Floyd family Attorney on Chauvin Conviction: Justice Should Be Common, Not A Worldwide Celebration 1

Floyd family Attorney on Chauvin Conviction: Justice Should Be Common, Not A Worldwide Celebration


George Floyd's family attorney L. Chris Stewart joins Ali Velshi to discuss Derek Chauvin’s conviction, policing in America, and the sustained change he would like to see post-trial. “It can’t stop with just George Floyd.” Stewart says, “In this country we’ve developed a mindset you can't hold police accountable, if you do so, you're against police. I may be a civil rights attorney, but I'm not against police. I have friends who are cops, I respect the dangerous nature of the job but you can still hold police accountable…It's not rocket science.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Floyd family Attorney on Chauvin Conviction: Justice Should Be Common, Not A Worldwide Celebration


    1. @Cliff Lewis Jr i pay for my beer and drugs with my legit WORK money. And i pay for ur welfare. And ur abortions

    2. Damned good for him! Your ancestors turned mud into cotton and tobacco from slave labor and you’re still living off the entitlements to this day. What do black peoples have you show for building this country, Europe and the rest of the world . Through Israel the world will be blessed. Your blessings are over!!!

    3. @6 string Bass definitely wouldn’t die for the walking Alzheimer’s we have for president either.

    4. @Cliff Lewis Jr how stupid can you be? If you’re an *addict* you’re an addict. Drinking alcohol doesn’t mean you’re an addict just like taking an over the counter medicine won’t make you an addict

  1. If you asked Saint George’s family if they could bring him back or keep the 28 million, which one you think they’d choose?

    1. @tom mas getting into sports is a gamble he probably couldn’t take and shouldn’t need to take there should be actual opportunities that help you to get out of poverty but instead to keep America in check we need to keep poor people poor so they can work poor people jobs, this happens all ever the country to every race. its a poor problem that influenced the drug selling. you shouldn’t have to sell drugs to get out of poverty, period.

  2. Alternate Juror- “I did not want to go through rioting and destruction again and I was concerned about people coming to my house if they were not happy with the verdict.” = Overturned in the Supreme Court.

    1. @Hugh G Rection I’m not required to show you anything. The judge himself said that Maxine Waters threats provided the defense with excellent grounds for an appeal.

    2. @James Smith LOL; the jury couldn’t do their job for fear of retribution and violence; INTIMIDATION; mob rule does not rule in the COURT OF LAW. Also, Chauvin had the Governor’s authorization to use that type of force against a non compliant suspect, who was documented on fetanyl.

    3. @James Smith apparently, you are not as WOKE as you think you are. Look beneath the riots and chaos. Who does it all benefit? Not really the blacks, I assure you.

  3. Wait a minute. This guy just said, ‘….you have to be accountable for your actions.’. Does that apply to everyone ? Or just some.

    1. @KickItUp ever see someone have their head chopped off?
      I have.
      It usually takes three chops before they stop screaming.

  4. He was such an outstanding citizen too. His own family didn’t even care about him until millions came pouring in. And the media just makes me puke. They are the problem.

    1. @Timothy Johnson that’s why Instagram gets more hits anymore lmao cause it’s like how YouTube use to be lmao

    2. @Bill Cosby he who laughs last laughs best. Ignorance is no excuse when you come before the Lord! You been brainwashed by your fathers. Bad luck . I’m out

    3. @Asha Pasha actually the Lord probably Asian since the Asians are the most sophisticated race on this planet and are one with the earth and their traditions family values and more lmao. Is that why you hate whites and Asians cause they have higher knowledge being closer to the line of the all knowing Lord lmao everything you use on a daily was either made by whites or Asians lmao the fallen bring only destruction and what has your kind built to benefit mankind lmao

    4. @Asha Pasha wasn’t the messiah a carpenter lmao how many blacks we see a great carpenter then how many white and Asian we see who have built Empires and more while Africa stuck in the Stone Age lmao also whites had to go to Africa to try to save them cause they can’t take care of themselves

    5. @Bill Cosby you’re obviously uneducated otherwise, you wouldn’t have made such a ignorant statement. Like I said you’ve been taught lies starting when Napoleon broke of the noses of the Egyptian statues of the pharaohs to now. You are doomed. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    1. As are all attorneys. Wecolme to the real world. I got bumped by a car a few years ago and my attorney made more money off my case than I got in my settlement.

