fi dem jankro deh.. Mi nuh seh teenage pregnancy nuh happen here but a dem same size a breed dem.. Mr prime minister yuh affi mek up yuh mind and give them beast yah weh a kill off female n abuse young girls to us mek we give them a taste of them own medicine .

  7. Yet another woman 😭😭😭 May God help us πŸ‡―πŸ‡²

  8. Maybe if they bring hanging it would stop these men from killing. Time for Jamaica to step up. Furthermore what is a young lady doing with an man that could be her great grandfather WTR

  9. Why would I even consider being with a woman more than 30yrs younger than I am. In a case like this the death penalty should be used when they know for a fact that he do it.

  10. Men’s heart a desperately wicked who can know it!! Let’s continue to pray and live righteously. The enemy will use those who makes themselves available to him. If we turn to the Lord he and have a transformed mind and heart we will do good not evil.

  11. The mother need to answer some question at age 13 and she never report the man kmt she not even look like she have any remorse for the loss of her daughter

  12. the mother failed her cause my 13 year old couldn’t get pregnant by a grown man and he’s not in prison

    1. The brother didnt say the killer a di Fada. He said she got pregnant at 13. So here goes the guess me this riddle or perhaps not. Sad story to say the least

  13. The mother need to go to jail . How can she put her 13 year old daughter in that situation .

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