Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls downed flying objects ‘a very serious situation’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took questions on the recovery efforts, and the downing of a flying object over Yukon territories.

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  1. I wonder if Trudeau did not spend money allocated for new military planes if we could have taken care of this ourselves instead of calling Biden?

  2. @Trudeau Spend the 2% NATO on Canadian (northern) infrastructure, ports, military bases, sensing equipment. Feed the money back into the Canadian economy and enhance Canada’s sovereignty and security.

    1. How heavy would a nuclear bomb have to be to deliver a sufficiently large EMP?

      What’s the lifting capacity of helium?

      Just a couple of things for you to research.

    2. @Primmakin Sofis 
      Project Yucca , Operation Dominic And Starfish Prime . Just A Few Thingss For You To Research Lil Feller. 🍻

  3. Trudeau and Obiden both need to be removed from office and replaced with true leadership. Honesty, integrity, accountability and so on are value’s that should be highly shown and stood by throughout our governments from top to bottom

  4. Turn the volume down and add (benny hill theme music), makes more sense and is a bit more entertaining.

  5. Arrogant and scandal-plagued Justin Trudeau is right when he says that “this is a very serious situation”. So can he stay permanently in Whitehorse to insure the safety of Canadians?

  6. This guy/gal makes me sad for Canada. Jagmeet and the NDP should be ashamed for supporting this corruption and incompetence.

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