Floyd Family Lawyer On 'Bombshell' Testimony From 911 Dispatcher In Chauvin Trial | All In | MSNBC 1

Floyd Family Lawyer On ‘Bombshell’ Testimony From 911 Dispatcher In Chauvin Trial | All In | MSNBC


Attorney for George Floyd’s family Ben Crump reacts to the first day of Derek Chauvin’s murder trial, including the “bombshell” testimony from the 911 dispatcher. Aired on 03/29/2021.
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Floyd Family Lawyer On 'Bombshell' Testimony From 911 Dispatcher In Chauvin Trial | All In | MSNBC


    1. So now the CHOKEHOLD that was OUTLAWED with the HANDS and ELBOWS, can Now be CARRIED OUT by the KNEE ON THE NECK?

  1. I hate to say but Chavin gonna get off due to the fact they have a total of 14 jurors 8 Whites 4 Blacks and 2 Hispanic. Why not 6 Whites and 6 Blacks and 1 Asian and 1 Latino but no this is some BS as usual he will get off Scott free

    1. Well, maybe. Maybe not. This white woman thinks he’s guilty so not all white people would let him off. Having said that, I’m a left leaning Australian so did not grow up with a lot of the prejudice that Americans do. I really hope you’re wrong.

  2. Regardless of what George Floyd’s family received in (out of court)settlement, this trial is not about what happened to an individual, it’s about stopping a murderer who was paid to wear a uniform and roams the streets unchallenged.
    Furthermore, murderous behaviour does not develop out of thin air! it evolves, how many measures Chovin committed that has not come to light? logically there must be others.

  3. Republican racism is like COVID:
    just because they don’t admit it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

  4. I think he’ll be found guilty. He wasn’t following training, Floyd was handcuffed already. There was no more force necessary. Keeping his knee on his neck after that is criminal. And as a result of that action wholly or partially Mr Floyd passed. He’s a trained officer and knows a knee to the neck prolonged will cause a person to pass out and potentially die. The world knows he’s guilty and I think the jury will do the right thing here. When the guilty verdict is reached, the country will begin to heal in unity. Majority of the jury are white people, our country will get this right.

  5. Even if Mr. Floyd was 100% healthy, he would have died of suffocation because somebody blocked his windpipe for over 9 minutes.

  6. Minute 1: Floyd is a threat.
    Minute 2: Floyd might be a threat.
    Minute 3: Floyd is probably not a threat.
    Minute 4: Floyd is not a threat.
    Minute 5: Chauvin is not a murderer.
    Minute 6: Chauvin is probably not a murderer.
    Minute 7: Chauvin might be a murderer.
    Minute 8: Chauvin is a murderer.

  7. What is the name for this maneuver, does anyone know? I’m pertty sure I saw a video of this being done to a man in a big box store. It did not end in a killing.

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