    2. Hmmmm…. Wasn’t It Pro Bono??

      Anyways, With Attorneys on Cases As Big As This, they Long More Media Attention rather than anything else. Their Narcissistic!!

    3. He may be but what about the family they are suffering, and they were not on drugs or resisting if what Floyd did warrants a death sentence then we should have had a much lower population before this pandemic for every person who ever used a counterfeit bill, he’ll I was given a counterfeit 10 once and all that happened to me was my drawer at work was 10$ short so is everyone saying I deserved to die because I unknowingly accepted a fake bill

    4. @Sharece Robertson I guess I Agree, BUT I DO Think That You Posted This Under The Wrong Comment Thread.
      (Just in Case You’d Like To Cop & Paste it onto somewhere else….)

  5. And they painted a mural with Floyd having wings and a halo ? Did I miss something or are angels committing armed robbery , counterfeiting and drug crimes ?

    1. @Lando the video where he says he cant breath before even getting cuffed, the video where he says he swallowed the dope. The Cop sucked no doubt about it. But MSM making this racial and The Patron Saint of Fentanyl George Floyd some type of Martyr for Socail Justice is laughable. For this clown to act like the world celebrated is laughable. In most countries guys like George would of been killed of long ago, especially after his home invasion that involved holding his gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach. Only Celebrating is by Leaders of Americas enemies, laughing at how easy it is to cause a civil war over junkies

    2. @QuincyBear You probably could have used a few more name calling to show your bias but you made it pretty clear. Why do you bring up
      George’s record but conveniently be leave out the cops? Notice how the only people who want a civil war are the people supporting the cop…? The irony with you people is hilarious. Cope harder

  6. You also can’t have jurors coming out saying that they were afraid to leave and walk into riots. Did that make their decision? Justice should be served by the courts…not the political arena, and not through media!

    1. EXACTLY!!

      I’m Not Picking Sides, But This Case Had NO FAIR TRIAL!!

      EVERYONE Had ALREADY Made Up Their Minds!!

    1. @infi sorry but when morons riot and murder for a year and keep doing it during the trial there is nothing 50/50 about it. All it did was show the world that american justice is now controlled by the mob

    2. @william hensley apology accepted, morons riot and loot because they’re morons, and they’ll keep doing it so long as there is oxygen in the air. One side believes the cop needs to be jailed and one side doesn’t 50/50 to me. The only factors are, Floyd payout, Chauvin setence. A man was killed, criminal or not, it deserves proper protocol. Floyd was a reputable felon, regardless of the fact he was a protected citizen who should have been put in jail until he rotted. Accidents happened and now consequences are here. Nothing in this world is free.

    3. @william hensley they didn’t decide the case because of the riots or etc.. or because one side believes harder than the other; mob rule. Although it does exist i agree, but I disagree its existence under the judicial system.

    4. @william hensley sure, but not because of mob rule. You need to be better informed about things in life. It’s easier to live life when you can find the meaning of the sense.

    1. @blue03r6 Sad….if he wasn’t murdered then he could’ve been prosecuted. But one officer decided to be judge, jury, and executioner

  7. They going to keep moving the justice goal post just enough so they don’t lose their victimhood status.

  8. This wasn’t justice , the jury was scared to death , they knew their names would get out eventually and they’d be in danger.

    That’s why it was so quick with no procedural questions for the judge.

    1. I bet if he was not guilty and people said the jury were afraid of retaliating by a mob you’d be saying it’s wrong

    2. @Hugh G Rection
      blm made open threats if the jury didn’t give a murder conviction.
      They also attacked the home (though they got the wrong house) of an expert witness for the defense.

    3. @Tim Tipton
      George was saying “I can’t breathe” before he started fighting with the cops , respiratory failure is what happens in a fentanyl overdose.
      I believe Derek was guilty of manslaughter , not murder.
      I know it doesn’t matter what I think.

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