Flying objects could be ‘probing’ for weaknesses in Canada’s air defense systems: expert

Royal Military College Professor Christian Leuprecht says the unidentified objects could be signaling vulnerability in Canada's airspace.

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  1. To the 30% of Canadians who haven’t figured it out yet: We urgently need to elect qualified adults to run our country.

    1. Unfortunately, there are very few such adults. They certainly don’t exist in the Liberals and NDP, and I have strong doubts about the Conservatives.

  2. Of course that’s what they are doing. So, NORAD will show itself strongly and will learn the best way to tend to these potential threats, hour by hour. If, if we are at actual threat of war in future from whomever, we need to take lessons about how to fight from the Ukrainians. Right down to the grandma’s making Molotov cocktails in order to fight the enemy. Marble rolling pins could do a lot of damage too! Let’s hope for peace though.🕊️

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