Fmr. Afghan Translator Details 'Nearly Impossible' Escape From Kabul 1

Fmr. Afghan Translator Details ‘Nearly Impossible’ Escape From Kabul


Haroon Zarify, a former Afghan translator, joins Andrea Mitchell days after a "nearly impossible" escape from Kabul with his wife and two young daughters. Zarify, a U.S. citizen who lives in Colorado, traveled to Afghanistan in June to help his sick father, before the country fell to the Taliban. He shares that one of his brothers still in Kabul was hurt in the blast on Thursday, and that the rest of his family is "running out of time" to get out.

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    1. This makes the Berlin Airlift small potatoes, they were only sending in food. (It was a big deal at the time)

    1. He’s a liar and it’s all Russian misinformation. He’s an actor. Biden is perfect and never makes mistakes. Now let’s get back to the Jan6 insurrection….

    2. @Jenny Lemon You’re right about that. As a Bernie supporter, it makes me furious that MSNBC accused us of being influenced by Russia and then the primary was rigged in favor of Hillary and Biden- who both voted for the war. These deaths are on Biden as much as Trump who made backroom dealings with the Taliban. And now we’ll have to listen to MSDNC make excuses for Biden and try to pin this all on Trump

    1. Wait the squad didn’t personally go over and clear a path for him?
      Yea, don’t rely on them fools to help with anything but packing their own purse…

    1. They should. Practically every household has a gun. Juts start killing Taliban wherever you find them in the city and then melt away. Make them feel unsafe to show themselves in public.

    2. I got another idea. Why doesn’t Biden hit Afghanistan with a billion drone strikes and get the Nobel Peace Prize for doing so!

  1. Us American working class will send a prayer for you and your family. Its bad enough we have to deal with Bidens failures here in America but when he starts causing problems for other countries its really sad. Hopefully next election we will learn from our last mistake. God Bless.

  2. That news person sounded so cold at the end as he was trying to tell the world how desperate he is. She could care less.

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